DJI Return Policy (Easy Refund & Exchange)

DJI Return Policy

DJI Return Policy -DJI is a famous tech company that rose to fame because of its drones. Many people are drone hobbyists now and buy their products from DJI.

If you’ve changed your mind about a product, DJI offers free and easy returns. Before You Return Your Product Read DJI Return Policy.

Our guide will show you how to return, exchange, and get a refund at DJI. The process is simple. You can find answers to all questions related to the DJI return policy in our post. Let’s get started.

DJI Return Policy

What is the DJI Return Policy

To send your products back to DJI, they must be broken or have no flaws or damage that would stop them from being sold again.

If you break the item yourself, you won’t be able to get your money back. DJI does not take back broken products unless they were made wrong.

Return Timeline 14 Days
Return Method Shipping or Instore
Exchange Period 14 Days
Exchange Method Shipping
Refund Period 14 Days
Refund Method Original Payment Method

DJI Return & Refund Instructions

If you want to return a product and get a refund, you must ask for a refund within 14 days of getting the product (s).

Log in to DJI account


  • Go to “My Orders”.
  • Find the order you would like to return and click “Details”.
  • Click “apply for after-sales” on the right side of the item(s) you would like to return.

In 2 business days, they will look at your return and refund request.

Note: During the event, it may take longer to process refunds.

DJI Refund Time

The same way that the payment was made will be used to process the refund. The refund process will take about 7 to 14 business days, depending on the bank or credit card company.

Coupons and DJI Credit Refunds

After the order has been refunded, the coupons and DJI Credits will be returned to your account and can be used again before their expiration dates.

Bundle deals

Only the whole order can be refunded to bundle orders with discounted items. Customers can’t get separate refunds for the different things in a bundle deal.

DJI Return Shipping

Customers must pay for shipping back to the designated service center, including cross-border and international shipping costs unless the refund is due to a product performance problem.

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How To Return a DJI Item?

Make sure you have a copy of your receipt if you want to return your DJI. If you return your item in-store, you’ll have to follow the store’s rules for returns.

  • You can contact customer service on DJI’s website or the store where you bought the product.
  • Submit a refund or replacement request.
  • Include any extra parts that came with your product when you bought it.
  • Make sure you have proof that you bought the item.
  • DJI will send you a return label for the item.
  • Once the product is returned and all the requirements are met, DGI will send your money back the same way you paid.

To send something back to DJI, you must buy it from their website. Also, if you purchased a DJI product from a store other than the one where you bought it, you must follow that store’s return policy.

DJI won’t take back something that was broken after it was bought. DJI will only accept damaged products that were damaged during the manufacturing process.

To return something to DJI, you need to show proof of purchase, which you can find in your emails when you buy the item.

Where is DJI Care Refresh available?

DJI Care Refresh is available only to customers in the U.S., Canada, EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Mainland China.

DJI Care Refresh and the product it goes with must come from the same country or region for you to be able to use the services usually.

How do I claim my DJI warranty?

Fill out an online repair request; Send your DJI product to the DJI Repair Center. Your DJI product will be fixed or replaced, and DJI will pay to ship it back to you.

DJI Return Policy Best Buy

It’s essential to remember that opened drones have a 15% restocking fee added to the item’s price. For example, if you buy a DJI or Contixo drone, open it, and decide you don’t like it, you can send it back with all its parts and get 85% of the price you paid.

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How Strict is the DJI Return Policy?

Most tech companies have the same return policy as DJI. You can return things as long as it’s within 14 days of when you bought them, and they’re still in the same condition. DJI’s return policy can’t be broken in any way.

You can return a product within 14 days for any reason, as long as it isn’t broken. This amount of time gives you a chance to try out the product and decide if you like it or not.

DJI Exchange Policy

If your product has damage you didn’t cause, you can exchange it for a product that works. You have 14 days from when it gets to your house to report damage caused by the manufacturer.

If you say manufacturing damage after 14 days, you won’t be able to get a replacement.

DJI’s exchange policy is the same as their return policy, and you can only get the same product in exchange. Also, the exchange policy only applies to products that have problems with how they were made.

DJI Refund Policy

If you want to use DJI’s refund policy, you must return the product to DJI without any damage other than damage caused during manufacturing. Your refund will be sent to the same payment method you used to buy the item in the first place.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to DJI?

You can only send things back to DJI if you bought them from their online store. DJI doesn’t have any stores of its own, so if you purchased a DJI product at a store, check that store’s return policy.

Does DJI Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, you can’t return things to DJI without a receipt. Your receipt will be in your email account when you buy the item. If you can’t show proof of purchase, DJI’s return policy won’t work for you.

What Items Cannot be Returned to DJI?

In its return policy, DJI has several rules. Because of this, the DJI return policy doesn’t cover the items below.

  • Items purchased at a retail location
  • Items damaged after purchase
  • Orders without proof of purchase
  • Items with tampered or destroyed labels
  • Gift cards
  • Any items after the 14-day grace period
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Does DJI Accept Returns After 30 Days?

No, you can’t send it back to DJI after 30 days. You must send things back to GJI within 14 days of getting them. the DJI return policy doesn’t cover anything after that date.

DJI Contact Information

  • Headquarter Address

DJI Headquarters Building,
No.55 Xianyuan Road,
Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, China

  • Toll-Free Number

+86 (0)755 26656677

  • Official Website

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DJI Return Policy FAQs

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Does DJI give full refunds?

Yes, if the products meet the return policy, you will get a full refund to the same payment method you used to buy them.

Can I return a DJI product after use?

You can return used items as long as they don’t show damage. Make sure you don’t mess with any of the labels on the product, or you won’t be able to return it. If you damage the brands, you won’t be able to return the product.

How long do DJI refunds take?

It can take up to 14 days to process a DJI refund. If you don’t see the money back in your account after 14 days, you should call DJI’s customer service.

Final Words

➡ DJI has a return policy that is typical for companies that sell electronics. But after the product is dropped off at your house, you don’t have much time to ask for a return.

➡ If you buy DJI products in a store, how you return them will depend on where you purchased them. DJI only takes back items that were bought directly from their website.

➡ Make sure to be careful with your product during the 14-day grace period. If your DJI product is damaged or the labels are worn, your return will not go through.

➡ DJI will know if you broke the product or if it was broken when it was made, so trying to return a broken product to DJI is a waste of time.

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