Camping World Price Match Policy: USA’s Recreational Vehicles Retailer’s Policies

Camping World Price Match Policy is an American company that is specialized in the sale of camping equipment along with recreational automobiles.

They offer a great rate match program, however there are some caveats.

Camping World Price Match Policy

This article will explain all the information you need about Camping World Price Match Policy on price match to ensure you get the most affordable price on your next camping adventure or purchase of an RV!

Does Camping World Offer a Price Match Policy?

Yes. They provide a price match in-store. To request price match in the store you must present them with proof of the cheaper price and confirm the item. If the item is eligible they’ll price match it to your satisfaction.

Does Camping World Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. Camping World offers price match. Camping World offers the price match online. If you want to request the price match, online you will need to contact their customer service number:(1-866-450-4739), and their customer service reps will match the price of the item provided it’s suitable.

Does Camping World Have a Price Adjustment?

Yes. Camping World offers price adjustments. Camping World provides an adjustment to the price. If you buy an item from their stores or online and, after 14 days, you discover the same item You can ask for an adjustment in price and then pay the difference after they determine whether they’re eligible to receive price match.

Price Match Criteria

 Like every manufacturer that has price match policies typically, it has a set of conditions.

 The items or deals have to meet certain requirements to qualify to be matched.

 It is crucial to understand the requirements for price matching to ensure that your product is price-matched. These are the criteria:

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 The item should be identical at the competitor’s store.

 If the competitor charges for the shipping and its shipping charges are more than the Camping World, then the shipping charges will be added to the price match.

 The price match will not be combined with other offers.

Price Match Process

 Camping World Camping World has a price match policy and there is a procedure to request a price match.

 It is important to know how to ask for a price match at this location. In order to be able to make an easy request for a price match. Here’s how:

 To request a price match in store, first you need to show the proof of advertisement for the price that is lower at the store, and they’ll check the item.

 If they determine that it’s suitable, they will price match your request.

 If you want to request price matching on the internet, you’ll need contact them via their phone address (1-866-450-4739).

 When you contact them via phone it is important to provide them with the name of the competitor, the item’s price, as well as the location so that they can confirm whether it can be priced to match or not.


 The manufacturer offering the price match typically has exclusions.

 The exclusions are that there are certain items or deals that can’t be price-matched.

 Camping World is one of them. Camping World has some price match limitations. The exclusions are:

The items are excluded from the price match:

  1. The special orders
  2. The rebates
  3. The financing offers
  4. The gifts which are included with the purchase offers
  5. The services
  6. The misprints
  7. The special buys or clearance items
  8. The closeout items
  9. Used items
  10. The damaged items
  11. The returned or refurbished items
  12. The open box items and the display merchandise
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The retailers who are online-only are not eligible for the price match

Price Adjustment Process

 Every manufacturer with the policy of price match generally offers a price adjustment.

 Camping World is one of them. Camping World offers the policy of price adjustment.

 If you buy something from them and it is later discovered that the price was lower due to the sale, you may ask for a price adjustment in the 14-day period following the date of your purchase. The procedure for price adjustments:

 To ask for a price match, you’ll need to go to their store with your purchase receipt. If they can verify the item, they’ll reimburse you for the greater than the original method of payment.

The Camping World’s Price Matching Competitors List

 There’s no particular Camping World competitor’s list. However, in their price match policy, they claim:

 “Online only retailers, dealers, and/or resellers are not eligible.”

 Therefore, the competitor must be located in a physical place. They should not be solely online stores.

 Official Website:

Why is The Camping World popular?

Camping World is popular because they are among the most renowned RV retailers across the USA. They offer a broad range of goods to offer as well as top-quality customer service.

They have a variety of brands, including Keystone, Jayco, Thor Motor Coach, Forest River Inc., CrossRoads RV as well as Forest River.

They also have Camping World service centers that provide services such as campsite selection, RV set-ups easy parking tips and more.

The camp store has an array of items for camping in one place such as sleeping bags, tents as well as cookware sets, air mattresses and many more.

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Camping World Camping World site is among the most popular places to search for parts furniture, accessories, and other supplies.

Campers are welcome to visit their vast showroom. You will be able to see a large assortment of merchandise for shoppers to look over in person prior to purchasing or making an appointment to have service.

Additionally, Camping World offers a variety of RV loans, ranging from private credit to Ford Credit line.

they have a fantastic return policy that covers customers for as long as six weeks after the purchase.

Summary of this Article

 In this post, you’ll learn more about Camping World’s pricing match and adjustment policy

 If you have additional concerns or are interested in knowing how we can help you in any other way, contact us!

Camping World FAQs

In this article you’ve learned about Camping World’s pricing match and adjustment policies.

Like many others there are certain concerns. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you understand this:

When was Camping World founded?

The Camping World was founded in 1966 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States.

Who owns the Camping World?

The Camping World’s parent organizations are Good Sam Enterprises and Affinity Group Holding Inc.

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