Does Harvey Norman Price Match? (Updated) ❤

Harvey Norman Price Match; A multinational company called Harvey Norman offers everything from consumer gadgets to bedroom furniture. It is a sizable shop with more than 280 locations throughout different nations.

Harvey Norman Price Match

You might be curious about Harvey Norman’s policy on price matching given that it is such a sizable company that is primarily a franchise in Harvey Norman Price Match.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match?

For up to seven days after a purchase, Harvey Norman will match any equivalent product’s price. If the device requires installation or shipping, such expenses must be factored in. Harvey Norman will match or beat any genuine competitor’s quoted price on the day of purchase or within seven days of the purchase.

One of the more accommodating price matching procedures is at Harvey Norman. Without your knowledge, they regularly match prices by researching a wide range of company items and comparing their own to the cost. Additionally, they match pricing on a more specific level.

Do Harvey Norman Price Match Yes
Price Match Period 7 Days
Price adjustment Period 7 Days

Does Harvey Norman Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Although they may not always refer to it as such, Harvey Norman does have a price adjustment policy. There isn’t a convenient tab on the site labeled “pricing adjustment policy.” Alternatively, it is stated plainly in the price matching policy.

After making a purchase from Harvey Norman, you have seven days to get in touch with them and ask for a partial refund, which will cover the difference between what you paid and the price of an equivalent item from a reputable shop.

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You can reach customer support, request a portion refund, revoke a purchase, or send an item back for a warranty replacement using the aforementioned URL.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Of course, every rule has an exception. The main distinction is that they are more rules than exceptions in this case.

  • The item that matches the price must be the same.
  • The rival must have the item in stock (it cannot be out of stock).
  • Details must be provided (URL, competitor’s advertisement).
  • No discounts, freebies, limited-edition items, bundle deals, or consumer finance purchases
  • only seven days after the date of purchase.

Therefore, it’s not entirely wide open. Price matching is not a massive free-for-all. Even hugely prosperous businesses must draw a line at some point.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match Amazon?

Harvey Norman and Amazon have a complex and sometimes contentious past.Harvey Norman founder Gerry Harvey was cited as saying, “Amazon doesn’t sell an awful lot of the things we’re in,” according to, when Amazon began operating in Australia. They might compete with us for 15 to 20 percent of our floor space in some areas.

In addition, he directly disputed Amazon’s position on price matching, saying Harvey Norman wouldn’t let Amazon establish a presence in Australia by undercutting Harvey Norman’s price matching practices.To put it another way, Harvey Norman clearly matches Amazon’s price.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match Online?

There is no exclusion for online purchases in Harvey Norman’s price matching policy. Harvey Norman, who is solely an online retailer, responded to Amazon’s entry in a noisy and confrontational manner, which is indicative of Norman Harvey’s online price matching practices.

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Harvey Norman will refund you the $10 difference if you buy a consumer electronics equipment from them for $49.99 and then the next day discover the same item on Amazon for $39.99.

Large merchants like Amazon essentially compel smaller businesses like Harvey Norman to match their prices. Although Amazon’s Prime is almost totally a financial loss for the company, it has been used to drive away other companies, which Amazon then acquires and uses to increase their profit margins.

Directly competing with a company that is so big that its whole online and delivery platform generates a net loss of money every year is quite challenging. Amazon generates enormous earnings from a variety of different sources, allowing them to offset the losses from Prime.

Does Harvey Norman Price Match JB HiFi?

Due to the fact that JB HiFi and Harvey Norman create and sell remarkably comparable goods, the two businesses regularly price match. Both businesses have their headquarters in Australia and are fierce rivals.

In reality, Harvey Norman regularly compares its prices with those of JB to make sure that JB is not offering lower prices on comparable goods. You are extremely unlikely to really locate a device from Harvey Norman that is less expensive at JB.

The rationale is that Harvey Norman, who routinely browses through the products of their main rival, is likely to have previously matched it. JB and Harvey Norman both take pricing seriously and are continuously monitoring their rivals’ prices.

Both businesses will not allow the other to undercut them, therefore you will discover that JB price matches as aggressively as Harvey Norman.

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Does Harvey Norman Price Match Bing Lee?

Leading Australian retailer Bing Lee is one that Harvey Norman specifically claims that they will match prices with. That term includes Bing Lee without any qualification.

Even though consumer electronics make up the majority of Bing Lee’s retail, Harvey Norman also has a sizable consumer electronics division, albeit the company is larger than just that area.Any item you purchase from Harvey Norman may be priced against a comparable one from Bing Lee.

Final Thoughts

➡ As long as you adhere to the aforementioned guidelines, Harvey Norman has a rather strong price matching guarantee, and you will discover that they are forthright about it.

➡ You can rely on Harvey Norman to match prices from both Amazon and any other significant Australian shop for more information also Click Here.

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