Amazon Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy

Amazon Price Match; If you frequently purchase online, Amazon probably tops your list of must-haves. What’s not to love about Amazon’s user-friendly website, seemingly limitless selection, and speedy shipping system?

Amazon Price Match

A price match guarantee is one thing, though, that you might wish Amazon provided. Continue reading to find out more about Amazon Price Match and how you may get deals on the site’s already low prices.

Does Amazon Price Match?

No, Amazon discontinued its price adjustment and price match policies in 2018. Therefore, they do not currently provide their customers with Price Protection or Price Match services. But don’t panic, there are other methods you may use to save money while making Amazon purchases.

Even though you can be sure that the online retail giant is providing a fantastic deal, there may still be a way to have Amazon match a lower price for the item you want if you find it elsewhere.

For the products on its marketplace, Amazon does not provide price matching. Amazon’s aggressive price strategy is one of the reasons it gained and continues to retain its appeal.

Amazon Pricing Strategy

Amazon aims to match or lower prices on products before they are even advertised in order to stay competitive, and the corporation even encourages its third-party sellers to follow suit.

It is possible, nevertheless, that Amazon missed a lower price in the market before selling a product or that the price of a product was reduced somewhere else but not on Amazon. There may be something you can do in this situation to attempt and convince Amazon to match the cheaper pricing.

You might see a section labeled “product information” when viewing a product on Amazon. Within this portion of the page lies a well-hidden gem that just might lead to a price match.

Once you have clicked on “product details”, keep your eyes peeled for the link embedded in the question, “Would you like to tell us of a cheaper price? You can fill out a form for price matching by clicking on this link.

Of course, you’ll have to show evidence of the cheaper pricing. Although there is no assurance that Amazon would match a lower price for the same item that you discovered elsewhere, it is still worth a try! Over the next few days, the price of the product will be reduced if your inquiry was successful.

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Does Amazon offer price adjustments in 2022?

Sadly, Amazon eliminated its post-purchase price adjustment policy in 2016, with the exception of televisions, which allowed customers to seek a refund for the difference in the price of a product if the price was reduced for that same goods on Amazon or if they discovered a lower price elsewhere.

You have seven days from the date of purchase to ask for a post-purchase adjustment if you buy a television from Amazon. To find a lower price, just click the “Found a lower price? “

link on your Amazon account’s “Order details” page. “in order to submit the price adjustment request. Once more, this is only possible with televisions. Additionally, you might make use of the Price Protection feature offered by some Credit Card providers.

If your credit card has to price protection, you may be eligible for a refund if the price of the item you purchased drops at a specific point in time. The time frame is determined by the credit card provider you are using.

Does Amazon have a price guarantee policy?

Amazon does not provide a low-price guarantee, but the business is constantly looking for the best deals for its goods. In order to maintain prices low for their clients, Amazon adjusts prices on its platform almost 2.5 million times per day.

This indicates that if you check a product’s price numerous times a day, the price will probably drop, possibly even within 10 minutes.

Does Amazon offer a price-drop refund in 2022?

After a purchase, Amazon no longer provides refunds for price discrepancies on products, unless it’s a TV. However, there are a number of techniques to make sure you’re receiving the greatest bargain possible before you make a purchase. A few of those ways include,

  • Add a coupon extension to your internet browser: Many coupon extensions are easy to set up for free and will automatically look for discounts when you shop online.
  • Join Amazon Prime: Joining Amazon Prime entitles you to free shipping, early access to specials, and discounted membership prices.
  • Don’t overlook the daily deals: When searching for a certain product on Amazon, look for the “Today’s Deals” option or browse the website’s Deal page.
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Does Amazon price match Target?

Amazon may nevertheless match Target’s prices on its own or if you notify the company of the lower price using the “product details” area of the item’s page, as mentioned above, even though the company does not formally have a price match guarantee policy in place.

Target does, however, have a policy in place regarding price matching, and that policy does cover Amazon as long as the item in question is sold by Amazon directly and not a third-party seller.

Does Amazon price match eBay?

Amazon does not match prices with eBay or any other shop, just like Target does not. However, if you call eBay’s customer service staff before buying that product and let them know there is a price difference, they will price match an item you discovered on Amazon.

Rules and Exclusions

Amazon does not price-match, price-guarantee, or offer refunds in the event of a price drop because the corporation constantly looks for the most affordable rates for the goods sold on its marketplace.

The only exception to the rule is that if a lower price was discovered after the purchase and the price-refund request was received within seven days of the purchase, Amazon will price issue a refund for the difference in the price of a television acquired on its site.

Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee

Amazon does not currently offer price matching, but they have recently implemented a new policy that gives you the Amazon Price Guarantee on preorders.

Physical Items

You also receive the Guarantee when placing a preorder on Amazon for your goods. Keep in mind that this service is only available for items whose product descriptions include a “Pre-order price guarantee.”

You are required to pay the product’s lowest selling price in order to accept this offer. It denotes the product’s lowest price between the time of the order and the time of release.

Let’s say you ordered an iPhone in advance from Amazon and the price was lower when it was released. You are then exempt from paying the price that was in effect at the time of your order.

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At the time of launch, you will pay the less expensive pricing. In a similar vein, you are not required to pay the higher price if it is raised at the time the product is released. Only the lowest price that was in effect when you ordered that item will be required of you.

✅ Official Website;

Digital Content and Media

Even if you pre-order digital media or material from Amazon, the Price Guarantee feature is still available to you. Software downloads, Amazon music, Kindle books, and digital games are all examples of digital content.

When you pre-order any digital content from, you must pay the lowest price. Any pre-ordered digital content is covered by the Amazon Price Guarantee. From the time you place your order until the content is released, the lowest price is taken into account.


➡ You may be sure that the prices you see on Amazon’s marketplace are quite competitive even though it no longer provides a price match or price-adjustment guarantee.

➡ Due to Amazon’s data-driven algorithms, which examine billions of gigabytes of data every 10 minutes to guarantee the best rates for its clients, its prices are frequently already the lowest on the market.

➡ You still have a few options if, for some reason, you can find the same item for less money elsewhere in order to get the best deal on Amazon. Enjoy your shopping!

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Amazon FAQs

Does Amazon Price Match?

Unfortunately, not at all. Since 2018, Amazon has abandoned price matching.

Does Amazon do Price Adjustment?

If the price on your Amazon purchases drops within seven days, you’ll get your money back.

Does Amazon Price Match if the Price Drops?

No Amazon will not refund you the difference if the price drops. They no longer follow a price adjustment or match policy.

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