Backcountry Price Match and Returns Policy

Backcountry Price Match and Returns Policy, a specialty retailer, has been in existence for over 20 years and is still going strong. Backcountry offers clothing and other outdoor recreation gear for camping, hiking, biking, mountain biking, climbing, and road biking.

They also sell equipment for fly fishing (including saltwater fly fishing), kayaking (both whitewater and sea kayaking), rafting/canoeing/kayaking (white water rafting), and road & trail running.

Backcountry Price Match Returns Policy

Backcountry’s most loved items include the Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Jacket, and many other products.This article will explain Backcountry’s price adjustment and price match and Returns Policy

Does Backcountry offer a Price Match Policy In-Store?

No. They do not price match in-store. But the price match is done online.

Does Backcountry Price Match Online?

Yes. Yes. You can request a price match if you find an identical item with a lower price than Backcountry.

Does Backcountry have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Yes. You can get a price adjustment refund if the price of an item you purchased drops within 30 days.

Price Match Criteria

Backcountry stores have a price match policy. This means that an item must meet certain criteria before it can be price matched.

These are the guidelines:

The item must be the same.

This is what their customer service said:

“Yes, we will usually match the price listed on another authorized US dealer’s site if they are advertising the exact same item on our site (same year, model, size and color).

You must have the item in stock at your competitor’s store if you wish to price match.

Price Match Process

Backcountry’s price match process is simple. Here’s how they price match:

After you’ve found an item at a competitor, call 1-800-233-7159 for assistance or use the Live Chat to send them the link and request a price match.

Price match is online only and not in-store.


Exclusions are items that cannot be priced matched. Backcountry may have some exclusions.

  • Clearance and sales items
  • Black Friday Deals and Limited Time Offers
  • All items must be sold by an authorized US retailer. Items purchased from auction sites cannot be matched in price
  • I reached out to their customer service team to confirm that they had not excluded price matching.
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Here’s what they said:

“It must be an official retailer and the price must be displayed on the website. aka no coupons/promos.”

Price Adjustment Process

Backcountry’s price adjustment process is performed in several ways, including:

  • will match the price of an item purchased if it falls in price within 30 days.
  • Backcountry also explains that if you find the same item at a competitor’s price, you can buy it from them. Backcountry will refund the difference in price if you contact them after you have purchased the item.
  • Both ways can be done online via their Live Chat or phone number.

Their phone number: 1-800-233-7159

For Live Chat, you don’t need a link. You can find it at the top right of their page or the bottom of the screen on their website by using the Chat button.

Backcountry Returns

What’s eligible for returns?

  • You can return unused equipment at any time to receive a full refund
  • You must return used gear within 30 days of delivery. Store credit is not available.
  • All products must be in their original condition and unopened.
  • The customer is responsible to pay for any repairs or damage to products.
  • Returns are usually processed within 3-5 business days after receipt.
  • For any concerns regarding defects in materials and workmanship, customers can contact the Warranty Department.
  • Store credit will be issued for used and unaffected gear, bikes, and frames. The company can refuse to accept returns if the damage is due to abuse or negligence.
  • You will not receive the Expedition Perks rewards if you return an item you purchased with Expedition Perks rewards. Only the amount you paid for the item that was returned will be returned. If you return $100 and you have $20 in rewards, you’ll only get $80.
  • If you have to exchange a product, it’s best to return it and place a new order. You can rest assured that the product will be returned quickly and it will not go out of stock. If you prefer to exchange your product without placing a new order you can chat or call a Gearhead.
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Store Credits

You might be eligible for store credit if you return an item. You can use this credit to purchase items on the website. The credit will expire after one year. Other credits expire after 90 day.

Warranty Contacts

If you have a warranty issue with a product, please email [email protected]. Emails should contain as much detail and information as possible.

  • the order number
  • purchase date
  • product brand
  • a brief description of the issue.

Most importantly, please attach photos of the item, including the defective area.

Returns Shipping

For eligible customers in the US, Backcountry offers a $6.99 flat-rate UPS shipping label to return products that do not need to be shipped freight. To print the label, simply go to your Order History to request a return. You can also contact a Gearhead to get assistance in creating an RMA Number, which is required for processing your return.

*Products required to ship freight may include

  • kayaks
  • surfboards
  • SUP boards
  • cargo boxes
  • car racks
  • indoor cycles, and more.

Once you have received your RMA number, just write it inside your shipping container with your order number. You can then drop your return off at a UPS Store or mail it to Backcountry according to their instructions. After your package has been received by their warehouse, return shipping usually takes between 3-5 business days.

Backcountry’s Price Match Competitor’s List

The Backcountry store doesn’t have a list of competitors. They claim they will price match any US authorized dealer that has the same item at a lower cost.

Why is Backcountry popular?

Backcountry is a well-known online shop that sells outdoor gear and clothing. Backcountry is a well-known online store that has many products.

  • Gear for Hiking
  • Camping Gear
  • Apparel and Accessories for Bikes
  • Running clothing and footwear
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Plus!, an online specialty retailer, sells outdoor gear and clothing for hiking, climbing, biking, mountain biking, rock climbing and other winter sports. is a well-known retailer due to the variety of products they offer.

Some Questions and Answers

This article will explain Backcountry’s price match policy and price adjustment policy. You may still have questions. These are some questions and answers that will help you learn more.

When was founded?

It was founded in 1996.

How does Backcountry’s price match policy work?

Backcountry has a Price Match Policy that you can view on their website. However, it is important to check with them first about any exclusions. Backcountry does have some exceptions as well, such as sales or clearance items, and limited-time offers and promotions like Black Friday deals.

Why is Backcountry popular?

Backcountry is a well-known online shop because they offer many products. Backcountry is trusted because they have been around for many decades.

How does Backcountry’s price adjustment process work?

You can request a price match if you buy an item from, and it’s cheaper within 30 days. Backcountry will match the price of an item purchased from them. They also provide a way to find an identical item on their website at a cheaper price. After the price difference is credited, you can buy the item from Backcountry.

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Summary of this Article

This article is about Backcountry’s adjustment and price match policy. We hope we have answered all your questions before you make your purchase at this retailer.

For more information about these policies and how they can make shopping at Backcountry simpler, leave a comment or visit our other blog posts

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