Golf Town Price Match and Returns Policy ❤️

Golf Town Price Match and Returns Policy Limited wants to make sure you’re informed, happy and free from pressure when shopping. Because they love golf, their staff works for no pay.

Golf Town Price Match and Returns Policy

Ask one of their employees if you have any questions or need assistance finding something Golf Town Price Match and Returns Policy.

Does Golf Town Offers Price Match In-Store?

Yes. They will match your purchase price in-store. Canada Golf Superstore sells top golf brands. They are among the best in Canada. Golf equipment can be purchased at affordable prices. They will match a lower price for the same item if you are able to find it.

Does Golf Town Offers Price Match Online?

No. They do not offer price match online. It is specific to stores only.

Does Golf Town Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Yes.

Golf Town Limited will refund any difference in price if you purchase something from them. However, some things do not count. You will find out more about Exclusions in the article.

Price Match Criteria

Here are the price match criteria:

  • The item must be identical at the Golf Town and its competitors.
  • It must be available for immediate purchase.
  • The item must be new with all the applicable accessories.
  • The Golf Town reserves the right to accept the price match.

Price Match Process

The price match process is simple:

  • If you find a lower price at the Golf Town’s competitor, you should bring the lower price at the Golf Town store.
  • Upon confirmation, they will match the price for you.


Here are some exclusions:

  • The online prices are not price matched.
  • The promos, the special orders demo products, etc., are excluded from the price match.
  • Other items include trade-ins or preowned items, and third-party offers aren’t price matched.
  • These items are also excluded:
  • advertising errors
  • misprints
  • coupons
  • rebates
  • The gift cards
  • volume discounts
  • The close-out deals or clearance items
  • The liquidation sales etc
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Price Adjustment Process

 If you buy an item in the Golf Town, the price adjustment process applies. Then the price will be reduced at the competitors.

 You can also bring proof of lower prices to the Golf Town store within 30 day of purchase.

 They will adjust the price upon confirmation and refund any difference.

Golf Town Price Matching Competitors List

They don’t have specific competitors, but the competitor should be the authorized Canadian retailer.

Returns Policy

 You can return the item to get a full refund. To do this, you will need to provide the receipt.

 Golf Town and its associates are committed to customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with an item, they will refund or exchange it.

 You can exchange or get a full refund if you have a receipt within 30 days.

 You can’t get your money back if you don’t have the receipt. Your money will be returned in the same manner it was received at the time you purchased the item.

 Golf Town does not offer store credit. Returns must be in the original packaging and unopened with all tickets and tags.

 Also, it must be in new condition. We cannot accept returns or exchanges if you are unhappy with your purchase of swimwear, socks, or undergarments. This is due to hygiene and health reasons.

Fair-Way’s Performance Guarantee applies to all other products. If you have a gift certificate, you can exchange the product for a similar item or receive a gift voucher.

Gift cards cannot be returned. You will need to present a valid identification item with your name, address and telephone number in order to exchange or return the gift card.

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 Official Website:

Online Purchases allows you to return or exchange any item purchased within 30 days from the date it was sent.

To be able to return or exchange an item purchased from, you will need to provide a copy your e-mail confirmation and an ID that matches the shipping address.

Gift with Purchase

 To be eligible for a refund, or exchange, you must return any gift or bonus items you have received when you purchased your product.

We will deduct the current retail value from any refund or exchange if you do not return the gift.

“Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) Offers

The second one is free if you buy an item with a “BOGO” offer. But if you want to return it, then the discount on the other one will not be given back.


 You can exchange or return any item purchased in a bundle. The item’s current value, less the discount, will determine its value.

 If you bought a bundle with 10% off each item, then the refund would be 10% lower than the current retail price.

Custom Orders

You can return an item purchased if it doesn’t work for you within 30 days provided that all criteria are met. Six items must be matched for a golf club to be eligible for a return.

Pre-Owned and “Demo” Golf Clubs

 If the condition of the golf clubs purchased is the same as the day they were bought, you can exchange them for similar clubs. It is possible to exchange them within seven days after they are purchased.

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Warranty Returns

To file a warranty claim, you will need to have the original receipt. The warranty ends when the item is returned or replaced with a new one.

For more information, you should consult the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Some Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these Golf Town Price Match Policy:

When was Golf Town founded?

It was founded in 1999.

Who owns the Golf Town?

The Fairfax owns the Golf Town.

Summary of this Article

 Customers can get a refund or exchange under the Golf Town Price Match Policy if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase. This policy is applicable to online or in-store purchases and allows for returns within 30 days

 Let’s say the item isn’t in its original packaging and is unopened. To be eligible for a return, or exchange, the item must also be in a new condition.

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