Companies That Price Match on Black Friday ❤

Black Friday Price Match; Black Friday of this year will be especially important because of recent global supply chain problems that have caused chaos in the retail industry.

Christmas consumers will have to take a chance on whether to buy now or wait for Black Friday deals as the inventory will only get worse.

Black Friday price match guarantees are being used by several major companies to entice customers to wait until November 26th to complete their holiday shopping.

Black Friday price match

Continue reading to see which stores are providing price-match promises, how to take advantage of the deals, and whether there is a catch.

What Companies Offer Price Match on Black Friday?

Customers can take advantage of the Black Friday price match policy at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.Some prominent stores have holiday price-matching assurances in place, and they function very similarly to a purchase price adjustment program.

If the price of a product drops after you’ve already purchased it, these policies will allow you to seek a refund for the difference.

This means that if you spent a lot of money on something one week then the price is reduced by $20 the following week, you could keep the $20 difference. Even if you only spent $1 more or bought anything as little as a box of crayons, the policies still apply.

Price-matching rules are already in effect at several stores. However, there can be some restrictions on price-matching procedures throughout the holiday season, particularly with regard to Black Friday.

The following sections go into more depth about some of the top retailers this Christmas season who have price-matching agreements in place.

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You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Walmart offers a price-matching policy all year long.When you already advertise incredibly low prices, this is a fairly awesome perk for customers. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are not covered by this price-matching promise.

As a result, Walmart will not match the Black Friday price offered by a rival retailer for the same goods. According to their regular price-matching policy, a product must be comparable and in stock on both and the website of the rival shop in order to qualify for price matching. Other circumstances include:

  • There is a daily cap of one price match per customer.
  • Items bought through marketplaces or independent vendors are not eligible.
  • Offers with fixed percentage discounts and checkout discounts do not qualify.
  • Packages and mail-in offers are not eligible.
  • Rebates, flash sales, and pickup incentives do not qualify for discounts.

You can find more information on Walmart’s price-matching policy online.


Target has a holiday price-matching policy in place from October through December 24th, in contrast to Walmart. Black Friday sales are indeed qualified for price matching under this schedule.

Target will only match prices at specific merchants, including Amazon and Walmart, though. The following is included in this:

You only need to present a receipt or other form of proof of purchase at a Target location for purchases made in-store to benefit from the retailer’s holiday price-matching policy. You can phone Target’s Guest Services to ask for a price match on online purchases.

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There are a few extra requirements to be aware of, in addition to the need for evidence of purchase and the restrictions on which shops Target will accept price-match requests from:

  • Only valid competing sales may be price-matched.
  • Offers from Target Circle and Amazon’s lightning specials do not count.
  • Both stores’ inventories of the item must match and be the same.
  • Closeout and clearance items are not eligible.

You can find more information on Target’s price-matching policy here.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s price-matching policy follows Walmart’s example by excluding Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, it is an advantage provided all year round for goods from a recognized list of merchants. Only prices provided by Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, and TigerDirect will be matched by Best Buy.

The product in question must be identical, including the color and model number, as with the first two rules. But unlike the other two rules, Best Buy only accepts brand-new products; refurbished devices are not permitted.

There are some other limitations to take into account if price matching at Best Buy is something you’re interested in:

  • Only valid competing sales may be price-matched.
  • Packages and mail-in offers are not acceptable.
  • Prices made available through member-only promotions or reward schemes are not eligible.
  • Discounts from Best Buy Marketplace, Best Buy Business, or Best Buy Education are not eligible.

You can find more information on Best Buy’s price-matching policy online.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Given that this policy is applicable to Black Friday discounts, Bed Bath & Beyond may be the pinnacle of price matching.

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In both their physical stores and online store, Bed Bath & Beyond will match any other retailer’s price for the same exact goods. Additionally, they provide pre- and post-purchase price matching. Clearance or closeout items are ineligible, and the product in question must be similar.

Bring in your receipt or other forms of proof of purchase, together with the stated price from the rival retailer, to take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond’s price-matching policy. Online resources are available to learn more about Bed Bath and Beyond’s price-matching policy.


➡ Even while many businesses have restrictions on price-matching during Black Friday sales, you can still find methods to get the best deal by comparing costs before making a purchase or by shopping at retailers that match prices during the holiday season, including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Enjoy your shopping!

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