Officeworks Price Match Policy – Australian Office Supplies Store

Officeworks Price Match Policy – Australian Office Supplies Store is an Australian chain of office supply stores that operates under the parent company Wesfarmers.

Coles Myer founded the company in 1994. They were known for their extensive range and low prices. Then, Wesfarmers acquired it.

Officeworks Price Match Policy – Australian Office Supplies Store

You will find out more about the Officeworks Price Match Policy – Australian Office Supplies Store generous price match policy in this article.

Does Officeworks Offers Price Match Online?

Yes. The price-match guarantee is what Officeworks calls it. Officeworks guarantees a price match if you find an identical item on the internet at a lower price than Officeworks.

Does Officeworks Offers Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Yes. The Officeworks in-store price match works the same as their online price match. If you find an item in stock at one of their competitors, you can present the proof to get a price match at Officeworks. You can take a picture with your smartphone to prove the proof. Officeworks stores can be found in Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Does Officeworks Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. No. Officeworks does not have a price adjustment program. They don’t clearly explain their policy. How can you save money with them You might be able to use their coupons or get discounts like their special offers

Price Match Criteria

➡ If the store requires proof of product availability and price, they will be able to match the price. These are the price match criteria for them:

➡ The item must be in stock at the competitor’s site, store or Officeworks store when you request price match.

➡ You must show proof of a lower price in order to request a price match.

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Price Match Process

It is very easy to match the price. Officeworks will match any competitor’s price and offer a 5% discount if you meet these criteria. Here’s how it works:

1. Record the price

This can be a picture of the pages in a magazine, on your phone screen, or on the internet.

2. Let us know

Please call or visit your nearest Officeworks store to learn about the lower price.

3. Match and Save

If they approve your request, they’ll give you a 5% discount, and you will be happy.


Here are the exclusions:

➡ When they price match, coupons and cashback will not be offered.

➡  If you receive a discount with a coupon, cash back or coupon, it will not be included in the price match.

➡ The price match does not include the commercial quantities or pricing. For example, an Apple Retail Education customer will not be able to get a lower price.

➡ They will honor any price match policy that doesn’t include stock liquidations.

➡ This means that if they find a cheaper price on an item from a competitor or items placed in receivership by the store owners, they won’t match it.

➡They reserve the rights to limit sales and sell only in reasonable quantities.

Musicians Friend’s Price Matching Competitors List

They don’t have any specific competitors list so that you can request the price match for any stores in America.

Parent’s Price Promise

➡ This amazing offer allows you to get up to 20% discount on Officeworks prices!

➡ If the price of identical stock items is lower than that listed on an official school list, Officeworks Parents’ Price Guarantee will give you 20% off.

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➡ Their store offers everything you need, including back-to school essentials and great value!

There are two ways to request this price match:

1. Upload with their School List Service

Upload your school list

Upload and send them your school list as a PDF document or photograph.

Review / edit

➡ Official Works allows you to save money on school supplies and office essentials.

➡ Official Works offers a 20% Parents’ Price Promise so that you will always receive the best price, without having to wait for a sale.

Order and pay online

You can pay online with any of the payment options at the store.

2. Get your Parents’ Price Promise when you visit them in-store.

Record the price

This can be anything like a printout, phone, or your school’s web page.

Let us know

If you have a list from your school, go to the Officeworks store and show it to a team member.

Match and save

Once your school item has been approved, they will then take 20% off the matched price. This discount will be applied at checkout.

Returns Policy

Officeworks allows you to contact customer service representatives to return your product. They’ll handle the rest.

Ways to return your Officeworks purchase.

You can return the product if you aren’t satisfied or have changed your mind.

Where Returns are Accepted

Payment Method

Return Accepted in Store

Contact the Customer Service Centre

Credit Card Yes Yes
Afterpay Yes Yes*
Zip pay/Zip money Yes Yes*
Openpay Yes Yes*
Union Pay Yes Yes*
flyPAY No Yes
PayPal No Yes
Flexiworks No Yes*
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You have to contact the Customer Service Centre if the payment method was flyPAY, PayPal, or Flexiworks.

Consumer Guarantees

➡ You can ask the company for help if the product or service is not working as expected.

➡ You can ask the company to fix it if they fail to do so within a reasonable amount of time.

Change of Mind Returns – 30 Days

You can return your purchase within 30 calendar days and they will be happy to issue a refund.

You will need to provide proof of purchase, such as a original register receipt.


Summary of this Article

➡ Officeworks offers price matching on products. They will match a lower price on an identical product if it is available at a competitor.

➡ You can also get a 20% Parents’ Price Promise which offers 20% off identical stock items that are priced higher than the official school list.

➡ You can also return the product within 30 days to receive a refund

Officeworks FAQs

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these Officeworks Price Match Policy:

When was Officeworks founded?

It was founded in June 1994.

Who owns the Officeworks?

The Wesfarmers owns the Officeworks.

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