Panda Express Chicken Menu

In Columbus, Panda Express serves a range of chicken dishes. Honey Sesame Chicken Breast, Black Pepper Angus Steak, Super Greens, Kung Pao Chicken, and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken are some of the most popular chicken meals.

The Orange Chicken is a distinctive and highly recommended entrée, with crunchy breading and delectable flavor. Mushroom Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, and Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast are some of the other chicken alternatives.

Panda Express has a chicken dish to meet your tastes, whether you want a spicy Sichuan-inspired dish or a sweet and tangy flavor.

Panda Express Chicken Menu

AppetizersChicken Egg RollPrepared with a mixture of cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and marinated chicken wrapped in a thin wonton wrapper and cooked to a golden brown.
Chicken PotstickerSoft white dumpling filled with a combination of chicken, cabbage, and onions, pan-seared on one side to a golden brown.
Veggie Spring RollMixture of cabbage, celery, carrots, green onions, and Chinese noodles wrapped in a thin wonton wrapper and cooked to a golden brown.
Cream Cheese RangoonCrisp wonton wrapper filled with a mixture of soft cream cheese and green onions, served with a side of sweet and sour sauce for dipping.
Crispy ShrimpMarinated, butterflied shrimp cooked to a crispy golden brown.
EntreesOrange ChickenCrispy boneless chicken bites tossed in a sweet and spicy orange sauce.
Sweetfire Chicken BreastCrispy, white-meat chicken bites tossed with red bell peppers, diced onions, and juicy pineapple in a zesty, sweet chili sauce.
String Bean Chicken BreastMarinated chicken breast, fresh-cut string beans, and sliced onions tossed in a mild ginger soy sauce.
Kung Pao ChickenMarinated diced chicken, crunchy peanuts, diced red bell peppers, and sliced zucchini tossed in a wok with fresh green onions.
Mandarin ChickenGrilled chicken strips served with a sweet and savory mandarin sauce.
Beef EntreesBeijing BeefCrispy strips of marinated beef, bell peppers, and sliced onions tossed in a tangy sweet and spicy sauce.
Shanghai Angus SteakThick-cut slices of marinated Angus top sirloin with crisp asparagus and freshly sliced mushrooms, wok-tossed in a zesty Asian steak sauce.
Broccoli BeefMarinated sliced beef and fresh broccoli florets tossed in a mild ginger soy sauce.
Shrimp EntreesHoney Walnut ShrimpFresh tempura shrimp wok-tossed in a gourmet honey sauce and topped with glazed walnuts.
Peppercorn ShrimpMarinated shrimp, fresh asparagus, and red bell peppers wok-tossed with chopped onions in a zesty Thai-inspired peppercorn sauce.
Other EntreesBBQ PorkSlow-roasted tender pork in Chinese barbecue sauce.
Sweet & Sour PorkCrispy pork bites tossed in a special sweet and sour sauce with green bell peppers, chopped onions, and juicy pineapple.
Eggplant TofuLightly browned tofu, fresh eggplant, and diced red bell peppers tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.
Mixed VeggiesStir-fry combination of fresh broccoli, zucchini, carrots, string beans, and cabbage.


Are there any spicy chicken options on the menu?

Yes, there are spicy chicken alternatives on the menu, including Kung Pao Chicken and Sweetfire Chicken Breast.

Can I customize my chicken entree with different vegetables?

Panda Express’s Build Your Own Plate feature lets you pick your preferred sides and entrees, so you may dress up your chicken dish as you like.

Are there any vegetarian chicken options available?

Panda Express does not serve vegetarian chicken. They do, however, provide vegetarian options such as Super Greens and Veggie Spring Rolls.

What is the most popular chicken dish at Panda Express?

The Orange Chicken is Panda Express’s most popular chicken dish, with crispy chicken bits mixed in a sweet and spicy orange sauce.

Are there any gluten-free chicken options on the menu?

Panda Express offers no gluten-free chicken. Depending on diet, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast may be gluten-free.

Can I order chicken entrees as part of a combo meal?

Chicken entrée are available as part of combo meals such as the Build Your Own Plate or the Family Feast.

Are there any low-calorie chicken options available?

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast are low-calorie Panda Express chicken alternatives. However, portion size and preparation affect calorie content.

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