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Bunnings Return Policy

Bunnings is an Australian store happy to help customers exchange or return items they bought from their stores. Bunnings return policy is in line with what the Australian Consumer Law says you can do.

When you go into a store with something to return, you must tell the door reader or gatekeeper what it is.

Even if you don’t have your receipt, you can still return something to Bunnings. But they will write down your name and number.

Suppose you buy something from Bunnings. If you don’t like the item you bought from Bunnings, how do you return it and what is the Bunnings return policy? It needs to be known.

Our guide will show you how to return, exchange, and get a refund on the Bunnings.

The process is simple. You will find answers to all queries related to the Bunnings Return Policy in our post. Let’s get started.

Bunnings Return Policy

What Is The Bunnings Return Policy?

A customer has 30 days to return an item to Bunnings. Most returns to Bunnings will be accepted as long as you are within that time frame and have the receipt, tax invoice, or other proof of purchase.

Most Bunnings stores have a place where you can return or exchange items. There, members of the Bunnings team will help you in every way.

All refunds will be returned in the same currency as the original payment. On the other hand, checks will be produced as cash once the bank has finished processing the check. Credit card refunds must be put back on the same credit card.

The plants that Bunnings sells come with a 12-month guarantee. You can return the plant with the receipt and get your money back if you’re unhappy with it. Seedlings, like flower and vegetable seedlings, are not included. It also doesn’t involve plants in pots that bloom or plants that don’t live more than 3 to 5 months in the garden.

Bunnings Return And Exchange Policy

They are pleased to offer change-of-mind returns or exchanges.

Bunnings Return Policy With a Receipt or Tax Invoice

  • They can provide a refund
  • All returned goods must be unused, in original packaging, and in
  • saleable condition
  • Receipts and tax invoices must be valid and intact

All refunds will be returned in the same currency as the original payment. Cheques will be refunded in cash (once the bank has processed the check), and refunds to credit cards must be put back on the same credit card.

Bunnings Return Policy Without Proof of Purchase

When they process returns without proof of purchase, they keep a record of your ID (like a driver’s license). they might be unable to take your return if you don’t have this.

  • They can give you an exchange voucher or swap your goods for ones that are the same.
  • All items to be exchanged must be new, in their original packaging, and able to be sold.
  • Exchange vouchers are suitable for a year from when they are given out and can be used at any store. You can’t turn these vouchers into cash or Gift Cards.
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You can return things in-store or by calling Customer Support. Goods bought with PayPal must be returned using the same method used to pay for them. If the system rejects the return, another offer will be made.

Zip and Openpay

Goods bought with zipping and Openpay must be returned using the same method used to pay for them. If the system rejects the return, another offer will be made.

Trade account Returns And Exchange

If you have an account and want to return or exchange goods, you must bring a copy of the original invoice with the goods to the store to get a credit to your account.

You usually can’t return or exchange commercial quantities because you have changed your mind.

Online Purchases And Exchanges

You can return online purchases to a store with the tax invoice or by emailing [email protected] to get in touch with their Customer Support team.

Exceptions of Bunnings Return Policy

They’re sorry, but they can’t refund or exchange the following items if you change your mind:

  • Custom-made products
  • Any product/s specifically cut to size at your request
  • Toilet seats, if the packaging has been opened (for health reasons)
  • Tinted paint

You can still return these items if they are broken, don’t work, or don’t match the sample or description.

Other Returns And Exchanges

The Australian Consumer Law says that the guarantees that come with their goods can’t be taken away.

You have the right to a replacement or refund if the product fails significantly, as well as compensation for any other loss or damage that could have been expected.

You also have the right to have the goods fixed or replaced if they are not of acceptable quality, but the problem is not a big one.

They’ll take back products and give you a replacement, a refund, or a repair if:

  • The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality; or
  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or
  • The product does not match its sample or description.

They suggest you keep your receipt because they might ask for proof that you bought the product from them.

When processing a return without proof of purchase, their Team Members will be able to tell you if you can get a refund, exchange, repair, or replacement. They may also ask to see proof of who you are.

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Marketplace Returns And Exchanges

When you want to return a Marketplace purchase, you should contact the Third Party Seller listed on your order confirmation. If the Seller can’t or won’t take the item back, please email [email protected] for more help.

Perfect plant promise

All of Their plants come with a 12-month guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it, send it back (with the receipt), and they’ll give you your money back.

Excludes seedlings, which include flower and vegetable seedlings and potted color (bloomers), are short-lived plants that shouldn’t last more than 3–5 months in the garden. So, these plants wouldn’t qualify for the Perfect Plant Promise.

Bunnings Return Policy How Many Days

30 days (for retail customers purchasing special orders or customer-made products) 14 days (retail customers purchasing all other products)

Can I return an item without a receipt?

If I don’t have the receipt, what do I do? If you can’t find the ticket and you’re returning an item because you don’t like it, the store isn’t required by law to give you a refund. However, the store may offer you an exchange or a credit note.

Is there a 30-day return policy?

If the store doesn’t have a return policy, the law says they must take returns within 30 days. Contracts and agreements to buy things can’t be broken. Depending on the store’s return and refund policies, you may not be able to get your money back.

Are you entitled to a refund if the goods are faulty?

In 30 days, you can get your money back in full. This is a nice new right that the law gives us. The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 changed the amount of time we had to return something that was broken and get a full refund from a reasonable amount of time to, in most cases, 30 days.

What Regulations and Requirements do you have to Follow When Returning Products to Bunnings?

The easiest way to return something to Runnings is to bring the item and the original receipt back to a store location near you.

But you can still get your money back if you don’t have your receipt. You will need to give your contact information and a valid ID.

These rules cover most things, and you can quickly return or exchange them by going to the return and exchange desk at your local Bunnings store.

Most things can only be returned within 30 days, but some things don’t fit these rules. Their plant products are one exception.

The plants sold in Bunnings stores come with a 12-month guarantee that you’ll be happy with them. (Seedlings and plants that don’t live long don’t count toward these more extended terms.)

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How Strict are Bunnings Return Policies?

Most Bunnings stores will try their best to keep returns within 30 days. They can, however, make exceptions at their own will, and they often do.

Unfortunately, the company’s willingness to work with customers has made them a target for return abuse, with items being sent back in terrible shape or months after they were bought.

Due to people taking advantage of policy leniency, Bunnings is getting stricter with its return and exchange policies.

If you want to return something to your local Bunnings store, you should try to do it as close to the 30-day limit as possible since the company is not required to do so for any reason.

Bunnings Return Policy FAQs

Does Bunnings Give Full Refunds?

Bunnings will give you a full refund if the items aren’t broken, haven’t been used, and are still within the 30-day return window. How long it takes for the money to appear in your bank account depends significantly on the bank you use.

Can I Return Bunnings Products After Use?

Most of the time, when you return items from Bunnings, they should be in good shape and unused. They have to be in their original packaging and ready to sell. Bunnings has the right to turn down any return or exchange.

How Long Do Bunnings Refunds Take?

Usually, it takes ten days to return something to a business customer. Retail customers who buy made-to-order or special-order items should have 30 days to replace them. Retail customers who purchase anything else will have to wait 14 days for delivery.


➡ Bunnings sells many things for home and building or business projects. Because of this, they gave the buyer 30 days to change their mind if they wanted to.

➡ You can make a return as long as the item is still in its original packaging and isn’t something that can’t be returned, like wood cut to the buyer’s specifications.

➡ You can call the customer service line if you have any questions about the store’s return policy. You can also talk to them at your local store’s customer service desk.

➡ Some places may have different rules and regulations, so find out what they are in yours.

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