Party City Return Policy, Refund & Exchange Policy

Party City Return Policy

Party City return policy; It’s highly likely that whenever you consider hosting a party, Party City will be your first stop for all your party needs!

Although occasionally your item could turn out to be defective or you might just not like it. You would be wise to become familiar with Party City’s return policy at this point.

With this policy, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with your purchase, and if not, you have a simple means of doing so. Read on to learn about all the requirements for making a successful return or exchange at Party City.

Party City Return Policy

What is Party City Return Policy?

With the exception of a few items, Party City accepts returns and exchanges both online and in-store. Within 30 days of your original purchase, Party City will accept returns or exchanges, however, their official policy is to reject products that have already been opened.

Party City will now accept returns made through the DoNotPay app, which is a tool for speeding up refunds, suing businesses, avoiding parking penalties, and fighting spam and robocalls.

Return Period
30 Days
Return Method
& Online
Holiday Return Policy
Return up to 7 days prior to the holiday
Contact Number
Official Website
Party City

Exchanging Items Purchased In-Store

No matter which Party City location you initially bought it from, you have thirty days to return any in-store purchase for a full refund. The return will not be accepted unless you present the original receipt.

Online purchases made at Party City can also be returned in person. You will need to print out a copy of your email-based order confirmation and bring it in as you won’t have received a typical receipt for your online purchase.

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No matter which Party City you return your goods to, including online-purchased goods, Party City has a policy of refusing returns without a confirmation email or an actual receipt.

Online Returns

You can return an item you bought online by mail if the business is not close to where you live. To do this, go to the Party City returns page and enter your purchase number to print a return label.

When you receive the return label, package the item safely and send the email that served as your order confirmation.

This email includes your order number and barcode. This is necessary to guarantee quick credit processing for you. You can write down your order number on paper and include it in the return package if you don’t have this email.

Sending your return package via mail to the following address completes the process

  • Attn: Returns
  • 2727 W. Diehl Rd.
  • Naperville, IL 60563

How Strict Is The Party City Return Policy?

In general, local management will be in charge of this. When a consumer enters the store, several in-store rules are abandoned. From a public relations standpoint, Party City is fairly transparent about its policies.

The thirty-day, unopened package return policy at Party City is quite rigorous, which is a peculiar aspect of their return policy. If you intend to host a party, you won’t buy anything for the party earlier than 30 days from now.

If you do, everything that goes wrong means that once the party day has passed, whatever you bought won’t be returnable.

In the end, it most likely indicates that Party City has a sizable prospective customer base that nevertheless prefers to purchase elsewhere.

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According to customer opinions expressed in a variety of online forums, it’s not the world’s most welcome return policy and is largely unappreciated by most, especially by consumers who want to plan events well in advance.

Are There Return Exceptions?

There are no specifics or exclusions to Party City’s return policy listed on their website. It’s really simple, really. The exception, albeit not in a favorable sense, is seasonal exchanges.

Seasonal returns must be made within seven days; otherwise, you will not receive cash back or a credit card refund for the purchase price.

You will only receive in-store credit, so choose your Party City seasonal purchases wisely.

Additionally, the following products are exempt from Party City’s return policy:

  • Helium Tanks
  • Customized items
  • Partial Party Kits
  • Blade and Timber Birthday Kits

Can You Make Returns To Party City Without A Receipt?

Party City has a policy that any returns submitted to them without a receipt or the email sent as confirmation for online orders will be rejected. That’s not to suggest that you can’t escalate and get the attention of reasonable management, but those situations depend on luck, both in terms of the manager and the Party City you visit.

Are Party City Returns Free?

Taxes, handling fees, and shipping prices are not refundable. In addition, all returns made within 30 days are reimbursed using the method of payment used initially.

What Is The Party City Balloon Return Policy?

Balloons purchased from Party City cannot be returned, with the possible exception of special circumstances.

However, if Party City is the one transporting the balloons, it will replace any that pop while in motion.

Party City Return Policy Halloween

For seasonal items, Party City has a different return time than its regular return policy. Up to 7 days before the holiday, you can return seasonal items like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween costumes. If the return is submitted within this window, Party City will issue store credit in lieu of a refund.

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Party City Return Policy Canada

The only significant difference between the return policy in Canada and the United States is that the Canadian policy has a 90-day return window whereas the American policy only has a 30-day window.

The shutdown is currently preventing many Canadian Party City locations from accepting returns. A 60-day extension will be given to anybody who wants to return products but the deadline passes while the area is under lockdown.


➡ Party City doesn’t have the best return policy ever, but they do have one, so that’s something. Their policy is what it is, even though it might end up costing them money in the long term.

➡ Now that you are aware of the Party City return policy, you can better organize any upcoming parties while aware of their return policy.

Party City Return Policy FAQs

In how many days can we return the product?

Customers may return merchandise to Party City within 30 days of purchase under their return policy.

How can I contact Party City’s Customer Service?

You can call Party City’s Customer Service at 1-800-477-4841.

Is merchandise credit redeemable online?

No, you cannot redeem products online. It must be redeemed in shops.

How can I return a product if I have misplaced my order confirmation email?

Without an email confirming your order, you cannot return an online purchase to Party City.