Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Home Depot Price Match Amazon; Home Depot has made a name for itself as one of the top sellers of necessary DIY supplies, equipment, and other items for homes and businesses, and it provides clients with a tempting price match guarantee.

Home Depot Price Match Amazon

You might be wondering if Home Depot price match Amazon goods given that Amazon is a significant rival of Home Depot and frequently has lower prices. Here is what I learned about this topic from my research:

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon In 2022?

Beginning in 2022, Home Depot will match Amazon’s prices for purchases made through To what extent a store will comply with a price match request for Amazon goods will be up to the specific store manager. Home Depot does not match the prices of third-party sellers, Prime Day discounts, or Amazon Prime prices.

Continue reading to find out more about Home Depot’s price match policy, how to price match Amazon products there, which items aren’t covered by it, and much more.

What Is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy? 

To compete with merchants like Lowe’s and Ace Hardware, Home Depot offers a Low Price Guarantee to entice shoppers into its stores.

In accordance with this assurance, Home Depot will match prices on items purchased in person with those purchased online by rival retailers. Please take note that shipping is not covered by Home Depot’s Low Price Guarantee.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match In-Store?

The store manager will have the last word on whether or not your request can be executed if you want to price match in Home Depot locations.

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According to numerous online customers, asking Home Depot managers to consider the request on a higher level frequently results in their approval.

By comparing identical products sold in-store at both locations, you can alternatively price match with Home Depot’s other retail rivals.

Bring in the advertisement, printout, or a picture of one of these with proof of a rival’s (like Amazon’s) lower retail price to receive the price match in-store at Home Depot.

At Home Depot, the price match discount will be applied if you present this at the register during checkout. Remember that it can take some time for the Home Depot staff to get in touch with the rival store to confirm the price.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match Online?

You must get in touch with Home Depot if you want to take advantage of the company’s price match policy for items purchased online from and its rivals’ websites.

This can be accomplished by starting a live chat on Home Depot’s website, where a member of the company’s customer service department will be able to confirm the competitor’s price and carry out the transaction for you.

As an alternative, you can call Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 to start the conversation and ask them to order the item for you at a lower price.

Will Home Depot Adjust After I Have Purchased From Amazon?

If you discover a better deal at a rival store like Amazon after you have made a purchase, Home Depot may be able to modify the pricing.

Simply visit your neighborhood Home Depot and inquire at the customer service counter to receive a price match after making a purchase there.

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The requirement for this is that you must demonstrate a better offer, and the competition must currently be able to transport the product to the customer’s location.

Bring in a printed advertisement or other comparable papers to verify the offer as proof by bringing it with you. It’s important to take note that Home Depot has said that it will only fulfill price match requests for the client who made the first purchase.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Prime?

Home Depot will not price match products that are being sold with an Amazon Prime subscription, according to its official price match policy.

Home Depot would only match prices on items that were sold straight by Amazon without any membership discounts being applied. Furthermore, Home Depot won’t match “Prime Day” discounts offered by Amazon.

Does Home Depot Price Match Third-Party Seller Items On Amazon?

Home Depot won’t match prices on goods offered by independent or marketplace Amazon merchants. Instead, Home Depot will only match prices on items that are sold directly by Amazon and are not covered by any membership-based discounts.

To clear up any questions or misunderstandings regarding a price match request’s validity, get in touch with Home Depot customer service.

What Items Will Home Depot Not Price Match? 

Unfortunately, the Home Depot price match policy does not apply to all goods and products. These products include those that have been opened, that has been lowered in price, that are on sale or clearance, and custom items.

To help you locate even greater bargains, Home Depot will let you price match during occasions like Black Friday. Home Depot is unable to match prices on services, installations, or rivals’ marketing that contain typos or inaccuracies.

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In addition, the sales tax price is not covered by the price match policy, and combining a price match with a coupon is not permitted.


➡ For items sold on, Home Depot is able to match Amazon’s prices. You can either start a live chat from the website or dial the Customer Service line to ask Home Depot to match Amazon pricing.

➡ It should be noted that Home Depot managers decide whether to permit you to price match Amazon in-store. In addition, Home Depot won’t match prices on items purchased through Amazon Prime, “Prime Day” sales, or independent merchants.

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