Neiman Marcus Price Match Policy: USA’s Luxury Store’s Policies

Neiman Marcus Price Match Policy:  Neiman Marcus is one of the most trusted and luxurious department stores around the globe.

Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. is formerly known as Neiman Marcus, is an American brand of luxurious department stores operated by the Neiman Marcus Group. Its headquarters are at Dallas, Texas.

Neiman Marcus Price Match Policy

This article will discuss Neiman Marcus Price match Policy and adjustment Policy as well as how you can save money by using the policies.

Does Neiman Marcus Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Neiman Marcus offers a price match guarantee in-store. If you want to apply for a price match, you’ll need to visit their store and provide the evidence of the lower prices than the competitor. If they can verify the product they will price match it for you.

Does Neiman Marcus Offer a Price Matching Online?

Yes. Neiman Marcus offers a price match online. (We will talk about it later in the article).

Does Neiman Marcus Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. When you buy an item they sell, and discover an identical item for the same price in their store or competitor they will pay the difference within 10 days of the purchase.

Price Match Criteria

Almost any manufacturer who offers a price match usually has price match criteria. Neiman Marcus’ criteria are the following:

  • The Neiman Marcus product must be in stock.
  • The item must be the same size and color.
  • The item must not be on sale or clearance.

Price Match Process

Typically, the companies that offer a price match policy are required to match price.

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 You should be aware of Neiman Marcus price-match and adjustment procedure in order to make an easy request in-store or on their website.

In-Store Process:

  • To request the price match in-store, you should bring the proof of advertisement to their store and show them the lower price of the identical item.
  • Once they verify the lower price, they will price match for you.

Online Process:

  • To request a price match online, you have to contact their customer service by Live Chat or their Phone Number and show them the competitor’s lower price links.
  • Once they verify the item, if it is eligible, they will price match for you.

Use their Live Chat Link to Request a Price Match. If you’re at the right time, you can visit their contact page and find a Live Chat button.

Phone number: 1.972.556.6044


 Manufacturers that offer price match policies have exclusions. Neiman Marcus has some exclusions you should know about in order to request a price match.

 However, as with many other things, I was not able to find any exclusions on their website. So, I reached out to their customer service team to verify if there were any exclusions.

Here is what they replied:

We do not price match clearance or beauty products

It seems that they don’t have as many exclusions as other retailers and manufacturers. These were the few they did tell.

Price Adjustment Process

 Neiman Marcus offers a price matching policy. If you buy an item from Neiman Marcus and it falls below a certain price within 10 days, they will offer a price adjustment.

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 To request the price adjustment, Neiman Marcus recommends that you contact them with your order number and ask if they can adjust it.

 If it is eligible for a price adjustment, Neiman Marcus will adjust the price and refund you the price difference.

 Official Website:

Neiman Marcus Price Matching Competitors List

Manufacturers that offer price matches usually have price-matching competitors. Unfortunately, Neiman Marcus does not have a price-matching list. I reached out to their customer service team to confirm.

Here’s what they said:

To price match your order, you can contact us via chat or email. You must place your order. We are unable provide the price match list. To verify that the price match is valid, you can contact us.

This reply will tell you that there aren’t any competitors at Neiman Marcus who can price match.

However, you will need to check with their customer service to confirm whether they are able to price match the competitor.

Neiman Marcus video

Summary of this Article

 We hope this article has helped outline Neiman Marcus’ price match and adjustment policies. If you still have any questions, please ask them below visit here.

Neiman Marcus FAQs

This article will explain the Neiman Marcus price match and adjustment policies. You may still have questions, as many people do. Here are some questions and answers that will help you understand this topic better:

Why did Neiman Marcus come up with the price match policy?

This was Neiman Marcus’ idea to offer their customers a great shopping experience.

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How do you request the Neiman Marcus Price Match?

You don’t need to locate a button on their site in order to request a price match. If they’re available for chat service, you can visit their contact page.

When was Neiman Marcus founded?

The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., originally Neiman-Marcus, was founded in 1907 by Herbert and Carrie Neiman.

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