Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

Best Buy Price Match Amazon; One of the best promotional strategies used by online shops to outperform the competition, differentiate themselves from the crowd, and entice people to buy is price matching.

In all honesty, it’s a fantastic chance to find the thing you want for less money than you can anywhere else on the market. Additionally, a retailer that has gone to such a bother as to offer price matching is one that is likely to be reliable.

Best Buy Price Match Amazon

They at least went to great pains to get your attention and present you with a high-quality item at a highly alluring price. Take Best Buy as an illustration.

They will match Amazon’s prices, which are enormous, in the e-commerce world Beste in Buy Price Match Amazon.

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

You can price match anything that you purchase online or in-store at a pre-tax price under the basic Best Buy price match policy.

This covers all neighborhood merchants (as well as their internet storefronts) and a number of online merchants, including Amazon, Dell, Crutchfield, B&H Photo Video, HP, Tiger Direct, and Newegg.

Therefore, prices for goods that are either sold or shipped from any of these well-known online stores can be matched. Additionally, the business mirrors its online prices with its in-store ones and vice versa.

Let’s highlight here that a neighborhood store is one that is no more than 25 miles away from the Best Buy store from which you desire to request the price match.

The store must have formal authorization from a vendor to sell brand-new, factory-sealed items that are covered by a warranty in order to be eligible as a local retailer under the Best Buy price match guarantee.

Regarding the time the price matching occurs, caution should be taken. It must take place at the moment of purchase, according to Best Buy.

You are ineligible for a refund, for instance, if you purchase a smart TV today and discover a shop selling it for less in a week or two.

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Other things to keep in mind to ensure that Best Buy matches your price are:

  1. One item per customer may be the subject of the price match. As a result, if you enter Best Buy expecting to buy 10 of the same item, you will be disappointed because you will only obtain a price match on the first item and have to pay the full price for the other nine.
  2. Only new items not open-box or clearance items are covered by the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee.
  3. During the return period, if Best Buy lowers the price of a product (online or in-store), the business will match that lower price. You will have to submit a formal request in this situation.
  4. When you purchase a new item from and it is available for pickup at an even lower price, Best Buy will charge the lower price.
  5. You can request a full refund of the price difference if a product you buy from reduces in price at Best Buy before the day it is scheduled to be delivered to you (incl. tax). All you have to do to get the reduced price is call the business at 1-888-237-8289 (see below for information on how to achieve price matching by email or in-store).

What Items Does Not Best Buy Price Match Policy Cover?

The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee does not cover the following:

  1. Online sales of contract smartphones.
  2. limited-stock products in a rival’s physical store or online site.
  3. offers from competitors that need trade-ins include installation and shipping costs or are available on an hourly or special day.
  4. items acquired over the Thanksgiving holiday.
  5. Open-box or clearance products.
  6. discount goods.
  7. Items bought at with a discount for employees.
  8. Products that are offered for sale or shipped by third-party online stores like Google, eBay, or Amazon. This also applies to the Best Buy online store (also Best Buy For Business and Best Buy Education).
  9. Prices for services offered by rival companies, such as computer and shipping services. This is brought on by the cost variations between the rendered services.
  10. Pricing that only certain customers can access (i.e., government exchange store offers and loyalty offers).
  11. Prices offered by online merchants are not on the price match list.
  12. Not yet purchased items from Best Buy Express Kiosks.
  13. financing deals from a rival company or between and Best Buy physical locations. However, you are allowed to buy an item, get a price match, and finance it using one of Best Buy’s no-interest or low-interest financing options.
  14. items purchased with the competitor’s credit card at a discount.
  15. Products that can be purchased for less at Best Buy Education or Best Buy For Business.
  16. Refurbished, used, packaged, or free things.
  17. Offers by mail, gift cards, or credit cards.
  18. discounts on video games that come with a subscription.
  19. Products are available at a discounted price as a result of a pricing miscalculation.
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Voice-only deals:

Whether offered by Best Buy or a rival that is eligible, Best Buy will not match the price of a voice-only bargain. You can only ask for a refund if you purchase a voice-only offer from Best Buy and the firm lowers the price when you are returning the gadget.

In some situations, price matching is implemented upon request so that Best Buy can match the lower price.

How to Request a Price Match from Best Buy?

A price match request is a straightforward procedure. All you have to do to speak with a company representative if you bought something from a Best Buy shop is call their customer support line. Therefore, you can either call them or chat with them.

You will be required to show documentation of the reduced price you discovered elsewhere, so beware. There are various techniques to demonstrate pricing evidence.

The most practical option is to present the internet address of the rival that was offering the product you bought for a lesser price.

You might also present the competitor’s advertisement, which makes it clear that they are selling identical items for less money.

Now, depending on the store you are asking for a price match from, you might have to wait a little while for them to check the competitor’s website to verify the price difference before they agree to refund your money.

✅ Official Website;

How to Request a Price Match from

The steps you must take to request a price match for a product you bought from the Best Buy online shop are the same as those you must take to request a price match from one of their Associates (physical stores).

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So get in touch with customer service and ask a staff member to help you with your claim. Again, if you have a question about a price match, the company does not accept emails; instead, you must use the chat feature or give them a call. If you find the last choice more tempting, dial 1-888-237-8289 (1-888-BEST BUY) and request a price match.

The criteria for both the Best Buy online site and their physical stores are the same in that the price you discovered must be lower than what you found at a qualifying competition.

Naturally, as was already noted, a local rival includes not only a physical store that is nearby but also any online shops they may operate.


➡ Being eligible for a price match is a wonderful opportunity because it guarantees that you won’t find the item of your choice for that price anywhere else in the real world or online.

➡ They will be reimbursed for the inconvenience if you do, too! One of the numerous businesses with such price match policies is Best Buy, which enables you to take advantage of shopping experiences that ensure incredibly low pricing for the item(s) you want.

➡ Just carefully read the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee’s terms and conditions to ensure you don’t miss anything. For additional information also Click Here.