Nordstrom Price Match Policy: Save Money on Luxurious Items

Nordstrom Price Match Policy: You don’t want your clothes, shoes, and sunglasses to cost more than they are worth. Nordstrom price match policy is a great way to save money and still get the look you want.

Nordstrom Price Match Policy

This article will explain how to buy at Nordstrom using the price match policy. You will also learn how and when to buy it.

Does Nordstrom have Price Match Policy?

Nordstrom price matches. Nordstrom does not match the prices of their competitors. Nordstrom online offers a price match guarantee when you shop online.

Nordstrom customer service will price match your item if you have the proof.

Does Nordstrom have Price Adjustment Policy?

If Nordstrom lowers the price of an item purchased from them or their competitor, you can receive a price adjustment as well as a refund. However, the eligibility requirements require that the item be shipped within 14 days from the shipping date.

How does Nordstrom’s Price Match Policy work?

Nordstrom’s price match is available in two ways

  • They price match thousands of items on their site and offer a limited-time discount on select items.
  • You can also search for the item you want by looking at other items. Nordstrom will price match any item that is cheaper than theirs.

What are the Criteria for Price Match?

These are the things that are necessary for a product’s inclusion in Nordstrom’s price match policy.

Items Should Be Identical: Make sure the items are identical. This means that they must be the exact same item. It must also have the same size and color. Nordstrom will match the price of an identical item if it is listed at a lower cost.

Availability for the Same Item. The same item must be in stock at both stores (e.g. Nordstrom or its competitor). If you wish to price match a dress for example, it should be available at both stores.

How to Request a Price Match at Nordstrom?

You have found a cheaper item on Nordstrom’s competitor site and would like to price match it at Nordstrom. Here are the steps to request a price match:

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You should first know that your item may be eligible. To find out if it is, please refer to the criteria.

Nordstrom associates can assist you in price matching an item with a competitor once you have identified the item.

Here is their number you can call: 1.888.282.6060

or send them an email with your request: [email protected].

They should be able to tell you the price difference so they can match your request.

Although it may take some time, Nordstrom will accept your request for price differences.

Nordstrom reserves all rights to refuse or accept your request.

Nordstrom Price Match Policy Exclusions

Different circumstances may allow price matching. These can vary depending on the product. These are just a few:

1. Items out of stock – You must have the items in stock if you wish to ask Nordstrom for a price match. Items that aren’t in stock at Nordstrom won’t be price matched.

2. Designer Items – Designer Items that are markedly discounted on sale are not included in the price match or price adjustment.

3. Special Sale – Items on a limited-time sale or anniversary sale, beauty deals, daily, or extra savings would not be included in the price match policy.

4. Limited-Time Sale – Items not available for purchase during a limited-time sale, extra savings, anniversary sale, daily, or beauty deal will not be matched.

6. Market Place – Third-party sellers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart would be excluded from Price Match.

Nordstrom Price Adjustment Process

👉 Although it is very similar to a price match there are some differences. It works like this: If you purchase an item from Nordstrom, and then later discover that the item’s price has been lowered by Nordstrom or a competitor, you can request a price adjustment within 14-days of purchase.

👉 It is important to remember that the price match criteria apply. You can only claim one item at a time, and there is no price adjustment.

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 More Information About Nordstrom Price Match Policy

Pricing Policy

 They are committed to providing great prices for you, and They do this in two ways.

Price Matching

They can compare prices on thousands items and may offer limited-time price matching for selected items on our site.

They will match the price of an item that They offer at a lower price than a competitor if They find it.

Price Adjustments after Purchase If we (or a select competitor) lower the price of an item that you have already purchased, They will adjust it at your request within 14-days of shipment.

These terms and conditions govern Nordstrom ability to price match or adjust sales prices.

✔ The item must be the same in size and color

✔Nordstrom must have the Nordstrom item in stock at a select competitor.

✔ They cannot match orders-level discounts, gift cards promotions or shipping offers

✔ They don’t offer price matching or sale adjustments for items purchased from flash sale, auctions, clubs, regional and non-U.S.-based sellers, nor do Nordstrom accept “marketplace” prices offered by third-party vendors

✔ Prices cannot be adjusted for items in limited-time sales, extra savings, anniversary sale, daily deals or beauty daily deals promotions

✔They don’t process any automated price matching requests or price adjustment requests that are generated by third-party service providers.

✔ Only one price adjustment will be made per item Price adjustments do not apply to designer goods that were originally purchased at a discount price

✔ You must provide a copy of the current advertisement or a link to the item on competitor’s website if you want to request a price match in one our stores.

✔ The original payment method used to pay for the item will be credited with any price adjustments

Submit your price adjustment request online.

Shopping Bag

👉 The current price of the items in your Shopping Bag is displayed on the product detail page. This price may be different from the one displayed at the time the item was placed in your Shopping Bag.

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👉Nordstrom sells our merchandise for personal enjoyment only. They reserve the right not to sell or limit quantities to anyone who may be buying our merchandise for resale.

👉Call 1.888.282.6060 to speak with a Customer Service Specialist. They are available 24 hours a days.

👉 For more information, please see Returns and Exchanges.

Nordstrom Price Match Policy Video

Nordstrom Price Match Policy Selected Competitors

You should also ensure that your purchase does not qualify for a price match at Nordstrom. The following list includes the Selected Competitors of Nordstrom:

  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • East Dane
  • Finish Line
  • Foot Locker
  • Mr. Porter
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Neiman Marcus
  • ShopBop
  • Net-A-Porter

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➡If you don’t know what Nordstrom Price Match Policy is, I will tell you. It involves matching prices at other stores if the products are less expensive

➡This allows you to save time and avoid having to transport your items around. If you find something you like at Nordstrom but don’t want it to cost too much, you can check Nordstrom price match policy first.

Nordstrom FAQs

Does Nordstrom also price match Amazon products?

Nordstrom will price match Amazon products. You will need to verify that your item qualifies for the price match. It is not possible to give your item away.

Are there any limitations on Nordstrom’s competitors?

These competitors must be US-based. Nordstrom has also published their competitors’ list. This information is available in this article.

Does Nordstrom have specific conditions for a price match?

Yes! Yes!

Can I Get an Online Price Match?

Nordstrom store does the price match, even if you buy it using Nordstrom’s website.

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