Mattress Firm Price Match Guarantee and Price Adjustment Policy ❤️

Mattress Firm Price Match Policy is Mattress Firm’s method to ensure that its customers get the best price. Mattress Firm has an unconditional price match guarantee that means that customers are able to buy every mattress.

Mattress Firm Price Match Policy

If they find a price lower than the advertised price within the first 120 weeks, Mattress Firm will either offer their difference as cash, or charge their credit card for the difference in  Mattress Firm Price Match Policy.

Why Should you Read This Article?

This article on price match contains the exact details you require. Sometimes, manufacturers don’t have a policy on price match explained in a manner that is easy that is easy for the user to comprehend.

How we collect this Information?

When feasible, we will contact their customer service department to receive the information you require regarding their price match policy and price adjustment policies.

Also We do not rely on other websites to say, but instead contact the sales representatives of the manufacturer as well as other customer service representatives to learn more about what their policy on price match operates.

Does Mattress Firm Offer a Price Match?

Yes. They will match the price however, you’ll need present proof of a lower rate for an exchange with Mattress Firm. The price match isn’t listed on their official website, therefore I needed to call their customer servicedepartment, and they have confirmed that they match the price of their rivals (More about this later in the article).

Does Mattress Firm Price Matches Online?

Yes. They offer price match online, and you can contact their sales experts for this by call or chat.

Does Mattress Firm have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. After you have purchased an item from Mattress Firm they give you a period of 120 days to ask for an adjustment in price if a competitors or Mattress Firm decreases the price of that product. Mattress Firm will refund 100 percent of the difference in price.

Mattress Firm Price Match Policy Criteria

 Although they do offer the option of price matching but they do have some requirements to determine their policy. If you know their requirements and criteria, you can be more assured of the price match the item you purchase with them.

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 Here are a few items that MattressFirm will not price match.The item should be equivalent or identical.

 This is all we could find on the Mattress Firm’s site and their customer support. They don’t have anything beyond the Mattress Firm’s requirements.

Mattress Firm Price Match Policy Process

 The price match procedure at MattressFirm is simple to use. There are several options to get a price match from Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm.

 Since the information on price match was not as detailed so I reached out to the customer service department to find out the process for requesting a price match.

 Here’s what their customer service said to them regarding their policy on price matches:

My Question:

How does price match is done on mattressFirm?

Their reply: “Hello, if you have proof of this offer and if it is not a price locked item”

To I said to the question: What do you mean by price locked item?

Their reply: “Some items are price locked by the manufacturer, and the price cannot be adjusted”

This is how to do it:

  • If you wish to ask for price match You must show the advertisement to prove of a lower price. You can then show it in their store.
  • After they have validated and verified the advertisement, they will price match the ad for you.
  • If you want to request price match online you can contact them via their number or via chat.
  • Mattress Firm Mattress Firm reserves the right to accept or decline your request for price match.


There are a variety of reasons why the price of the item can’t be match. There are a few exceptions:

  • The price match policy of Mattress Firm is not applicable to clearance items. Mattress Firm doesn’t apply to the items on sale.

Other scenarios in which price match doesn’t apply are:

  1. Rollbacks
  2. Rebates
  3. Promotional products
  4. The items that have been discontinued
  5. Special purchase
  • The products being offered for sale on auction websites is not priced to match.
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Mattress Firm Price Match Policy Adjustment Process

 The MattressFirm has a reasonable price adjustment policy. That is 120 days, and now within this period, if you find out if the price lowers, the Mattress Firm will refund you the credit difference.

I think 120 days is a generous time for a retailer.

Here is the process:

  • So once you have figured out that the item you purchased has a lower price at the MattressFirm or its competitors, you can bring the purchase receipt to the Mattress Firm store or request the price adjustment online.
  • Once they price adjust that item for you, they will refund the difference to your account or give it by check.
  • If you want to request the price adjustment online, you can chat with them visit here, and selecting the chat button.
  • Or you can call them you can use this number: 1-877-365-682

Official Website:

Mattress Firm Price Match Policy Competitors List

As with any other well-known retail store, MattressFirm also has price-matching competitors. Here are the competitors that are eligible to receive Price match

 If you go through their policy on price match that they refer to as “Low Price Guarantee,” there was not enough information on their competitors in price match.

 So I contacted their customer service and got the following response:”We will work to price match any advertised price from our competitors.”

This means they will match the price of any other competitor to offer an exchange or price adjustment. However, it’s recommended to look at their terms and conditions and exclusions to ensure you’re pricing match the right item or getting an acceptable price.

Mattress Firm’120 Night Low Price Guarantee Details

 They will provide the top brands at the most affordable prices. As long as you adhere to the following conditions  They will beat any price advertised.

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 If you discover the same — or similar mattress set at a lower price than the invoiced amount within the first 120 days of purchase, just take the advertisement to the Mattress Firm store, and we’ll either credit your account or send you a check to refund the difference in price.

 The 120-night low price guarantee is not applicable to floors models, rollbacks/rebates from vendors promotional items, special purchases such as doorbusters, or discontinued merchandise.

 The merchandise offered for sale on auction websites (e.g., eBay, Craigslist and Craigslist.) or through overstock/closeout dealers (e.g.,, The Dump,, is not covered by the guarantee of 120 nights low prices.

Summary of this Article

 The article discussed Mattress Firm’s pricing match policies and the best way to profit from it. We also discussed pricing adjustment policies which is more complicated, but is possible when you are aware of the proper steps.

 If you have any questions, post a comment below!  for more information you can also click here

Mattress Firm FAQs

Have you been able to understand the pricing match as well as price adjustments guidelines that are offered by Mattress Firm. You may be unsure. Here are some answers and questions to assist you:

Are Mattress Firm  good quality?

Mattress Firm mattresses Mattress Firm mattresses are made of high-quality materials and they also offer a long-lasting warranty on them. In addition they’re confident enough that they offer a 120-day price adjustment warranty that not every mattress manufacturer gives.

Does Mattress Firm offer free shipping to its customers?

Yes. They offer free shipping with their items.

What is their 120 Nights Sleep Trial?

They state that the mattress they sell is top quality and they provide the opportunity to try a 120-night trial of their mattress. If you don’t like the mattress during that time they’ll gladly replace it with a brand new one.

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