Crutchfield Price Match Policy: North American Electronics Retailer’s Policies ❤️

Crutchfield Price Match Policy: Crutchfield is an North American electronics retailer that has been in business for over 50 years. The company is an expert with audio and video products for use in cars and portable or home usage.

Crutchfield price match policy

This article will explain the Crutchfield price match policy and adjustment policy at Crutchfield. Therefore, without further delay now let’s get to the point.

Does Crutchfield Offer a Price Match In-Store?

No. Crutchfield does not provide a cost match within the store. Although they have a number of physical locations however, they don’t price match in their retail stores.

Does Crutchfield Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. If you see the same product with a cheaper cost, you may request price matching by calling their number or via chat. However, you must show them the evidence of that lower price.

Does Crutchfield have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They offer a 60-day rate adjustment procedure. If you buy an item from Crutchfield and then discover that the item is priced at the cheaper price in their competitor or store You can ask for an adjustment to the price.

Price Match Criteria

 When you learn that they provide price match, it’s crucial to understand the criteria they use. Based on their criteria it means that a number of products or deals must satisfy their requirements to be qualified for the price match in Crutchfield. Crutchfield store. These are the criteria:

 The first requirement is that the products must be identical to the one at the competition and the Crutchfield.

 The item that you’d like to get a price match on must be in stock at both the retailer and at that of the Crutchfield store.

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The timeframe for delivery of both products in the rival and Crutchfield should be the same in order to qualify for price match.

 These will equalize the shipped price. For instance, the price must include shipping charges and the cost of the item to qualify to be matched.

Price Match Process

 The procedure of the Crutchfield price match is much more manageable. However, it is important to understand how to make a request for the price match. Here’s the procedure on the Crutchfield:

  • If you discover similar items on sale then you must contact Crutchfield’s contact number or chat to provide evidence of the price difference.
  • Here’s their contact number 1-844-680-6045.

 If you don’t know their hours of service to customers and hours? You might not be able contact them. Thus, it is important to ensure that you chat with or contact them at the correct time.

 These are their customer Support hours to be available by either live chat or phone:


9 am – 8 pm est


10 am – 7 pm est


 Exclusions from price matching implies that some items or deals cannot be price-matched at this Crutchfield store.

 When you know about these restrictions and exclusions, you will know whether your product is priced match at in the Crutchfield store.

So, you won’t have to bother to find a price match on an item. The following are the limitations to the price match

  • The financing or bundle deals are not price-matched.
  • Products like car security or remote start items are not covered of the match price.
  • Pre-ordereditems, open-boxed or refurbished products are not priced to match.
  • Anything that is on sale during days like Thanksgiving or the Monday following Thanksgiving are not price-matched.
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Price Adjustment Process

 Crutchfield has the policy of price adjustment. It’s easy to comprehend however, you must be aware of how to request this in the Crutchfield. Here’s the procedure:

 If you buy an item from Crutchfield in the next 60-day period, and, the price decreases at Crutchfield or at its competitors you may make a request for a price adjustment through their website.

 After they have verified the item, for instance, whether it’s eligible for purchase it will be adjusted to the price of the item, and then refund the difference in price.

 I reached out to their customer service to inquire about this.

Here’s the response they gave:

“Actually you’ll have to call our customer support line or chat with us. We’ll take care of your needs. Be aware that it must take place within the 60-day period of purchase to allow us to match the price of the product. “

This is exactly what they are saying. It’s that easy to make a request for a price adjustment on the internet.

They don’t price adjust in stores, but it’s done on the internet.

Official Website:

Crutchfield Price Matching Competitors List

As with many other stores as well, the Crutchfield store also has price match competition. Knowing about these rivals you can determine which ones qualify for price match. Here’s the list:


Crutchfield video

Summary of this Article

 I hope this article will help you in your searching for the best audio system. Should you still have queries you’d like to ask, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch promptly! Thank you for visiting our blog on Crutchfield’s price match policy and adjustments policies

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Crutchfield FAQs

In this post you’ve learned about the policies on price match and adjustment concerning Crutchfield. Crutchfield store. Like many there are several questions about these policies. Here are some answers to your questions:

When was Crutchfield founded?

Crutchfield was founded in 1974.

Who owns Crutchfield?

Bill Crutchfield owns Crutchfield.

What does Crutchfield sell?

The Crutchfield store offers products for your home office, home or for use on the go, such as portable audio and video equipment and televisions, speakers as well as other electronic gadgets. They also sell cars security equipment as well as remote start technology to help keep vehicles safe.

Does Crutchfield have a price adjustment policy?

Yes, they provide their customers the option of get a refund if an identical product is sold at a different retailer at a lower price than the one you paid in the store with evidence of the purchase. The procedure involves visiting and submitting your claim online within 60 days of the purchase.

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