Big Lots Price Match Policy: How This Store’s Price Matching Works

Big Lots Price Match Policy: Big Lots is a big-box retailer that has been in operation for more than 50 years.

They’re known to be a bargain retailer offering a variety of quality products with reasonable prices. Did you know that they also have an excellent price match policy?

Big Lots Price Match Policy

This article explains the policy of price match and adjustment that apply to Big Lots Price Match Policy.

Does Big Lots Offer a Price Match Policy?

Yes. Big Lots offers a price match in-store. It’s not just about the prices, but also the ones of its rivals. The only requirement to ask for price match is the evidence of a lower cost. After the associate has verified that the item is qualified, they’ll match the price to your satisfaction.

Does Big Lots Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. There is a Big Lots store price match online. If you see a cheaper price on the other site and you want to know more, call Big Lots’ customer service to inquire about price match. Once they’ve verified the item, they’ll offer to match that price.

Does Big Lots Store Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Big Lots offers the price adjustment. If you purchase an item through Big Lots, either the Big Lots store or the and then later, within 7 days , you discover they or their competitors are offering the lowest price for the exact item, they’ll price adjust for you.

Price Match Criteria

 If a shop has a price match policy the store will usually include a price match requirement.

 The rules stipulate that the product has to meet the requirements to qualify to be a price match. These are the Big Lots price match criteria:

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 The item must be identical such as its size, color, model, and quantity.

 The item you want to request the price match for should be in stock at the Big Lots store, and it should offer a lower price on the day when you request the price match at the Big Lots store.

Price Match Process

 Before you know more about the procedure, be aware it is true that the Big Lots in-store price matches its online site in addition to the price is the same as prices for Big Lots store items. There are exceptions.

 Like when there are special discounts online, they are not price-matched at the shop.

Here is the price match process:

  • Once you find the identical item at the competitor, you should visit the Big Lots store with the advertisement as the lower price proof. This can also be the advertisement photo.
  • Once one of their associates verifies the item, they will price match for you.


  As with any other store offering prices match typically includes some restrictions. However, the Big Lots store also has certain exclusions. These are the exceptions:

 The retailers, who are online only and do not have a physical store, are excluded from the price match policy.

 The promotions like some dollars off or percent off aren’t price matched.

 The stores that require a membership fee are excluded from the price match.

 Any offers that include bundled offers or gift cards are excluded.

 The mail-in offers or financing offers are not price matched.

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 The items like clearance, closeouts, used, damaged, or previously owned are excluded from the price match.

Price Adjustment Process

 Price adjustments occur when you buy an item from a retailer and then later the price decreases due to an event in the same store or the store of a competitor.

 If the store is a member of an adjustment policy for prices and they are able to refund the difference in price to you.

 Big Lots offers a price adjustment policy. Here is the process. This is how it works:

 If you purchase an item from the Big Lots store, and later the price is reduced because of a sale at the Big Lots store or its competitor’s store, you can request a price adjustment within 7 days of the purchase.

 To request the price match, you would have to bring the purchase receipt with the date included and advertisement proof of lower price at the Big Lots store or the competitor.

 Once one of their associates verify the item if it is eligible, they will price match for you.

 Official Website:

Big Lots Price Matching Competitors List

The Big Lots store doesn’t have a specific competitors list but, this store only price matches the stores which have the local store and aren’t online-only stores.

So to request a price match, you have to confirm the competitor has a physical store and not only the online store.

Big Lots Big Lots store offers big inexpensive items for the entire family. Prices are always reasonable and appealing to those who are looking savings.

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They have a huge selection of items that meet all necessities (food and home items, clothing) They also update their range of products each month to keep up with demand from customers.

The stores are huge and offer an extensive selection of large items. This shop is famous for their huge clearance section, which could be the best spot to get bargains.

How many are Big Lots stores?

The big lots store has over 1400 stores across 47 states in the USA.

Summary of this Article

Now that you’re aware of what the policies of Big Lots prices and price matching policy

you should find it more easy to find the item you’re looking for. If you find anything that we didn’t include you can let us know in the comments below!

Big Lots FAQs

In this article you’ve been informed concerning the Big Lots store’s price match and adjust policies.Like many might have certain concerns. Here are some answers and questions to assist you in understanding this:

When was the Big Lots store founded?

The Big Lots store was founded in 1967.

Who owns the Big Lots?

The owner of the store is Consolidated International, Inc. Big Lots is an American retailer with its headquarters within Columbus, Ohio. It sells furniture electronic equipment, as well as other products.

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