Know More About Nectar Return Policy – How To Return Products

Nectar Return Policy

Nectar return policy is very simple and easy to understand. They sell a lot of things, but you can return any of them as long as they are still in good shape and can be given away.

In fact, Nectar lets customers keep their products for a whole year before they have to send them back. Also, you have to use the product for at least a month before you can return it and get your money back.

The question here is how do you return the purchased item and what is the Nectar return policy? It needs to be known. Our guide will show you how to return, and get a refund at Nectar.

The process is simple. You will find answers to all questions related to Nectar’s return policy in our post. Let’s get started.

Nectar Return Policy

What is Nectar’s return policy?

You can cancel an order before it is processed. You can return any of your products and get a full refund (not including shipping, White Glove Service, state-based recycling taxes, and/or promotional value).

The original payment method is used for refunds. If you bought a product with an offer code, the offer code’s dollar value will not be refunded or reimbursed back.

If you return your mattress, you can keep, refund, donate, or dispose of the promotional materials. The value of any promotional products included with your mattress purchase will not be deducted from the return total.

Due to the nature of their promotional products, they cannot accept opened or used items. However, you may donate or dispose of them at your discretion. Unopened promotional products can be returned.

Exchanges are treated as returns and refunds unless there is a manufacturing problem or warranty claim. Place a new order after returning the swapped merchandise. One exchange is allowed. Shipping and white glove fees are nonrefundable.

To return a product, call +1 (888) 425-4854. Once the products are returned and provided they meet the terms and restrictions, you will be repaid the whole amount paid for such products less any offer code or other discounts, (ii) any included promotional products, (iii) shipping fees, and/or (iv) White Glove Services fees.

Below are the return and exchange policies by product category. No refunds will be accepted if the products do not meet these conditions.

Nectar Mattress

For 30 days after delivery, you can return an opened mattress. 365 days after delivery, you can return an opened mattress.

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After delivery, unopened mattresses can be refunded. Products must have only normal wear and tear to be eligible for a return (at our discretion).

Nectar Mattress

Products must be used properly. using a proper base, frame, or foundation. Mold from improper usage voids returns eligibility.

Unopened mattresses are deemed abused and ineligible for warranty claims and returns.

Within 30 days of your return and refund request, you must submit all the needed information and documents. If not, resubmit your refund request. Products shipped outside the US cannot be returned.

All Nectar mattresses purchased before April 6, 2021, at 6:00 AM EST aren’t eligible for model exchanges, updates, or revisions.

Nectar mattresses purchased before this date and time owing to a probable manufacturing problem will be processed as normal and authorized at the resident’s sole discretion.

Nectar Pillows

You have 50 days after getting your Nectar pillow to send it back. Your Nectar pillow(s) must be clean and not broken for you to be able to return them (at their sole discretion).

Nectar Sheets

Nectar sheets can be returned up to 50 days after delivery if they are still in their original packaging and have not been opened. Because of how Nectar sheets work, you can’t return or get a refund on anything that’s been opened.

Nectar Mattress Protector

The Nectar mattress protector can be returned up to 50 days after delivery as long as it is still in its original packaging and has not been opened. Because of how the Nectar mattress protector works, you can’t return or get a refund on anything that’s been opened.

Nectar Mattress Protector

Nectar Adjustable Base

You can return the Nectar adjustable base within 50 days of getting it. Your adjustable base also comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Nectar Mattress Foundation

The Nectar mattress base can be returned up to 50 days after delivery. Your mattress foundation also comes with a 3-year warranty from the company that made it.

Nectar Bed Frame With Headboard

You can return the Nectar bed frame with headboard within 50 days of receiving it. Your bed frame and headboard also come with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Nectar Metal Frame

The Nectar metal frame is eligible for return within 50 days of delivery.

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The Nectar Platform Bed

The Nectar Platform Bed

The Bevel Wood Platform Bed is simple but classy, and it can be used with any style of home decor. It has unique 10-inch legs that are slightly angled to give it a modern retro look. The classic wood slats and platform bed are strong enough to support your mattress without a box spring.

Nectar Storage Bed

There are times when you need a little more space. It has a stylish and strong frame, two drawers that roll easily, and a padded headrest for the best support. The Nectar Storage Bed is made with two colors of durable, stain-resistant fabric: Ivory and Grey. This makes it easy to keep your bedroom looking elegant and clean.

Do you permit exchanges?

In a traditional exchange, the original mattress is sent back to us through their returns process. It’s up to you if you want to buy a replacement before getting your money back from the return. If your Nectar is broken, let them know and they’ll help you figure out what to do next.

Do I need to keep any of the packing materials?

Once you’ve taken your Nectar out of the box, there’s no reason to keep any of the packing materials. Don’t worry about putting the Nectar back in its original box if you decide during your trial that it’s not quite right for you. Just call 1-888-425-4854 to get in touch with a sleep specialist.

Do I need to pay to return my Nectar?

If you live in the contiguous U.S., returns are always free. At checkout, a delivery fee is added if you live outside the U.S., but returns are still free.

How to Return a Nectar item?

If you want to return a Nectar item, you will need to call 1-888-425-4854 and talk to customer service.

The refund on the product won’t start until the product is returned to Nectar. A customer service representative will help you and tell you what to do to get the product back to the company.

Does Nectar Take Returns Without a Receipt?

Since Nectar has all the proof of what you bought, you don’t need a traditional receipt when you’re returning something.

Does Nectar Accept Returns After 30 Days?

You must return a Nectar mattress after 30 days but before 365 days.

The trial period starts on the day your mattress is delivered, but it needs to be broken in for 30 nights first. Customers have at least 30 nights to “break in” their mattress before they can decide to return it during the “break-in” period. This helps the body get used to being in bed.

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If you want to change the design of the bedding, you’ll have to buy the new one before you can get a refund. That refund will cover the full price of the model that was bought in the first place.

Nectar 365-Day Trial Review

What Items Cannot be Returned to Nectar?

Nectar’s return policy is usually easy to understand, but there are a few ways that you can’t return or exchange your Nectar mattress:

  • Abnormal wear and tear
  • Products not used with an appropriate base, bed frame, platform bed, box spring, adjustable base, or foundation
  • Environmental damage, like mold
  • Mattresses that have been left unopened within 90 days of delivery, are considered misused

Here are some more details about Nectar returns:

  • Items that were sent outside of the contiguous U.S. cannot be returned.
  • Nectar will give a full refund, but there will be fees for FedEx shipping,
  • There are no refunds for service, state-based recycling fees, or promotional value.
  • Refunds are given in the same way they were paid for.
  • A return request can be made no sooner than 30 days after delivery and no later than 365 days after delivery.

Nectar Return Policy FAQs

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

You are not allowed to return Nectar products to the few in-person stores that Nectar has.

How long do Nectar refunds take?

Refunds from Nectar take roughly 30 days on average.

Can I return a Nectar product after use?

Nectar products can be returned after being used for up to a year, but only if they are not broken or show signs of unusual wear and tear.

Does Nectar give full refunds?

Nectar does give full refunds to your primary form of payment.


➡ Compared to other mattress companies, Nectar’s return policy is very simple and easy to use. You have a whole year to try out your mattress, so when you decide to keep it, you will be sure you made the right choice.

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