Hollister Return Policy – 30 Day Return Policy?

Hollister Return Policy

Hi Guys!! Have you purchased anything from a Hollister store? Do you know how to return items to Hollister? and what is the Hollister return policy?

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Hollister Return Policy

What is the Hollister return policy?

Customers have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item to Hollister, making their return policy quite accommodating.

If you return an item to Hollister after 30 days, you can get store credit instead of a refund. Clothes ought to be stored away unused and unclean.


Return Period 30 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Up to 30 Days
Refund Method Method of Payment

How To Return a Hollister item?

Customers can return or exchange undesirable items in-store and on their website.


You can return things purchased online by visiting the “Returns” section of your online Hollister account. It’s also the starting point for a return. You can either use Hollister’s return label or create your own with the appropriate return address.

Please be aware that Hollister will not cover the cost of return postage and that $7 will be deducted from your refund if you decide to return an item. After the refund is completed, the money will be refunded to your card.


The only difference is that there is no charge at stores. You can bring in online or in-store purchases to the store’s return desk. To make a return, please include your receipt. You can get your money back in the payment you used to buy something: cash or card.

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Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Online purchases can be returned in-store; the answer is yes. Stores accept returns made either in-store or online. You can’t make in-store purchases using the website.

How strict is the Hollister return policy?

When asked, “not particularly,” that’s the correct response. With Hollister’s liberal return policy, you don’t even need the original tags to send an item back.

Hollister retailers typically require proof of identification upon return of the merchandise to deter customers from frequently returning merchandise purchased elsewhere for a refund.

This return policy is uncommon in that it does not specify that the item is returned with its original tags attached or that the purchaser should not try on the thing before returning it. We would assume that customers’ loyalty will increase with this return policy.

Hollister Exchange Policy

There is little difference between the Hollister refund policy and the exchange policy. Hollister, however, will let buyers choose an alternative item in-store and online.

Though we expect it to be as straightforward as the rest of Hollister’s site and policies, we could not find any information on their site detailing the steps necessary to receive a replacement item.

Does Hollister take returns without a receipt?

You can return items to Hollister without a receipt, but only within a specific time frame. Local Hollister stores may ask for identification when you return items without a permit or tag—making sense from the standpoint of a luxury clothing brand.

Does Hollister accept returns after 30 days?

Both yes and no can be true. After 30 days, Hollister will still accept returns, but you’ll be issued shop credit instead of a cash or card refund.

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Since seasonal trends influence the styles offered by Hollister, the company’s decision to forego offering cash returns on older items makes sense.

What items cannot be returned to Hollister?

Given that most things purchased at Hollister are clothing, it is impressive that their website does not indicate any specific items that are not returnable.

Despite the lack of clarity, you should verify this with Hollister. Before making a purchase, contacting customer support with any questions or concerns is always a good idea.

Can I return a Hollister product after use?

Short answer: yes. Although the Hollister website doesn’t state it explicitly, you probably shouldn’t try to return a shirt that’s been used or is stained.

It appears like Hollister has a reasonably lenient approach and encourages customers who are unhappy with their purchases to come in and talk to them about it so they can exchange it for something else or have it altered to fit better.

Does Hollister give full refunds?

Of course, that’s relative to your definition of “full.” Items returned to Hollister within 30 days will be refunded in full, provided they are in a resalable condition.

Expect a $7 deduction from your refund to cover the price of shipping and handling; if you made your purchase, then return it online.

Can You Return Hollister Co. Products Without The Tag?

The intactness of the tag is no longer typically required when returning an item to many retailers today.

The primary reason is that even if you return the product with the original tag still on, it will most likely be taken off, and a new title will be put on it.

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Because of this, untagged Hollister Co. items can be returned. According to Hollister Co.’s return policy, the presence or absence of tags is irrelevant when a customer wishes to return an item purchased from the store.

While Hollister Co. will accept your clothing regardless of whether or not the original tag is still attached, there are other requirements you must follow.

Hollister Return Policy FAQs

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Can I return online with no order confirmation?

However, a confirmation email or receipt is not required for returns when shopping online.

What if I bought a Hollister item in another country?

Return policies vary widely depending on whether you were shopping from outside the United States or while traveling between countries.

Store credit will be issued to you in the amount of the item’s all-time low local selling price in the country in question.

How long do Hollister refunds take?

The site does not say how long it should take to get your Hollister refund. The speed with which you receive a refund in a store depends on the day you request it and how quickly your bank processes it.


➡ Hollister has a liberal return policy for apparel. However, they don’t specify how the item must be to qualify.

➡ Hollister does not provide detailed instructions since it expects its consumers to be responsible and loyal. Even though return shipping costs money, they make sending items back through their website simple.

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