Guitar Center Price Match Policy: How its Price Match Policy Works? ❤️

Guitar Center Price Match Policy: Guitar Center is a company that offers music instruments including amplifiers, recording gear and much many more.

Guitar Center has 294 stores across the United States, making it the biggest retailer of its type. Guitar Center’s policy of price match ensures that customers receive the lowest prices on the items they buy at Guitar Center.

Guitar Center Price Match Policy

This article will cover Guitar Center’s policy on price match and how it operates in Guitar Center Price Match Policy.

Does Guitar Center Offer a Price Match?

Yes. Guitar Center price matches its competitors. If you discover that a competitor is selling the item at a lower cost and you want to request the price match. In order to do this, you’ll require proof of the lower cost printed on advertisements or print photos.

Does Guitar Center Price Matches Online?

Yes. They are able to price match online If you wish. To do this, utilize their live chat option or call themat: 866-498-782.

Does Guitar Center have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They offer a 45-day pricing adjustment period. If you buy an product from them and afterward, you discover that the price has been reduced to their Guitar Center or their competitors and you are able to get back the difference in price.

Guitar Center Price Match Policy Criteria

 The criteria for price match are comparable to the majority of stores. Here are the price match requirements from Guitar Center: Guitar Center:

 The product should be identical to the competitor’s website. It must be identical in shape, color and size.I contacted their customer support to find out the criteria for price match.

Here’s what they have to say:

“As long that it’s the exact item that is sold by an approved dealer we can make sure that it matches”

In the previous paragraph, they mention that the item has to come purchased from an official dealer located in the USA.

Here is a list of price-match requirements on their website:

To be in the position to be eligible for a price match the item must be featured in the newspaper, the national magazine or the Internet or the US authorized catalog of the retailer or local paper. However, the item must be available. Items that are out of stock will be to match.

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Guitar Center Price Match Policy Process

 The process isn’t too complicated for an price match. However, you must be aware. Here’s how the price match procedure is carried out in Guitar Center: Guitar Center:

 If you see that another retailer that sells the similar item for sale at a cheaper price, you must take a photocopy of the proof and visit Guitar Center. Guitar Center store to demand an exchange.

 They’ll validate, verify and price match the product in order to provide you with the exact price. However, the final decision will be theirs.

For Online Price Match

There are two ways to ask for an online price match:

  • Make use of their chat function and provide them with the link to the product at a cheaper price.
  • Contact their number: 866-498 7882 and tell them about the product at a bargain cost at their rival’s store.
  • If they can verify the item is suitable for price match, they’ll take care of it for you, or inform you about it.


There are certain criteria for an item to qualify for price match. There are a few exclusions, that means that these items cannot be price-matched.

  • This product cannot be priced to match:
  1. The product that has numbers or codes removed.
  2. Exclusive models
  3. The factory is closed for maintenance.
  4. Open-box items
  5. Items on sale
  6. Items in limited quantities
  7. Bundles
  8. Free products
  9. Promotional Items
  10. Used items
  • In addition, financials and taxes are not included in pricing match.

I contacted their customer support to learn what their guidelines are.

Here’s one of their answers:

“We are able to price match either in-store or on the web, however, we are unable to price match items to the actual cost.”

“On sale items from competitors aren’t included.”

This means that one of their exclusions could be that they don’t match the prices of items that are sold on the competitor’s website.

Guitar Center Price Match Policy Adjustment Process

 Their price adjustment policy gives 45 days for the difference in price back if you find an item that is at less price. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of time when you purchase something from Guitar Center.

 Here is the procedure to request an adjustment to the price:

  • If you see an item on an online store of a competitor for less it is recommended that you bring the original receipt from Guitar Center with proof of the advertisement.
  • After they have verified that the item qualifies, they’ll refund 100 percent of the difference.
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 Official Website:

Guitar Center Price Match Policy Competitors’ List

While searching for their list of competitors I could not find any specific list of competitors and I called their customer support for this:

Here’s the response by their customer support:

“We are able to price match every authorized retailer.”

With that answer it seems like they will match the price of any competitor, but not specifically however, the competitor has to be an USA licensed dealer.

About Guitar Center

 Guitar Center is home to the largest range of well-known guitars, basses and amplifiers keyboards, workstations microphones, drums and percussion, PA systems lighting for stage and DJ equipment and recording software, studio equipment and much more.

With over more than 260 locations across the nation, offers the fastest most efficient way to locate everything you require all in one place.

 In addition, many well-known instruments are available for pickup on the same day at a location near you and they offer free shipping on thousands of products at your preferred Guitar Center location of your preferred location.

 With Guitar Center incredible buying power and strong partnerships with the best guitar brands You’ll be able to find the finest gear for the most affordable cost.

 From the brand new Gibson USA 2015 upgrades to Guitar Center most comprehensive collection of Stratsavailable, they have everything a guitarist can want and more, not forgetting our extensive selection of effects pedals and other accessories.

 Drummers don’t have to look any further to find the largest collection of the top drum kit, which includes drum sets for acoustic instruments, electronic drum sets hand drums, cymbals, hand drums and sticks.

If you’re an independent recording artist, make sure to check out Avid Pro Tools, PreSonus StudioLive, Epix Bundle 10 and Komplete 10. All of Guitar Center  live sound gear including mixers, monitors, and more, can meet the needs of any touring musician.

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 Are you unsure of what to play, but want to learn? It’s simple with Guitar Centers enormous assortment of books and other media. For players of all levels can take part in our no-cost Workshops Series and Recording Made easy workshops on a regular basis.

 Are you a veteran guitarist seeking something unique? Explore Guitar Center  collection of platinum guitars and other vintage equipment online or in person with your neighborhood GC store.

 The Gibson Les Paul to the Fender Stratocasters they ‘ve got you covered. they also have a vast range of orchestra and band instruments and accessories on

 Are you looking for additional assistance with making music? GC has partnered with Studio Automatic specialists of Studio Automatic to offer online recording studio services.

 Studio Automatic will make your song concept and transform it into a fully-produced song within 5-7 business days. Go to the Studio Automatic page to find out details aboutGuitar Center service and its process and to listen to some sample tracks.

 Whatever your level of experience or style of music Our knowledgeable group of professional musicians can help you locate the perfect piece of equipment for your ensemble, band or music location.

 If you’re just beginning to get started creating music or working as a pro, Guitar Center has what you need to create the music in your head.

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Summary of this Article:

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Guitar Center FAQs

You’ve learned about that price matching and adjustment guidelines that are part of Guitar Center. However, you might be unsure. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to assist you:

When was Guitar Center founded?

The Guitar Center was founded in 1959, and its headquarters are in Westlake Village, California.

Who owns Guitar Center?

Bain Capital owns the Guitar Center.

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