Foot Locker Return Policy

Foot Locker Return Policy

Foot Locker Return Policy; Currently, Foot Locker allows returns up to 28 days following the date of purchase or delivery, with refunds being handled in just 14 days.

If your return window is about to expire, the business advises returning items immediately to stores to minimize any postage delays.

If customers are unhappy with their purchase, Foot Locker accepts returns for a full refund. This is an improvement over the former Foot Locker Return Policy in that you can return something up to 28 days after purchasing it.

You must, however, fulfill a few requirements, which we will discuss today.

Foot Locker Return Policy

What Is Foot Locker Return Policy 2022?

To make it simpler for customers to return things despite the limitations, Foot Locker extended its return period to 28 calendar days. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these are calendar days, not working days.

If your local store is open, you can take your item there to return it because the company accepts returns both online and at any of their locations.

What Is Foot Locker Return Policy Online VS In-Store?

Foot Locker advises returning products to the website where you made the initial purchase. This implies that if you bought something online, you should try to return it that way, and if you bought something in a store, you should try to return it there.

Although this is the case, the website does not provide any information regarding how to return items purchased online to a shop if you wish.

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Does Foot Locker Have A 30 Day Return Policy?

A 30-day return policy was implemented by Foot Locker while its stores were closed. Customers had 30 days from the time stores reopened to return any unwanted items as a result. This return period has since been cut down to 28 days, though.

Do not attempt to return an unwanted item to Foot Locker after 30 days have elapsed. During the initial shutdown in 2020, the 30-day rule was in place but is no longer in force.

Can I Return An Item To Foot Locker Without A Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt for the item, you can’t just return it. Unworn items with all of their original labeling and packaging may be exchanged for another product in the store, however, this is not always possible. It is up to the specific store manager.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to save your Foot Locker receipts. Get a receipt for the person to whom you are giving a present from Foot Locker so that they can return or exchange it if necessary.

What Is Foot Locker’s Policy After 45 Days?

Products that were purchased more than 45 days ago are not returnable. It won’t be accepted in-person or online, and if you mail it in, you risk losing your purchase. The return period is 28 calendar days.

Foot Locker Return Policy On Open Box

The shoes you want to return can be opened, but you can’t wear them outside or for a significant amount of time.

Your return can be turned down if you did more than simply try them on your feet to see how they fit. Wearable goods cannot be returned to Foot Locker.

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Make sure you don’t misplace anything while trying on your shoes because all labels, tags, and packaging must be present for returns.

What Are Foot Locker’s Kids Return Policy?

Within 45 days after the date of purchase or delivery, Foot Locker accepts returns or exchanges for children’s shoes. Return the shoes you bought for your child to the Foot Locker distribution center if you discover they don’t fit.

Keep in mind that the original box and labels must be included, and the shoes must be in unworn condition. If you don’t swap the shoes for a different pair, you could have to pay a restocking fee.

Foot Locker Return Policy For Online Orders

Online purchases may be returned within 28 days of the delivery date. In order to avoid missing the return window, it is crucial to try on your shoes and return them as soon as possible if they do not fit.

Foot Locker normally prefers consumers to return goods using the same method as they originally purchased using, however, online orders can also be returned to shops if you’d rather not ship them in. To return your online order, visit your neighborhood shop if it’s more convenient. Bring the specifics of your order with you.

Foot Locker Holiday Return Policy

During the holidays, Foot Locker does not provide an extended return policy.

This means that if you are buying shoes as a gift, such for Christmas, you need to be careful since if you buy them in early, your recipient might not be able to reach the store in time to exchange them.

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If you plan to buy Christmas presents from Foot Locker, don’t start your shopping too early because returns must still be made within 28 calendar days or they won’t be accepted.

It would be beneficial to talk to the manager of a nearby store if you had unintentionally done this.


➡ The return process at Foot Locker is relatively simple. They stipulate that refunds must be made within 28 days of the customer receiving the item, whether that was through an in-person transaction or a delivery.

➡ Items must be brand new, unused, and in their complete original packing. The return might not be accepted if the merchandise has been used or if the packing has been harmed.

➡ However, since there is no guarantee, it is better to wait to shop at Foot Locker for Christmas so that your receivers have enough time to return any gifts after the holiday.