Costco Return Policy

Costco Return Policy

Costco Return Policy: Have you purchased anything from a Costco store? If there is a problem or a defect in the item you bought?

If this is the case, you are not sure how to return the item and what is the Costco Return Policy, then you are in the right place, here is all the information you need to make a useful choice.

You will find answers to all the questions related to Costco’s return policy in our post.

Costco Return Policy

What is Costco’s return policy?

As return policies go, Costco is fairly liberal. If you aren’t satisfied with your membership, they’ll even refund your money.

In addition, they have a generous return policy. For example, if you decide you no longer want something after making a purchase, the item doesn’t arrive, or the package never arrives.

Most things can be returned at any time; they don’t have set return periods.

Return Policy 90 Days
Exchange Policy 90 Days
Return Method In-Store or by mail
Refund Method Original form of payment
Membership Can be refunded at any time
Electronics Can return for 90 days (Cell phone returns depend on the contract)
Diamonds If over 1.00ct, the diamond can be returned for store credit after being checked for authenticity. Unlimited return time
Cigarettes, alcohol, and medication Depends on the state, but most Costcos do not accept returns
Perishable or used products Depends on the specific warranty
Customized orders Cannot be returned, a warranty may apply
All other items Can be returned at any time, depending on the item

How To Return a Costco item?

You can easily return an item to either of Costco’s locations or to their website.

Warehouse Return

You can bring your returns to the Costco warehouse. This is helpful since it ensures a prompt refund. In some cases, you may even be able to recoup the cost of shipping.

The best approach to get a return is to keep all of the packing materials and your receipt. They may still be profitable even without them.

Online Returns

It’s almost as simple to return to the Costco website as it is to visit the physical store. There are merely four simple actions to perform.

  1. Go to Costco’s website and sign in.
  2. Select “Returns & Orders” from the menu.
  3. Select “return items” from the menu that appears next to your order. To exchange or return an item, just follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. A label will be emailed to you immediately, or you can arrange for a pickup.
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Online returns are not accepted for final sale items, jewelry, perishables, digital goods, tires, or eyewear.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

If you are not satisfied with your online purchase from Costco, you may return it to the physical location. You can speed up the process of receiving your return or refund by doing this.

How strict is the Costco return policy?

There aren’t a lot of loopholes in Costco’s policy. However, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected by their liberal and comprehensive return policy. If you have any questions or concerns, customer support representatives are there to help.

Costco Exchange Policy

The return and exchange policies of Costco are vague. It’s safe to assume that they’ll try to make an exchange. Products can be returned to any store or online marketplace, regardless of where they were originally purchased.

Costco Refund Policy

Most items purchased at full price from Costco will be refunded to the original payment method. However, you may be able to exchange the jewelry for store credit at Costco rather than a refund.

Does Costco take returns without a receipt?

There is a membership system in place at Costco. This means that whether you shop online or in-store, Costco can easily authenticate your purchases by accessing your membership history. Thus, no receipt is required. To return, just bring your membership card.

Can I return jewelry purchased on refunds include shipping and handling. Returning jewelry is easy. There are two ways to return your jewelry item:

  1. Return your item to any Costco with your IGI and GIA reports (if sent). Find Costco here. If your jewelry item(s) weighs more than 1.00 carat, they must verify it before giving a refund. 5 business days are needed for verification. Solitaire diamond rings are also checked. Include IGI and GIA reports with the rings.
  2. If you can’t visit Costco, contact them using the options on the left.
  • Your name
  • Order confirmation number
  • Phone number
  • The reason for your return
  • Whether or not the credit card used for the order is still active for the refund
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Does Costco accept returns after 30 days?

Costco has a 30-day return policy for most items. They provide a 90-day return policy for non-perishable items without a warranty of fewer than 30 days.

What items Cannot be returned to Costco?

Products such as cigarettes, liquor, and pharmaceuticals are typically not returnable at Costco. They provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and accept returns on almost anything else, including mattresses and contacts.

Costco return policy without box

According to a representative from Costco Wholesale’s corporate office, members don’t need the original packaging to return any item, including televisions and appliances (such vacuum cleaners).

To be sure that we didn’t need to bring back the packaging, we called several other Costcos in different states. The box itself is not required to be returned, but all of the things inside must be returned together.

Can You Return Food To Costco?

Costco guarantees your happiness on all returns. Store management accepts returns with and without receipts. This retailer also accepts opened items.

Costco requires food returns at the nearest location. It offers another online shopping alternative.

Costco’s return policy doesn’t depend on expiration dates, which is great. You can return perishable goods for a good reason.

Costco returns should be mastered. The store offers two possibilities.

How to Return Clothes at Costco?

Clothes bought in-store or online at Costco can be returned to any of their warehouses. Returning an item purchased from by mail is an option. Return shipping costs and shipping and handling expenses will be covered by the refund.

You must present your valid Costco membership card when making a return in-store. Don’t worry if you lose your receipt a salesperson with your member number can access your purchase history online.

When a refund is due, it is sent back over the same channel.

Can You Return A TV To Costco After 90 Days?

Costco limits electronics returns to 90 days. You can’t return your TV to Costco after this window. It’s always worth trying to return an item that doesn’t meet your needs, even if the return may not be accepted.

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Your warranty will affect your alternatives if you need to return your TV after the regular return window due to a defect or malfunction.

Costco’s 2-year warranty covers all repairs and replacements on all TVs. After 90 days and 2 years, Costco will repair or replace your TV.

If you bought an extended warranty, like an Allstate Protection Plan through Costco, your alternatives are limited. An Allstate Protection Plan covers damaged property for up to 3 years.


Costco accepts almost everything. Open food used merchandise, or anything else can be returned to Costco anytime. Exceptions exist.

Never return cigarettes or medications. Alcohol isn’t returnable in most states.

Cell phones and electronics can be returned within 90 days.

Returning jewelry requires paperwork and an authentication exam. Tires and batteries can be returned, but their warranties set the return window.

Costco Return Policy FAQs

Does Costco give full refunds?

Costco returns items, including shipping and handling. Even if you return online, they’ll cover return and replacement shipping charges.

Can I return a Costco product after use?

Used items can be returned to Costco for a full refund as long as they do not fall into one of the exclusion categories. They will probably accept the return of a used, half-consumed, or otherwise damaged item.

How long do Costco refunds take?

Warehouse returns qualify for an instant refund. Once Costco receives and verifies your returned item, they will provide a refund to the original payment method used to make the purchase.


➡ Almost everything can be returned to Costco. Apparently, people have returned to used toilets and opened, partially consumed food. As long as it doesn’t explicitly violate the little return policies they do have, they don’t appear to care.

➡ Never assume anything about a product you want to buy; take it to Costco first. You could be pleasantly pleased to learn that you are eligible for a refund.

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