Lidl Return Policy – Complete Return Guide

Lidl Return Policy

Lidl Return Policy: Lidl is a globally popular German discount retailer chain. The company is headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany. Joseph Schwarz founded the company in 1932, which has more than 11,000 stores across Europe and the United States.

Lidl offers an easy-to-understand returns policy. They want to please customers with their return policy. Suppose you buy something from Lidl. If you don’t like an item you buy from Lidl, how do you return it and what is Lidl’s return policy? It needs to be known.

Our guide will show you how to return, exchange, and get a refund at Lidl. The process is simple. You will find answers to all questions related to the Lidl return policy in our post. Let’s get started.

Lidl Return Policy

What is Lidl’s Return Policy?

You can return a product that Lidl makes if you have the receipt. Lidl promises to give a full refund on any item that can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

You can return two things to Lidl:

  1. Lidl-branded item
  2. National brand and non-food items
Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In-Store
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In-Store
Refund Method Method of Payment

Lidl Return Policy For Lidl-branded items

With the Lidl Love It Guarantee, you can return and replace items made by Lidl. Don’t like a product? Return it with the receipt within 90 days, and you’ll get the full amount back in the same way you paid.

Only applies to products with the Lidl brand name. Items from the Lidl Surprise line, gift cards, alcohol, national brands, and returns that have nothing to do with the product quality or customer preference are not included.

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Products must be sent back in their original boxes. If more than one eligible product is returned, the Lidl Love It Guarantee will only cover one eligible product. There may be some other exceptions. See store for details.

Lidl Return Policy For National Brand & Non-Food Items

they also give full refunds on national brand items and items that are not food. You can get a full refund on your original form of payment if you return the item in its original packaging within 90 days of buying it. Need a receipt.

You can’t return and get money back on gift cards. Excludes alcohol. There may be other exceptions. See Store for details.

You’ll get store credit for the item’s lowest price if you don’t have a receipt.

Lidl Refund Policy

For Food/grocery items

Food Items not satisfied If you buy a food or grocery item at one of their stores and don’t like it, you can bring it back with the original packaging or the receipt.

 Food Items change of mind – If you buy a food or grocery item at one of our stores and then decide you don’t want it, you can return it in good condition and in its original packaging with your receipt.

Non-Food specials items

a) Faulty Non-Food specials items

Within 12 months of purchase:  If you don’t like the quality of a non-food specials item you bought at one of our stores, you can return it within a year with your receipt or other proof of purchase and get a full refund or a replacement (if one is available).

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After 12 months of purchase: If you find a problem with the quality of a non-food specials item you bought at one of their stores more than a year later, please call their Customer Service department for help. An experienced operator will talk you through your options.

You can contact- 0800 977 7766

Customer Service Time

Monday to Saturday- 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday- 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

b) Non-faulty Non-Food specials items

You can still get a full refund on a non-food specials item you bought at one of our stores if you change your mind about it within 30 days. Please put your item back in its original packaging and ensure it’s in good enough shape to sell again, along with the original receipt.

Can you exchange something after 30 days?

After 30 days, the retailer can give you a repair or fair replacement, but you’re not entitled to a refund.

Can you make a return at any store?

There are no federal laws in the United States that say stores have to give customers a refund. As a result, return policies vary a lot from store to store. Some stores are more likely to give you your money back, while others will either give you store credit or a new item.

Can I return an item without a receipt?

If you don’t have a Sales Receipt, they can also accept a Lidl Plus digital receipt or a Bank Statement that shows the purchase, as long as it meets the requirements of their returns/refunds policy.

What items Cannot be returned?

Things that are dangerous or use liquids or gases that can catch fire (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information). Any item that doesn’t have a serial number or a UPC. Products that can be downloaded.

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Lidl Return Policy FAQs

Is there a way to return online to Lidl without having to visit a store?

You can send a contact request online, but there is no way to ask for a return. There’s a good chance you won’t hear from them before the 90 days is up. So the best thing to do is go to a Lidl.

How do I return my groceries at Lidl?

Simply bring your item and receipt to the store and talk to any store employee.

Is the receipt necessary to return at Lidl?

To get your money back in full, you must have a receipt. But if you don’t have the receipt, you can still get store credit for another purchase.


➡ The Lidl return policy says that you will get your money back in full if you return eligible items with your receipt. You have 90 days to bring items from Lidl and other brands to their store.

➡ Lidl will put the money back in the same way you paid. You can also get a replacement on one Lidl brand item if it isn’t up to par, thanks to their Love It guarantee. But you can’t return alcoholic drinks or things labeled as “Lidl surprise items.”

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