Go Outdoors Price Match and Returns Policy ❤️

Go Outdoors Price Match and Returns Policy knows that customers care more about the contents of their bags than what boxes they can check.

Go Outdoors Price Match and Returns Policy

Go Outdoors Price Match and Returns Policy Britain is a favorite outdoor retailer because of its dedication to customer service.

Does Go Outdoors Offers Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Yes. You will need to bring the proof of the low price to the store to request the price match. They will then confirm the match.

Does Go Outdoors Offers Price Match Online?

Yes. Yes. They offer a price match online. If you request price match online, they will match or beat the price up to 10%.

Does Go Outdoors Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They offer price adjustment. If you buy from them, they will adjust the item’s cost and then reduce it.

Price Match Criteria

Here are the price match criteria:

  • They have a strict policy of matching prices. They will only check items if they are new and identical to the original, including color/size specifications!
  • Products must be in stock at the competitor’s store and available for you to buy.
  • They will only price match the items that are publicly available.
  • The item must be verifiable by the Go Outdoors.
  • All transactions will be made at the Go Outdoors sole discretion.
  • But you should know that Go Outdoors reserves the right to cancel and price match requests.
  • The Price Match Plus is only available to their cardholders.

Price Match Process

 It is easy to match prices. You can request a price match at Go Outdoors if you find a cheaper product from a competitor. Once you approve, the price of your product will be 10% lower.

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  • If you find a lower price elsewhere, they will match it! There are restrictions like gift vouchers and gas refill bottles.
  • Price Match Plus cannot be used in conjunction with any coupons or other discounts.
  • The “Price Match Plus” can only be obtained if the item is sold to a VAT-registered business in the UK. It is not possible to get it by selling directly to their websites or stores. This is due to typographical errors.

Price Adjustment Process

 You can bring proof of purchase from Go Outdoors to adjust the price and get the difference back.

Within seven days of purchase, you can request a price match.

Go Outdoors Price Matching Competitors List

The Go Outdoors doesn’t price match with companies that are part of JD Sports Fashion PLC Group.They would therefore not be able to match these competitors.

Returns Policy

Returning Unwanted Items

If you buy an item at their shop or online and realize that it’s not the item you want. Therefore, you are able to return items to their store.

One advantage of returning items purchased in the store is that the return is completely free.

All you require are the delivery note, or receipt. The team of theirs will guide you through.

When the transaction was done through a credit card or debit credit card it is recommended to carry it along to enable them to make the refund.

However, you must be aware that it could take as long as 5 days to be credited to the account at your banks.

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Certain items aren’t able to be exchanged or returned.

Examples include:

This is the case for things that were damaged, used or soiled or damaged by the misuse of.

Products that are misused are those that are used to serve a different purpose than what they were intended for. Also, they’re things that aren’t properly taken care of.

Returning Items with Fault

 If you received an item that is defective it is recommended that you bring it their attention within 28 days from the date of the purchase.

 They will offer a full refund or replace or repair your item. You should be aware that exchanges can only be made in their store, however they aren’t able to do it through the mail.

 If you don’t submit a cancellation within 28 days of purchase, the company will fix or exchange it in the 12 month period from the date of purchase.

 If you discover that the item doesn’t live up to your expectations after you purchase the product, their return policy allows the complete refund, or an exchange in 28 days after the purchase.

 If you can, keep your receipt and credit back any amount that you have spent on the product!

Online Returns

If you purchased something that isn’t right If you are not satisfied, you can return unsuitable items at Go Outdoors. The methods to send it are Collect Plus and The Royal Mail, or any courier.

They will happily refund or exchange items if you return the item within 28 days of the date you purchased.

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 Official Website: www.gooutdoors.co.uk

Royal Mail Returns

 In the case of Royal Mail, you may return your items to more than 13,000 post Office(r) sites.

 You can register your return through their portal for returns. If you present them with their QR codes, they will create your return label.

 It is necessary to bring your items to the nearest Post Office branch or Royal Mail Customer customer care center.

Gift Card Purchases

If you are returning an item that you purchased with a gift card, you will be given another credit card as an exchange.

Some Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about the Go Outdoors Price Match Policy:

When was the Go Outdoors founded?

It was founded in 1969.

Who owns the Go Outdoors?

The JD Sports Fashion PLC owns the Go Outdoors.

Summary of this Article

 Go Outdoors offers a price match policy. Go Outdoors company offers a price match policy that allows customers to match the cost of the same item from its rivals.

 It also has an option to adjust the price for customers who have bought within 7 days.

 Additionally, the company will reimburse the buyer the difference in cost if they are able to prove the purchase surveydetails.com.

 The company also has an exchange policy of 28 days in the event that products are returned that received defective items.

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