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AO Price Match Policy and Returns Policy is a retailer based in Germany and the UK. It sells appliances online and is an exclusive online retailer.

AO is committed to making Mums proud. Backup items are important. If you buy a TV, you can always find other TVs.

AO Price Match Policy Returns Policy

This section will provide information about the company’s price match and adjustment policies.The product on the competitor website and AO Price Match Policy and Returns Policy site must match.

Does AO Offers Price Match In-Store?

No. AO is an online store, so they don’t have stores.

Does AO Offers Price Match Online?

Yes. AO offers price matches online, and you will learn its process in this article.

Does AO Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have a seven days price adjustment policy. But how it works, you will learn later in this article.

Price Match Criteria

Here are the price match criteria:

  • When they match the price, they match the cost of the Product, including its shipping costs.
  • Only retailers in the UK that are selling the UK products are price matched.
  • The Product must be available for order and shipping on the same day.

Price Match Process

It is easy to price match because it is an online shop. Here’s how price matching works at the AO.

  • If you find a competitor’s product, contact the AO customer service via live chat or by calling 0161 470 1100.
  • After they verify that the item is eligible, they will match your price.


Here are the exclusions for price match:

  • They price-match UK-only retailers. All other retailers are excluded.
  • TV/Entertainment products are excluded from the price match policy.
  • The AO is an online retailer. The in-store items are not price matched.
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Price Adjustment Process

 Here’s how the price adjustment works.

 If you have purchased a product from an AO competitor, and it is cheaper than the competitor within seven days, you can contact AO to adjust the price.

 After they have approved the price adjustment, you’ll receive a refund for any price difference.

AO Price Matching Competitors List

The AO does not have a list of competitors. To request a price match at AO, it should be a UK retailer selling UK stores.

Returns Policy

 You can return your item within 100 days.This means that AO will reimburse 100% of your shipping costs if your item is returned as new.

 You can return the item as-is and get a 50% discount.To return a product, go to login and click on the Return Order option.

You can open an account if you don’t already have one.

How do Returns Work

Drop the item in their store. There are thousands of locations in the UK.When you register your return, they will email you a label. The label must be printed and attached to the Product.

If you don’t own a printer, however, you can still return the Product. You can use ASDA to return your Product.Within 14 days of the confirmation of your return, you will be refunded.

You can call the company to get a solution if the product is defective.

Here are the sizes that can be dropped at the shop

 Small: 10 Kg.

 Such as Laptop, kettle, and toaster.

 Large: 20 Kg.

 For example, a coffee machine.

 Heavy: 25 Kg.

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 Cooker hoods, for example.

They Can Otherwise Collect for You

Call them if you feel that a product is too heavy for you to transport.

You can request a return by using My Account if you don’t wish to call them.

The things that can’t be exchanged

 Some items are not eligible for exchanges. Television / Entertainment, Gardening, DIY, and other items are not eligible for exchanges.

 You can also use the live chat to check if items are available for exchange.

 If you are unable to exchange the item, you can return it for a full refund.

The 100-day return policy

You can return a product if you are unhappy with it within 100 days of the date you received it.

To complete the form, go to My Account. If you cancel your order, all services that were already performed will continue to occur, unless they were canceled at the time you ordered the Product.

If the Product is used

 They can offer a full refund if you open the Product. There are other rules if the Product has been installed or is being used.

If the Product is used, you can receive a 50% refund. You can get a 14-day refund if it was installed.

Returning a Gardening Product

Before you send it back to AO, wrap the tool in a container. It is best to not use the tool before sending it back.

If you have batteries, remove them from the tool and place them in a different box.

Refunds on Bundles

 You must send all items if you are purchasing a bundle. You will receive a partial refund if you send in any missing items.

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Some Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these AO Price Match Policy:

When was the AO founded?

It was founded in 2000.

Where was AO Founded?

The AO is headquartered in Bolton, United Kingdom.

Summary of this Article

AO, a UK-based retailer, offers price matching for products sold in the UK by other retailers.

The company offers a free 100-day return policy. If the product is returned in its original condition

they will refund all costs, including shipping. They will refund 50% of the purchase price if the Product has been used.

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