Does Best Buy Price Match Costco?

Best Buy Price Match Costco; Best Buy, an international retailer of consumer electronics in the United States, has a Price Match Policy that attempts to offer customers high-quality products at fair market prices.

Best Buy Price Match Costco

Customers could wonder if Best Buy Price Match Costco because it’s possible that not all American retailers do. Find out if it does by reading on!

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco In 2022?

Only stores within a 25-mile radius of the nearest Best Buy location are eligible for price matching by consumers at the time of purchase.

Customers can compare the costs between Costco’s physical locations and, then ask for a price reduction from Best Buy when making a purchase.

Continue reading to learn more about Best Buy’s price matching policy for Costco’s in-store and online prices, as well as if Best Buy will price match Costco after a purchase.

Can You Price Match At Best Buy With Costco In-store?

As long as the store is a nearby rival of the Best Buy location you are shopping at, you may price match Best Buy with Costco in-store.

Customers can compare Best Buy prices to Costco prices in accordance with Best Buy’s price match guarantee if Costco is a nearby retailer that competes with your neighborhood Best Buy shop (within a 25-mile radius).

You must be sure that the local Costco shop has the identical item and that it is instantly available in the store at the time of purchase before requesting that Best Buy and Costco match prices.

Before granting your request for a price match, Best Buy must confirm the discrepancy with the nearby Costco location.

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Does Best Buy Price Match

Yes, Best Buy will match prices on eligible items at online merchants like Customers can compare the online pricing of qualifying items at using Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy, and depending on the price difference, they can request lower prices.

However, if the consumer offers a live advertisement rather than a screenshot of the ad, Best Buy will only price match

Additionally, if you phone and ask for a price match, you must tell the Best Buy representative where to find the lower price on the website. You’ll need to visit Best Buy in person to compare costs if the item on Costco requires a login credential.

Additionally, if the client provides rates for Costco loyalty discounts or special deals on Costco’s membership programs, Best Buy’s price matching will not apply to

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco After Purchase?

Unfortunately, even if the Costco store is a nearby rival, Best Buy does not price match with Costco after the sale. Best Buy will only allow price matching with rivals at the time of sale and not after purchase, as stated in the company’s price match guarantee policy.

Therefore, you cannot ask Best Buy for a refund if you purchased something there and later discovered it at Costco for a lesser price.

To take advantage of the price matching with Costco, a customer should compare the pricing of items with Best Buy’s regional rivals (both and Costco in-store) before going shopping.

The consumer must compare the prices of the purchased items with those of equivalent items on Best Buy’s in-store,, or Best Buy app stores in order for Best Buy to price match after the fact.

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Additionally, after-sales and price matching with Best Buy’s locations is only possible during a predetermined return and exchange period.

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