Rebel Sport Price Match and Returns Policy

Rebel Sport Price Match and Returns Policy is Australia’s favourite retailer for top-quality sports brands at the best prices.

Rebel Sport Price Match and Returns Policy

You can shop online or in-store for a large selection of products and outstanding customer service Rebel Sport Price Match and Returns Policy.

Does Rebel Sport Offers Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Yes. Rebel Sport offers a price match in-store. You can request a price match by visiting their Rebel Team member in the store. Bring your low price proof and speak to them. After they verify the low price, they will price match.

Does Rebel Sport Offers Price Match Online?

Yes. You can request price matching online in two ways. You can chat with them via webchat. You can also call them at 1300 654 502 to request a price match.

Does Rebel Sport Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. Rebel Sport does not have a price adjustment policy. I reached out to their customer service regarding their price adjustment policy.

Here’s their response:

“unfortunately we don’t do post sale price adjustment.”

Price Match Criteria

 These are the price match criteria. These are the things you need to know when you request a price match.

 The product must be identical to the one that is already available on the market. It must also be the same size, color, and type.

 The product must be in stock and ready to ship within seven days.

 If the product is not part a closing sale, liquidation sale or offer for wholesale quantities or part of a commercial sale, they will match its price.

 The product must be sold or bought in Australia.The product’s price must be in Australian dollars. All delivery and other fees are included in the final price.

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Here is their customer service answer to the Price Match Criteria:

“price match criteria, has to be identical product size, colour and available to shipped in 14 days etc.”

Price Match Process

The price match process is straightforward. Here is the process:


You can request a price match at their shop by bringing the low price proof with you. They will price match your order once you confirm.

I contacted their customer service to inquire about the price match in-store.

Here is what they say:

“Price Match” can be done in-store. They will verify the price match criteria, adjust the price at register.


 You can choose the identical product to request a price match online. You can then contact customer service at checkout to request a price match.

You can also call their number 1300 654 502 to ask for a price match.

After asking their customer support about their online process, here is what they said:

 “if price match is done online with us we create a coupon for you to apply in cart.”


The Rebel Sport doesn’t have any specified exclusions. This store sells sports equipment in Australia and NZ.

Rebel Sport Price Matching Competitors List

They don’t know the exact competitor’s list. They can price match any competitor for identical products in Australia or NZ.

Here is what their customer service said:

“No, we don’t have any specific list, but it must be an Australia retailer with either Australia’s physical store or Australia’s website.”

Return Policy

First of all, Change of mind replacements is not allowed.

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If the items have the following situations, these can be returned:

  1. An item that has a fault.
  2. A wrongly described item.
  3. The shown to you is different from the item you receive.

 There is an exception. You can return your product to their store if it is not satisfactory.

 The team will replace it with an appropriate gift card. However, the product must be in its original packaging and the proof of purchase.

 Official Website:

Return Expenses

Any items you need to return will be charged at your expense, including the cost of returning the item.

However, the costs are not on you. Rebel Sport will cover the return costs if the item is eligible for return. The item must weigh less than 20kg.

Some Products need to be Assessed

 To determine if a product can be repaired, replaced, or refunded, it must be evaluated. These items are included in the assessment:

 Before returning, you should inspect the cricket bats, tennis rackets, or other similar items.

 Before electrical products can be returned or refunded, they must be evaluated.

 Before returning, you must inspect the clothing, compression garments, as well as footwear.

 Rebel Sport must inspect treadmills and exercise bikes before they are returned.


 The return policy does not cover all items. Some items cannot be returned or replaced.

 Items that have been altered in any way are not eligible for return.

 For example, clothing that has been altered or equipment that has been assembled.

 It is prohibited to return or replace any product that has been misused, including if it is used in a way not stated on the packaging.

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 Returns of products that have been returned by customers who have changed their minds are not eligible to be replaced or returned.

Bulky Product Returns

Rebel Sport will send technicians to your house if you have heavy machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes.

They will inspect the machines at your home.

Summary of this Article

 Rebel Sport, a retailer in Australia that sells sporting equipment, is located in NZ. Their price match policy allows customers to match the price of any competitor for identical items

 There are exceptions to this policy, including items that have been altered in a significant way or products that have been misused.

 Except for online orders, returns are at the customer’s expense. Rebel Sport will cover the return costs if the item meets its criteria. Some products require an assessment before they can be returned.

Rebel Sport FAQs

sports faqs

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about the Rebel Sport Price Match Policy:

When was Rebel Sport founded?

The Rebel Sport was founded in 1985.

Who owns the Rebel Sport?

The Super Retail Group owns Rebel Sport.

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