Does Micro Center Price Match? (Updated) ❤

Micro Center Price Match; Most shops and manufacturers’ prices are matched by Micro Center for their goods. For consumers who want to take advantage of Micro Center Price Match policy, the company has strict requirements in place.

Micro Center Price Match

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Micro Center Price Match Policy: Explained

The pricing of products from the majority of significant merchants and manufacturers will be matched by Micro Center, according to the store’s website, which was most recently updated in July 2021.

Generally speaking, Micro Center is significantly more likely than a tiny independent company to match the pricing of a large store, reputable merchant.

What does Micro Center require for price matching?

Customers must confirm that the product meets the following requirements:

  • Exactly the same model number and/or UPC number must be listed by the rival.
  • Competitors with physical locations are required to have the product in stock at the store that is most convenient for the customer’s Micro Center.
  • The rival must have the product on hand. If the product can be transported, the rival must sell and send it directly, not through a third party listing.

What is ineligible for price matching at Micro Center?

The following items are excluded from the price match policy:

  • Clearance items
  • Refurbished items
  • Off-lease items
  • Open-box items
  • Mail-in rebates
  • Competitor’s coupons/promos
  • Out of stock items
  • Special and time-limited sales

Does Micro Center price match online?

The prices of goods from the majority of large merchants’ online stores, including B&H, Best Buy, and Walmart, will be matched by Micro Center.

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If you buy something from Amazon, be aware that Micro Center will only match the price if the item ships from Amazon directly, not from another store.

Does Micro Center price match used items?

At Micro Center, price matching with online resale marketplaces like Ebay is not permitted. The majority of Ebay’s products are pre-owned or refurbished, thus Micro Center’s price-matching policy does not apply to them.

Does Micro Center price match after purchase?

Micro Center occasionally offers price matching after a customer makes their original purchase since all price matching requests are subject to approval by a shop management.

Customers who seek to price match a Micro Center product after making a purchase must show both proof of the original purchase and evidence of a lower price elsewhere, such as an internet listing.

How long after purchase does Micro Center price match?

The store manager would likely decide on an individual basis depending on the circumstances since Micro Center does not specify a time limit for how long after a purchase they offer price matching.

When in doubt, speaking with the management of the Micro Center nearest you will provide you with more detailed information.

Will Micro Center match its own price if the product’s price drops after purchase?

In the event that a product’s price reduces after you buy it, Micro Center does offer price protection, in which case they will reimburse the difference.

Customers only receive a refund if the price reduces within 30 days of the initial purchase using Micro Center’s price protection, unlike rival price matching.

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Will Micro Center match a product’s Black Friday price?

Unfortunately, Micro Center does not offer price matching on the majority of items with discounts. This covers both items that are on sale and items that are a part of a limited-time sale, such as Prime Day or Black Friday.

How can I take advantage of price matching at Micro Center?

Make sure you have each of the items listed above if you want Micro Center to match an item’s pricing for you. At Micro Center, customers can make a price match request three different ways: online, via phone, and in person.

Over the phone

Ask the store manager whether you can ask for a price match when you call your neighborhood Micro Center (you can discover the one that is closest to you on their website!).

They may ask you to deliver your purchase documentation and evidence of a cheaper price to them by mail, fax, email, or in person.

Online form

Visit the Micro Center support page and send a question about the price match you’ve requested. For a quicker price match processing, make sure to include as much information as you can in your question.

In person

The quickest approach to take advantage of Micro Center’s price matching policy is most likely to physically visit one of their locations. Ask the management about price matching when you visit the nearby Micro Center location.


Upon manager approval, Micro Center offers price matching with goods from other significant merchants. If you wish to ask Micro Center to match a lower price, make sure your product qualifies and attach proof of the lower price and, if applicable, proof of purchase with your request.

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Online, over the phone, or in person at your neighborhood Micro Center, you can make a price matching request. for more information also Click Here.

Micro Center FAQs

Does Micro Center price match Ebay?

Since a third party seller rather than eBay itself ships and sells the products, Micro center will not match the pricing on Ebay. It is wise to contact beforehand or stop by their store because the manager there has the ultimate say.

Does Micro Center price match Amazon?

Yes, Micro Center will match Amazon’s price as long as the product is supplied and sold by directly, not by one of their third-party vendors.

Does Micro Center price match B&H?

Yes, Micro Center will match B&H’s pricing, but only at the manager’s discretion. They confirmed this to be true when we called their store.

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