Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy ❤️

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy: Advance Auto Parts customers may be interested in their price match policy. Advance Auto Parts will match the advertised price of any competitor for the same product.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy provides American aftermarket parts. This article will explain how Advance Auto Parts price match works.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. Yes. You must bring the proof of your advertisement to their store in order to request a price match.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Online Websites?

Yes. Advance Auto Parts can only price match prices on online websites if you wish to price match online. Yes. Advance Auto Parts can only price match prices on online websites if you wish to price match online.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Advance Auto Parts?

Yes. Advance Auto Parts will reimburse you any difference if you buy an item and the competitor offers a lower price.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy Criteria

👉 These are the criteria to request a price match from Advance Auto Parts.

👉You must request a price match on the item you are requesting. It should be identical or substantially similar to the item. You should have the exact same size, color, quality, and price.

👉 Check that the item’s price is the same at your competitor’s website or store. It wouldn’t be possible to match the price.A member of the AAP team must verify the item.

👉 Advance Auto Parts will match the price of their selected competitors online. However, the items must be available the same day as the purchase.

👉 Advance Auto Parts will match a competitor’s price if they have the exact same product in-store.

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👉 Advance Auto Parts will match any price on select websites of competitors.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy Process

Advance Auto Parts prices match in-store and online. Here’s how you price match an item with its competitors.

For In-store Purchases

  • You can price match in-store if they don’t price match online.
  • The advertisement printout should be brought to the AAP store in order to price match. You must bring the actual printout and not photocopies or mobile versions.

For Online Purchases

👉 This is how to price match online. I found it by calling their customer service.

👉 To cross-check price-matching online, you can provide them with the competitor’s part link and advance part number.

👉 They will place the price match orders, and you can pay with debit/credit card only. After adding shipping costs, the competitor’s price will be the final price. Such orders won’t be eligible for any discounts because they already cut the price.

Live Chat Process

➡ You will find the Chat button at the bottom of their webpage when you visit between Monday through Saturday 8:30 am – 9:30 pm ET and Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 PM ET.

➡Chat will connect you to their bot almost always. Ask the question, then select the option.

➡ You can chat with an agent by clicking ” Chat with an Agent ” and you’ll be connected with someone at the helpdesk. They will ask you for the required information, as described above.


👉 Here are some exclusions from Advance Auto Parts after you’ve learned more about the price match process:

These items cannot be price matched.

  • Clearance
  • Catalog
  • Closeout
  • Used
  • refurbished
  • Product damaged
  • Mail-in offers
  • Instant rebates

These memberships are not included in the price match:

  • Paid membership club
  • Loyalty programs
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These offers are also exempt:

Buy one, Get One (without an advertisement price)

Gift cards not price matchable:

All items of competitors that offer gift cards are exempted.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy Adjustment Process

👉 Advance Auto Parts does not have a page that explains its price adjustment policy. So, I was curious how this happened.

👉 I reached out to their customer service team and was given the following:

👉 “No, we wouldn’t be able to do so. However, if Advance has an item that you purchased and the Competitor sells the same part for a lower price, Advance will adjust the order. We would then be able adjust your order and refund the amount.

I responded:

“So that sounds like a price adjustment.”

He replied:

“Yes, is there anything else that I can help with today?”

👉 AAP customer service answered the above question with a “Yes”. AAP offers a price adjustment option. It is not stated on their website so it cannot be explained.

About Advance Auto Parts In United States

➡ Select from the above list to narrow down your search for an Advance Auto Parts shop near you. Advance Auto Parts stores offer the largest selection of brakes, batteries, and replacement parts.

➡Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is driven by team members who are passionate about providing exceptional customer service. The sophisticated network of distribution centers, advanced inventory management technology, and advanced delivery management technology enhance this dedication.

➡ Advance Auto Parts delivers the right product to the right place, at the right moment.Advance Auto Parts, Inc., a leader in automotive aftermarket parts, serves both professionals and DIY customers.

➡ Advance had 4,687 stores and 311 Worldpac branch locations primarily in the United States. There were additional locations in Canada and Puerto Rico.

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➡These stores were also supported by 1,318 independent Carquest branded stores. Advance has approximately 68,000 employees.

➡ Advance Auto Parts offers a wide range of services and high quality parts to ensure your vehicle is back on the road. You can shop online and pick up your parts in a few minutes.

Official Website:

Advance Auto Parts Near Me

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy Competitors’ List

This is not an official explanation, so I called Advance Auto Parts customer service for clarification.

Here’s what they replied:

We price match all other competitors, except eBay.

This means they don’t have any competitors, but they are not priced at the same price as products on eBay.

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy Video

Summary of the Article

👉 Now you can be confident in your ability price match! We hope you found this article helpful. Please leave any questions here. We’ll do our best to answer them all  for more information also Click Here.

Advance Auto Parts FAQs

You have now learned about Advance Auto Parts’ price match policy and price adjustment policy. You may still have questions. Here are some answers and questions:

When was Advance Auto Parts Founded?

Advance Auto Parts was founded on April 29, 1932, in Roanoke, Virginia, United States.

What makes Advance Auto Parts so popular for cars?

Advance Auto Parts is America’s largest and most well-known auto part company. Advance offers professional installers high-quality, replacement parts for all brands at reasonable prices.

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