IKEA Price Match & Protection | Family Membership Benefits

IKEA Price Match; You’re about to receive a cash discount on your IKEA furniture purchases. Customers are given a price protection policy by IKEA.

Read on to learn how IKEA guarantees to honor price matching for family members. The largest furniture retail supply network in the world is IKEA. selling furniture in 30* marketplaces from about 367 outlets.

IKEA Price Match

Any employee who is 18 years old or older is welcome to join the IKEA family at no cost. Would you like to become a member of the family? Get in touch with IKEA by visiting this website.

IKEA Price Protection Policy

Why settle with higher prices if you get price protection?

Simply enroll in the IKEA Family program to receive several benefits for nothing. No regrets if the product price is reduced within 90 days of using the family card to purchase it.

Product returns and refunds are very different from price adjustments. In accordance with the price adjustment policy, the user may receive a refund whether or not the product has been utilized.

How to get the benefits from the policy?

Customers can definitely make further savings thanks to the price protection policy. Instead of matching prices with other brands, IKEA does it here with its own products.

  • Join the IKEA Family first (Loyalty Program)
  • Use your family card to make any purchases.
  • For the following ninety days, keep reviewing the cost of the item you purchased
  • and discovered that the same item is discounted. Bring your card and receipt.
  • Start at the store, and present the family card(you used) and purchase receipt.
  • The retailer will then match the price and refund the difference to you.
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What if I bought it online?

Don’t worry; if you used the family card, the purchase was covered. The 1-888-888-4532 number should be called in the first place if you need assistance with the 90-day price protection. Alternately, merely adhere to the above-described in-store process.

IKEA Family

Customers who want to improve the quality of their home can join this form of loyalty club. The IKEA price match policy is advantageous to the entire family.

IKEA Family

Numerous incentives are available to members, from free coffee or tea to 90-day price protection.

  1. Head to this link – Click Here
  2. Enter your e-mail ID and signup.

As a result of your membership, you now have access to exclusive features like incentives, exclusive discounts, and price protection. Take this card with you when you shop.

IKEA Price Match Guarantee

In addition to the 90-day price protection, IKEA guarantees a price match to all consumers, whether or not they are members.

The fact that the pricing is the same in both the store’s and website’s product catalogs is mentioned here. Every month or every three months, the product catalog is subject to a price match.

It’s important to note that IKEA reserves the right to modify pricing in response to events outside of their immediate control, such as changes in the VAT system or significant currency fluctuations.

Does IKEA provide any price match guarantee with other stores?

According to research, IKEA prefers to maintain standard pricing for both online and in-store transactions rather than competing with any other furniture retailers or brands.

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Although IKEA’s 90-day protection programme has several advantages, consumers must be self-aware. Here are a few shortcomings I discovered.

  • IKEA doesn’t inform you when the price of a product you previously purchased drops.
  • The non-member consumers are not covered by the policy.
  • When it comes to implementing the 90-day price protection policy, internet purchases made with family cards are frequently difficult to process.
  • Members of the same family must travel with their membership cards.

Ikea Covid-19 Precautions

Ikea decided to close their store due to COVID-19 because they are very concerned about the health and wealth of all of its employees.

Some of their stores were open by June 3rd after receiving permission to open the store. When they reopened the store, they welcomed the customers while implementing numerous safety measures, including

  • They followed the rules for preserving social distance.
  • It is necessary to take everyone’s temperature.
  • precautionary hygiene procedures.
  • Masks are required since sanitization is important.


➡ IKEA stores all over the world promise you a price match with products based on the data compiled above. Prices online and in stores are frequently in sync.

➡ IKEA family members enjoy a number of advantages, including 90-day price protection and numerous others. But it’s a painful truth to face that IKEA doesn’t offer a price match with other furniture brands.

➡ For additional information also Click Here.


Does IKEA provide any price match policy?

IKEA does a price match with any other furniture store.

Do IKEA provide price adjustment?

Yes, Ikea provides price adjustment to its customers.

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Ikea Customer care Number?


How much time limit they offer for a price protection?

They provide 90 days price protection to their customers.

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