Does Currys Price Match or Price Adjust? ❤

Currys Price Match; We are constantly looking for deals and strategies to get the best value for our money. Price matching practices are one-way businesses try to capitalize on our appreciation of a good deal. Al

l major companies, including Currys, have some sort of price match or adjustment policy in Currys Price Match. Curry’s own take on a price match/pricing adjustment program.

Currys Price Match

Currys guarantees to match any UK retailer’s price, whether it be online or in-person, under its Price Promise policy. Claims may be filed before or within seven days following the transaction.

Does Currys PC World Price Match?

Yes, Currys will match prices. Currys pledges to match the price of any product against any UK or Irish shop online or in-store. This offer is known as the Currys Price Promise. Currys also provides price comparisons for promo codes.

Does Currys Price Adjust in 2021?

Yes, Curry makes price modifications if its products become less expensive after being purchased. Curry has no plans to change its approach to price increases as 2022 draws closer.

What is the Currys Price Promise?

The Currys Price Promise is the equivalent of a price match program for the online store. It guarantees to match any UK retailer’s pricing, both in-person and online.

Typically, the procedure is completing a brief form. Following that, the business will review your form to determine whether you comply with the Price Promise policy’s terms and conditions.

In that case, the business will match the price of the selected item. As long as you request a refund within seven days after making the first purchase and you have already purchased the item, they will give you the difference.

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How Does the Currys Price Promise Work?

For the Currys Price Promise to be valid, it must fit the following criteria:

  • The product numbers for both items are the same.
  • The item should be available for delivery and in stock, whether it be online or in a physical location.

You must also fulfill these requirements, as with all other price match programs, and present a receipt as evidence of purchase.

You will be eligible for a refund if your purchase satisfies the aforementioned requirements. Within seven working days, you will get a reimbursement for the price difference, which will be deposited into your account.

Can you Price Match Before Making A Purchase?

Yes. Curry’s gives customers the option to ask for a price match before they commit to a purchase. Their straightforward Price Promise form is available online. Fill this out and include a product link.

Additionally, you can talk to Curry’s representatives in person about price matches. The purchasing of cell phone handsets is the sole exemption to this rule. A price match claim needs to be processed after the purchase of these items.

Can I get A Price Match After I Have Purchased A Product?

Yes, if you find a product for less elsewhere after buying it from Currys, you can request a price match. If you purchased the item online, check your eligibility for a partial refund by speaking with a staff member via Currys’ online webchat.

Call in again if you made the transaction in person. They’ll give you the difference back when you present a legitimate receipt.

Exclusions & Rules

Like every price match promise, Currys Price Promise has a set of restrictions and guidelines that must be followed.

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The following are not included in the Currys Price Promise:

  • Ink products
  • Delivery charges
  • Installation charges
  • Product protection plans
  • Mobile airtime plans and other services

Currys do not offer price matches for:

  • Prices offered as part of a paid membership or subscription
  • 3rd party marketplace seller prices, e.g. Amazon
  • Exclusive discounts including staff/ NHS Blue Light or student

Regarding mobile phone price match claims:

On mobile phone handsets, price match claims cannot be made before the transaction.
may only be done after buying.

Other rules include

  • Product numbers for price match products must match.
  • The item must be available for delivery and in stock at both Currys and the rival.
  • You will be needed to provide photographic proof of the product’s model number, stock availability, date/time, and price if it is only available in-store and not online.
  • If Curry suspects fraud, they have the power to refuse a price match.

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Does Currys Price Match Include Amazon?

Sadly, the response is no. Curry’s price match does state that they will match prices from UK online merchants excluding Amazon. A third-party seller is Amazon. It is a market that provides a venue for other small businesses to offer their goods.

Currys explicitly mentions in its terms and conditions that it does not price match the pricing of sellers on third-party marketplaces.


➡ You now have access to a detailed explanation of Currys PC World’s price matching services. Always have supporting documentation for price match claims.

➡ Make sure your claim complies with Curry’s requirements and that the product numbers match. You’ll simply end up stressed, irritated, and broke if you don’t do it.

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➡ Use this advice to ensure that you never pass up another opportunity to save money. For additional information also Click Here.

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