Panda Express Dairy Free Menu Updated 2023

Are you a dairy-free foodie looking for delectable options at Panda Express? There is no need to look any further! In this detailed guide, we will delve into the delicious world of Panda Express’s dairy-free cuisine.

Panda Express features a range of scrumptious dishes that cater to your dietary needs, whether you have lactose intolerance, a dairy allergy, or simply wish to avoid dairy products. Let’s get started and discover the delectable tastes that await you!

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

AppetizersChicken Potstickers, Vegetable Spring Rolls
SoupHot & Sour Soup
SidesChow Fun, Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Super Greens, Brown Steamed Rice (soy-free), White Steamed Rice (soy-free)
Veggie EntreesBeyond the Original Orange Chicken (limited time), Eggplant Tofu, Super Greens
Chicken EntreesAsian Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Grilled Asian Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Honey Sesame Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Potato Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast (soy-free), Sweetfire Chicken Breast (soy-free), Teriyaki Chicken
Beef EntreesBlack Pepper Angus Steak, Broccoli Beef
Seafood EntreesGolden Treasure Shrimp, Wok-Fired Shrimp
Cub MealsBroccoli Beef Cub Meal, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Cub Meal
SaucesChili Sauce (soy-free), Hot Mustard (soy-free), Plum Sauce (soy-free), Potsticker Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce (soy-free), Teriyaki Sauce
DessertFortune Cookies, Tree Top Apple Crisps
Vegan AppetizersVegetable Spring Rolls
Vegan SidesChow Fun, Chow Mein, Super Greens, Brown Steamed Rice, White Steamed Rice
Vegan EntreesBeyond the Original Orange Chicken (limited time), Eggplant Tofu, Super Greens
Vegan SaucesChili Sauce, Hot Mustard, Plum Sauce, Potsticker Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce

Top Dairy-Free Picks at Panda Express

Menu ItemDescription
Black Pepper ChickenTender chicken stir-fried with colorful vegetables and a zesty black pepper sauce.
Broccoli BeefSavory beef combined with crisp broccoli in a delicious sauce.
Kung Pao ChickenTender chicken, peanuts, and vegetables in a spicy sauce.
Eggplant TofuSilky tofu and tender eggplant cooked in a savory sauce.
Wok-Fired ShrimpFlavorful shrimp combined with a variety of vegetables.
Steamed RiceA dairy-free option for a side dish.
Super GreensA side dish packed with nutritious greens.
Brown RiceA healthier alternative to white rice.
Hot Mustard SauceA dairy-free sauce option with a spicy kick.
Chili SauceA dairy-free sauce option with a tangy and spicy flavor.


A dairy-free culinary excursion at Panda Express is filled with delectable flavors and limitless choices. Panda Express caters to persons with lactose intolerance, dairy allergies, or those simply looking for dairy-free options with a specialized dairy-free menu and a variety of delectable meals. So, the next time you go to Panda Express, you may enjoy the robust and wonderful flavors of their dairy-free menu. Enjoy your meal!

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What are some dairy-free options at Panda Express?

Panda Express offers dairy-free alternatives such as Black Pepper Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Eggplant Tofu, and Wok-Fired Shrimp.

Does Panda Express offer dairy-free appetizers?

Panda Express does serve dairy-free appetizers such Chicken Potstickers and Veggie Spring Rolls.

Are the rice options at Panda Express dairy-free?

Yes, Panda Express offers dairy-free Brown Rice and White Rice alternatives.

What are some dairy-free sauces available at Panda Express?

Panda Express offers dairy-free condiments such as Hot Mustard, Plum Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, and Chili Sauce.

Is the famous Orange Chicken at Panda Express dairy-free?

Unfortunately, Panda Express’s famed Orange Chicken contains dairy.

Are there any vegan options available at Panda Express?

Yes, vegan choices such as Eggplant Tofu and Super Greens are available at Panda Express.

Does Panda Express provide allergen information for their menu items?

Yes, Panda Express includes allergen information on their menu, including dairy. Customers can obtain this information on their website as well.

Are the dairy-free options consistent across all Panda Express locations?

Panda Express locations vary in dairy-free choices. For precise information, contact the location or check their online menu.

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