Does Canadian Tire Price Match? (Updated) ❤

Canadian Tire Price Match; Although their assortment of automobiles is arguably their most well-known item, Canadian Tire offers a wide variety of goods.

Canadian Tire Price Match

Pet supplies, patio furniture, and even toys fall under this category. People question Canadian Tire Price Match because it serves as a one-stop shop for a variety of things. Here, that is what we want to look at.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match?

Yes! In the vast majority of cases, Canadian Tire will match prices on items in their inventory. A few exceptions are in place.

It is actually highly unlikely that you will ever need to have Canadian Tire match a lower price for you. This is because they make great efforts to provide some of the most affordable product pricing both online and in-person.

Does Canadian Tire Price Adjust in 2022?

Yes, Canadian Tire does offer price adjustments, so if you have bought something from them and it has since been decreased, you can bring it in with your receipt to Canadian Tire. The price difference will then be returned to you.

When we discuss price adjustment, we are referring to what happens when a product you bought from Canadian Tire is later reduced in price. There will undoubtedly be restrictions in place in this situation.

It is important to note that Canadian Tire does permit customers to return items for a refund up to 90 days following the date of purchase.

Why is this crucial? It means that many Canadian Tire locations are genuinely pleased to price adjust for up to 90 days following the purchase of the item.

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Some of them won’t. But if you explicitly state that you are returning due to a price drop, they’ll probably just refund you the difference rather than go through the hassle of processing a return and then letting you buy it again.

Exclusions & Rules

As previously stated, Canadian Tire will match prices for you. They will, however, have some guidelines in place. This will aid in ensuring that the price match is reasonable.

If price-matching a physical location

If you want to price match a physical store’s price, the store must be 200 kilometers away from where you are getting the produce price matched.

Online price matching

You can only get an online price match if the store is based in Canada.

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Canadian Tire would never match prices for any obvious mistakes. Therefore, you won’t be able to ask Canadian Tire to match a price if you see a misprinted advertisement.


Canadian Tire will never price match propane.

Consumer products only

The only products that Canadian Tire will match in price are those marketed to the general public. As a result, they might not be able to match any pricing that isn’t accessible to the general public, as if the item was bought in bulk.

Canadian Tire will only match prices if the bulk quantity corresponds to the amount that a consumer would use if the wholesale product is accessible to the general market.

In essence, they oppose businesses matching prices.

Free Gifts

You will never get Canadian Tire to price match any ‘free gift’ offer e.g. ‘buy one, get one free.

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The price-matching promise of Canadian Tire does not apply to rebates. In other words, if anything reads, “Get a $20 rebate when purchased,” it won’t be price-matched.

The product must be available via a normal method of payment

All people must be able to purchase the item using a payment method. Cash, a check, or a credit card are acceptable. The product won’t be covered by the guarantee if you have to use a special store card to buy it from Canadian Tire. Basically, you should be able to enter a store, make a purchase, and leave without having to register.

Clearance Items

The Canadian Tire price match guarantee does not apply to items that are plainly designated as clearance goods.

Shipping, Labor, etc.

Canadian Tire will never price match shipping or labor costs.


➡ The price match guarantee from Canadian Tire is a sizable guarantee. A few things are excluded. However, generally speaking, you will be able to benefit from the price match guarantee if you have located a product that is sold at a retailer (physical or online) in Canada and you discover that Canadian Tires also sells it.

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Canadian Tire FAQ

Does Canadian Tire price match all of their products?

As long as the product is not listed as ‘online special’, then yes.

Can Canadian Tire price match after purchase?

Most of the time, sure. They will not, however, match prices published during significant deals, such as Black Friday.

Does Canadian Tire offer a price adjustment online?

No. You will have to go to a store for a price adjustment.

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