Does Ebay Price Match? (Updated) ❤

eBay Price Match; Despite being one of the biggest online retailers in the world, does eBay offer a price match guarantee? If so, what regulations govern it?

We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. To help you make the most of eBay’s price match promise, here is a short guide.

In fact, eBay has a Best Price Guarantee policy that functions similarly to a price match policy. Unlike other businesses, eBay maintains a list of permitted rivals that includes Target and Amazon.

Ebay Price Match

Only brand-new or manufacturer-refurbished products and items bearing the Best Price Guarantee insignia are covered by the policy. eBay Price Match will give you a gift certificate equal to 110% of the difference if your price match is accepted.

Does eBay Price Match?

It is true that eBay has a price match policy. eBay’s price match policy, also known as the “Best Price Guarantee,” promises to match any price offered by recognized rivals. Within 48 hours, if you discover a lower price, eBay will refund 110% of the difference.

What is eBay’s Price Adjustment Policy in 2022?

Although eBay does have a price match policy, there isn’t one for price adjustments. Their website does not explicitly say that they will compensate customers if a product is reduced in price after purchase.

Can Items on Sale be Price Adjusted at eBay?

regrettably, no. Due to eBay’s lack of a price adjustment policy, they also do not provide any kind of price adjustments for items that are on sale.

What Products are Included Under the Price Match Policy?

Every price match policy has a set of guidelines and exclusions, and eBay’s Best Price Guarantee is no exception. The following is a list of items that are covered by the Best Price Guarantee.

  • brand-new things
  • Products with the Best Price Guarantee logo that have not been opened
  • Items from eBay’s daily deals
  • Merchandise on the deals page that has been factory refurbished (product must come directly from their retailer or brand.)
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The following products are exempt from eBay’s policy on price matching as part of their Best Price Guarantee.

  • Retail items that are used, seller-refurbished, and unpackaged.
  • Not included in eBay’s daily offers or without the Best Price Guarantee mark are new or factory-reconditioned items.
  • Products from non-approved competitors on eBay’s list.

Products that fit into the following categories

  • Gift certificates, gift cards, and discounts.
  • Money in the real world, such as coins and bills.
  • Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are examples of virtual currencies.
  • Items regarded as bullion include precious metals such as gold and silver in all of their forms (ingots coins and bars).
  • actual estate
  • Motors (except parts and accessories)

If the item you wish to return complies with the aforementioned requirements, eBay’s Best Price Guarantee will apply.

Does eBay Price Match Amazon?

Yes, eBay will match Amazon’s prices, and Amazon is recognized as one of eBay’s authorized rivals. There are, however, certain exceptions.

Since Amazon is a third-party marketplace, it does not directly sell a lot of goods. No items offered by independent sellers on the Amazon website are price matched by eBay.

Any Amazon refurbished products must be first-party goods. These products must be purchased directly from the maker or company.

Furthermore, eBay will not match Amazon prices that remain valid after applying discounts, freebies, coupons, or particular one-time-only promotions. They also won’t accept rates that are based on special deals, including bundle discounts, volume discounts, or lot reductions.

Additionally, during the week of Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday, eBay does not match any Amazon prices (the week following Thanksgiving).

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The rules pertaining to eBay’s permitted items list must be adhered to by Amazon’s products, just like any other competitors.

To qualify for eBay’s Best Price Guarantee, be sure the item you intend to return satisfies the requirements specified above.

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Does eBay Price Match Target?

Target is included among the permitted competitors that are price matched by eBay, just like Amazon. The same terms and conditions, therefore, apply to Target pricing.

Prices from Target that are still valid after applying rebates, freebies, coupons, or particular one-time-only promotions will not be matched by eBay. Additionally, they won’t accept rates that are dependent on particular deals, such as bundle pricing, volume discounts, or lot discounts.

Target purchases purchased during the week of Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday will not be price matched by eBay (the week following Thanksgiving)

Target’s products must adhere to the requirements pertaining to eBay’s approved items list, just like any of its rivals.

To qualify for eBay’s Best Price Guarantee, be sure the item you intend to return meets the requirements specified above.

What is eBay Best Price Guarantee?

The Best Price Guarantee on eBay guarantees that it will match any price offered by an authorized rival. 48 hours following your transaction, eBay will pay the 110% discrepancy.

What is eBay Best Price Guarantee?

You must first get in touch with eBay’s customer support department to submit a claim. A member of the customer support team will then confirm your claim by ensuring that it complies with eBay’s price match policy.

To be eligible to meet eBay’s Best Price Guarantee, you must:

  • It’s necessary for the item in question to match and be on hand.
  • Claim for price match must be made within 48 hours after purchase.
  • You are an American citizen and resident.
  • The product must have been bought from one of eBay’s authorized rival websites, which include,,,,,,, or
  • Products match the list of permitted products on eBay.
  • The product’s price difference does not exceed $500 or 50% of the item’s advertised price, whichever is lower.
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If your claim is accepted and meets the requirements, you will be sent an eBay coupon worth 100% of the difference. Upon issuance, the coupon expires 30 days later.


➡ If you follow these suggestions, getting the deal you deserve won’t be a problem for you. Make sure the offer you have found satisfies all of eBay’s listed requirements.

➡ Failure to comply will not only result in a rejected claim, but it will also be a waste of your time and effort. To make the most of the eBay Best Price Guarantee, use all the information provided in this article.

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