Does EB Games Price Match? (Updated) ❤

EB Games Price Match; A competitor’s pricing that you’d like EB Games to match must be offered by an actual store with brick-and-mortar locations, not only an online retailer. Additionally, the retailer needs to be accessible and have the item in stock.

EB Games Price Match

Let’s examine some of the often asked questions regarding the price match guidelines at EB Games. so you can be confident you’re always receiving the greatest deal in EB Games Price Match.

Does EB Games Price Match?

If the price you’re requesting EB Games to match can be found at a physical retailer’s location, within a reasonable driving distance, and with the item in stock, they’ll match it.

They won’t accept price matching from online merchants.

Does EB Games have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Although EB Games doesn’t allow price adjustments, you can frequently get coupons and discounts for your buy there.

You could also be able to have your pricing changed after you make a purchase thanks to manufacturer rebates.For additional information, contact the shop closest to you!

Are there any exceptions?

With the exception that EB Games won’t match online sellers’ prices, the adjacent physical location must also have the item in stock.

Additionally, they have the right to not match prices on consoles or gear. Exclusions could apply to specific things, so it’s always a good idea to check with your neighbourhood store just to be safe.

Does EB Games price match Amazon?

Prices obtained on Amazon are not eligible for price matching at EB Games. They will only honour their price match guarantee at actual retail locations.

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Additionally, the retail establishment must be nearby and stock the product. In essence, their price match is only valid if you have the option of driving somewhere else to pick up the item the same day for the same discount price.

Does EB Games price match online?

Currently, only physical retail rivals are covered by EB Games’ price matching policy. EB Games will not match prices offered exclusively online by Amazon or other retailers.

Does EB Games price match JB Hi-fi?

If the product or package is the same as the one you intend to buy at EB Games, the company will match the price offered at JB Hi-fi. The JB Hi-fi location needs to be reachable and have the item in stock.

EB Games is unlikely to honour a bundle that is being sold at JB Hi-fi if it is for a different colour or size. It’s wise to confirm the specifics with your nearby EB Games store since you might still be able to work out a deal!

Does EB Games price match Big W?

The same rules that apply to JB Hi-fi prices also apply to Big W prices. A nearby Big W store’s price for a comparable product or package will be honoured by EB Games.

Although discrepancies are unlikely to be honoured, it never hurts to inquire at your neighbourhood store!

Does EB Games price match consoles?

EB Games does not offer a price match guarantee on consoles, or other hardware that they sell.This would include all consoles including those by Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, etc

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Does EB Games price match preorders?

If the same conditions are met—the competitor whose price you’d like them to match must be a physical place, and hardware/consoles are excluded—EB Games will price match preorders.

You can show the retailer the competition pricing (from the time you placed your purchase) when you go to pick up your preorder, and they’ll match that sum when you pay the difference.

Will EB Games price match video games?

Your neighbourhood store ought to be able to do this for you assuming the game satisfies the aforementioned requirements for price matching. Remember that since digital versions of video games are exclusively available online, they will not be subject to a price match.

You won’t typically discover a better deal for the exact same product at another local business because most video games are known to be on sale around the same time.

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What can I do if EB Games won’t price match?

If the item you’re seeking to secure a price match on satisfies all of the requirements outlined in this article and the retailer rejects your request, it could be worthwhile to try another store.

Although EB Games has been known to refer to price matching as a “service” rather than a “policy,” the consumer is typically eligible for that price match if all the criteria are met.

This situation goes beyond the cliché that “the customer is always right,” as you would be asking the store to provide the same “service” that has previously been provided to others in similar situations.

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