Blue Nile Price Match Policy: How this Diamonds Retailer Price Matches

Blue Nile Price Match Policy: Blue Nile is a luxury retailer that sells diamond jewelry and other goods. It is known for its Blue Nile Price Match Policy.

If you find the exact same product at a different Blue Nile authorized dealer.

How this Diamonds Retailer Price Matches

you will receive a full refund. Blue Nile’s price match policy applies to Blue Nile online and brick-and-mortar stores nationwide.

Does the Blue Nile Offer a Price Match?

Yes. The Blue Nile offers a price match policy. The price match process is simple (We will talk about this later in this article).

Does the Blue Nile Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. The Blue Nile offers a price match online. To request the price match, you can call their number: 00800-2583-6453.

Does the Blue Nile Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. No. However, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days.

Price Match Criteria

 Price matching is available at almost all stores.

To be eligible for price matching, the item must meet certain criteria. These are the requirements for this store:

 The competitor’s Diamond must have the exact same characteristics as the one at yours.

the carat weight, table, depth percentage, color, clarity, cut and fluorescence must all be the same.

 The certified Blue Nile diamond should be used as the diamond.

 The competitor should have the diamond in stock at the time that the price match request is made.

 The currency in which the diamond’s competitive prices are to be determined must be the same.

 Blue Nile reserves all rights to reject or accept the lower price offer. It would be at its sole discretion.

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Price Match Process

Blue Nile has a price match policy and allows customers to request a price match.

It is important to fully understand the price match process in order to request the price match. Here’s how it works:

In-Store Process

 To request the price match in-store, you have to bring the proof of advertisement to their store.

 Once their diamond merchandising team verifies the item, they will price match the item for you.

 It wasn’t explained on their website clearly So I contacted their customer support.

Here is what they replied:

First, you’ll need the diamond and the GIA certification of the diamond that you want to price match.

All of this must be sent to our diamond merchandising department. To make this request, you can either call or chat with us.

Online Process

 To request the price match online, you should contact their customer service by calling their number: 00800-2583-6453.

 I contacted their customer service to ask how their online price match works.

Here is what their customer service replied:

Our diamond merchandising staff must confirm that price match has been achieved.

We need a link to the diamond of the competitor and a copy the GIA report.


 It is like any retailer or manufacturer that has a price matching policy. However, there are also exclusions. These are the Blue Nile Store exclusions:

 The expired offers are not eligible for the price match.

 The competitor’s special promotions, such as the rebates, the promotional discounts, the gift certificates, the bundled offers, and buy-one-get-one offers, are not price matched.

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 The offers that are limited-time, such as Black Friday, are not price matched.The limited time and limited quantity are not price matched.

 The clearance and closeout items are excluded from the price match.

Price Adjustment Process

 If a retailer or manufacturer has a price adjustment policy you can request the price adjustment. This applies to items that are purchased from them and then reduced in price due to a sale.

 Blue Nile does not have a price adjustment policy. After purchasing an item, you cannot request a price adjustment.

 You have 30 days to return an item if it is not what you ordered.

 Official Website:

Blue Nile’s Price Matching Competitors List

Blue Nile does not have a price match competitor list, so I reached out to their customer service for confirmation.

Here’s what they said:

“There is no price list. If you find a diamond that can be matched with another jeweler, we’ll match it.”

They say that you will need to confirm with them if you wish to price match a diamond. There is no price matching list.

Why is the Blue Nile popular?

The Blue Nile also offers a large selection of diamond jewelry. You can find high-quality diamonds at an affordable price.

They offer excellent customer service. Blue Nile offers many payment and financing options that are very popular with customers today.

The Blue Nile offers a wide range of diamonds including wedding rings and engagement rings, as well as earrings, pendants and bracelets.

There are many options for diamonds, including round-cut, cushion-cut and princess-cut.

Blue Nile Financing and the Blue Nile Credit Card offer many financing options for customers.

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The Blue Nile offers excellent customer service, available 24 hours a days to answer any questions or concerns.

Customers who need it also have flexible financing options. The Blue Nile also offers price match in-store

Summary of the Article

 We hope you found this article helpful in helping to make a decision on the Blue Nile policies for price matches and price adjustments

 We would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any questions? We’re here to help!

Blue Nile FAQs

This article will explain the Blue Nile’s adjustment and price match policies.

You may still have questions, just like many others. These are some questions and answers that will help you learn more.

When was the Blue Nile store founded?

The Blue Nile was founded in 1999.

Who owns the Blue Nile?

Bain Capital owns the Blue Nile.

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