Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot?

Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot; Leading hardware shop Lowe’s provides a wide range of goods and services at low costs to ensure repeat business. Lowe’s offers price matching so clients may find the best deals on products to ensure success.

Lowe's Price Match Home Depot

Customers at Lowe’s could be curious as to whether the business can compete on pricing with rival Home Depot. in Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot, what I discovered after little research.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot In 2022?

Due to their Price Promise as of 2022, Lowe’s does match Home Depot and other competitors’ prices. Customers must show evidence of a lower price on an identical item from Home Depot in order for Lowe’s to match it. Furthermore, the item must be identical, in stock, and not on sale or discount for the price match to be valid.

Continue reading to learn more about Lowe’s price match, including how to do so with Home Depot both in-person and online and whether it’s possible to do so after making a purchase.

What is Lowe’s Price Promise?

According to Lowe’s price guarantee, the retailer will match Home Depot’s lower price for an identical item that is in stock and charge the customer the lower price.

Lowe’s price guarantee also covers the cost of shipping or delivery in addition to the item’s cost. As a result, if an item is $30 at Home Depot and $20 for delivery, the price match at Lowe’s will be $50.

The item from Home Depot must be identical to the one at Lowe’s (including details like size, brand, and color), be offered for sale there, and be capable of being delivered to the customer’s address.

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How Do I Price Match Home Depot at Lowe’s?

Customers must present documentation of the lower price at the Lowe’s checkout in order to price-match an item that is cheaper at Home Depot.

At Lowe’s, you can request a price match by presenting a printout, displaying the website or mobile app, or bringing an advertisement for the cheaper Home Depot pricing.

Before approving the price match, Lowe’s workers will typically need to personally confirm the lower price at Home Depot.

A Lowe’s representative will then change the price of your item to reflect the lower Home Depot pricing as a result of their price guarantee after the price has been verified.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot for Online Orders?

In addition to price matching for Home Depot in-store, Lowe’s is now able to do it online. Simply call Lowe’s Customer Care at 1-877-465-6937 or 1-877-GO-LOWES to start the price match request if you would like to receive a price match for Home Depot online.

After that, a member of the Lowe’s team will check to see if the Home Depot item you want to price match is covered by their price guarantee.

The Lowe’s Customer Care team can assist you with placing your order if the cheaper pricing at Home Depot is confirmed.

Does Lowe’s Price Match After Purchase?

Yes, after making a transaction at Lowe’s, you can price match with Home Depot. You have up to 30 days after making a purchase from Lowe’s to request a price adjustment, in accordance with their policy.

Just show documentation of the cheaper price at Home Depot for a partial refund, much like Lowe’s price match policy. For instance, if the price at Home Depot is $50 and you spent $60 at Lowe’s, you will be entitled to a $10 refund.

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Does Lowe’s Take Home Depot Coupons?

Some customers at Lowe’s have stated that the business will take coupons from rivals like Home Depot in addition to price matching with those companies.

In order to assure customers of the lowest pricing, Lowe’s will occasionally accept coupons from other retailers including Home Depot, Menards, and Ace Hardware.

The decision to accept discounts from other retailers is up to each Lowe’s location, though. You cannot combine the price match at Lowe’s with a coupon from either Lowe’s or a rival.

What Other Stores Will Lowe’s Price Match?

For shops in the same neighborhood that specialize in the same products, Lowe’s frequently price matches. Retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Menards, as well as neighborhood shops, fall under this category.

Home Depot is one of many rival retailers that can match Lowe’s prices. If you have a valid proof of the price match, Lowe’s will also match prices with online rivals like,, and


➡ Through their price promise, Lowe’s is able to match the prices of Home Depot and other rivals both in-person and online. Customers can get a price match at Lowe’s by just showing documentation of a lower Home Depot price.

➡ If a customer discovers a lower price at Home Depot after making a purchase, Lowe’s may offer a price adjustment as a partial refund. Before completing price matches, Lowe’s reserves the right to confirm them.

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