H&M Return Policy

H&M Return Policy

H&M Return Policy – Have you purchased anything from an H&M store? If Is there a problem or a defect in the item you bought?

If this is the case, you are not sure how to return the item and what is the H&M Return Policy, then you are in the right place, here is all the information you need to make a good choice.

You will find answers to all the questions related to the H&M return policy in our post.

H&M Return Policy

What is H&M’s return policy?

You have 30 days to decide if an item you purchased from H&M isn’t the proper fit for you. On apparel goods, swimsuits (with a sanitary seal), and cosmetic products, H&M enables returns and exchanges.

All returns must be made within 30 days of the original purchase date and include the original sales receipt. It is not possible to return an item from H&M HOME that was purchased online in-store.

Items from H&M Home must be returned via mail. H&M will give a refund in the original manner of payment; the processing time for returns is up to 14 days.

H&M Return Policy

Return Period 30 Days
Return Method Post or in-store
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method Post or in-store
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Method of Payment

How To Return an item to H&M?

Bring your original sales receipt and the H&M item you want to return to one of their stores to complete the exchange. If you don’t have your original sales receipt, you’ll only get a refund for the current selling price of the item.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

You cannot return an item you bought from H&M Home online to an H&M store. You must mail these things back. You can return any other qualified online purchases in-store.

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Bring your e-receipt from the shipping confirmation email or your order form within 30 days of your purchase if you have an H&M item that you bought online and would like to return it in-store.

You can only exchange or refund things after 30 days for the current selling price. Exchanged goods must all be of comparable value or higher.

Quickly follow this step:

  1. Enter your order number and PIN on the returns portal.
  2. Return things in their original packaging or another box. Online returns require no paperwork.
  3. Your parcel’s return label will be attached by a Delhivery courier.
  4. Keep the courier’s proof of return for your records.
  5. You’ll get a return email. Please wait 14 days.
  6. Contact H&M customer support if you don’t receive the email within 14 days.

How To Return Your Item via Mail

Following are the instructions for mailing an item back that you purchased online:

  • Fill out the return form by choosing the code that best describes your return reason.
  • Place the return form and your item in the original packing or another appropriate container.
  • Your shipment came with a self-adhesive, pre-paid return label; attach it.

How strict is the H&M return policy?

There are a few restrictions on returns at H&M. You must return your item within 30 days of purchase and include your original sales receipt to be eligible for a full refund.

After 30 days, it is still possible to return an item without a sales receipt; in this case, you will receive a refund for the returned items’ current selling price.

H&M Exchange Policy

Bring the item to an H&M store to complete the exchange if you wish to exchange something you bought from H&M.

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Bring your original sales receipt with you for the transaction to make it go more smoothly, and aim to finish it within 30 days after the purchase.

H&M Refund Policy

If you return an item to H&M within 30 days after the purchase date and have the original sales receipt, you will receive a full refund.

The current sales price of the items being returned will be reflected in your refund for purchases made without a sales receipt or after 30 days of the initial purchase.

Does H&M take returns without a receipt?

Yes. Returns that are made without a sales receipt will be reimbursed at the going rate for the goods.

Does H&M accept returns after 30 days?

Yes. After 30 days, returns won’t be fully refunded; instead, the amount refunded will be based on the item’s current selling price.

What items Cannot be returned to H&M?

  • Face masks are not returnable to H&M for concerns of health and safety.
  • Underwear or items marked “Final Sale” cannot be returned, nor can swimwear that does not still have the sanitary seal on it.

How long do H&M refunds take?

Refunds from H&M can take up to two weeks to appear as credit in your account. As well, give your credit card statement one or two payment cycles for the refund to show up.

Can I return an H&M product after use?

When returning items, they should not be used. Underwear, face masks, and swimwear without a sanitary seal are not eligible for returns.

What can I do if I need to return a hazardous item?

You must adhere to additional transportation requirements for the return if you bought a dangerous item, such as nail paint, perfume, or pressurized sprays. All products deemed hazardous must have a clearly visible label before being returned.

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On the shipment box, there is an LQ Hazmat Label. This marking assists in alerting the carrier of the return’s combustible contents and unique transportation needs.

H&M Return Policy FAQs

What is H&M’s extended holiday return policy?

For items purchased between November 19 and December 24 during the holiday season, H&M offers an extended return policy.

You have until January 31st to return any things you bought during this period to an H&M store. Items with a valid sales receipt will be refunded using the method of original payment.

Items with gift receipts will be exchanged for something else with a value equal to what is being returned.

What should I do if I bought a recalled item from H&M?

Sometimes errors occur, leading to the recall of sold items for a variety of causes. If you realize that something you purchased has been recalled, get in touch with H&M customer support right away. A customer service representative from H&M can be reached online or by phone at 855-466-7467.

Does H&M give full refunds?

Yes, H&M provides complete refunds for purchases bought within the last 30 days when accompanied by a legitimate sales receipt.


➡ Managing returns and exchanges from all locations can be challenging when you buy from a retailer with a large shop network like H&M.

➡ For this reason, H&M and other clothing stores have developed online portals that make it easy for customers to exchange or return goods. With the knowledge presented above, managing future H&M online purchases should be a breeze!

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