RevZilla Price Match Policy: How this Online Motorcycle Gear Retailer Price Match Works

RevZilla Price Match Policy: is an internet-based motorcycle gear retailer with its headquarters within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, selling motorcycle parts, gear and other accessories.

RevZilla was established in 2007 and has been helping people to stay safe on the road since its inception! RevZilla provides an offer of price match to ensure their customers get the most affordable prices on items they are looking to purchase.

RevZilla Price Match Policy

We’ll explain exactly how RevZilla Price Match Policy is implemented, so that you are aware of the exact location of your money prior to making a purchase!

Does RevZilla offer a Price Match In-Store?

There is no way, RevZilla does not offer the option of price matching in-store. Since RevZilla operates as an internet-based retailer of motorcycle accessories and doesn’t have physical stores.

Does RevZilla Offers Price Match Online?

Yes. RevZilla offers cost-match online. In case you find an item for sale at a lower price than other similar items then you can reach them via their contact number or through their online chat.

Does RevZilla have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. If you purchase an item through RevZilla and within 30 days , the price drops, you may make a request for a price adjustment via their chat option or their phone number. They will make the adjustment and refund the amount you paid.

Price Match Criteria

Similar to many retailers, RevZilla offers price matching requirements. Here are the criteria:

  • Prices should be advertised to be competitive with the current items. The merchandise must be available.
  • The items for which you wish to ask for a price match have to be brand new and their size, shape, color and design (wherever appropriate) must be identical.
  • The shipping cost of the item are also included when comparing prices.
  • The item’s cost must not be lower than $50 in order to qualify to be matched in price.
  • All price match requests will be dealt with by RevZilla at its sole discretion. RevZilla.
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Price Match Process operates as an internet retailer. It does not have physical stores thus the cost match, or the adjustment must be made on the internet. This can be done online via their Live Chat or by calling 787-792-9455. Here’s the process for price matching:

If you come across an identical item on RevZilla’s competitors, visit their website and then add the identical item on then complete the form that appears at the bottom, and you can add the URL of the competitor’s advertisement or the link.

Do not hyperlink to the homepage or shopping cart.

After they have confirmed that they have received your confirmation, they will contact you via email describing how to place an order on RevZilla.


There are some restrictions that mean certain items or deals cannot be to match on RevZilla. These are the excluded items:

  • Auctions cannot be price-matched like, for instance, eBay auctions.
  • The price-matched products cannot be mixed with other promotions, or other discounts.

Price Adjustment Process

The price adjustments are made online since it’s an online shop. But , it is important to understand the process. Here’s the process of price adjustment:

If you have already purchased something from RevZilla and the price has been reduced in the 30 days of purchasing You can request the price match online via live Chat (whenever they are accessible) or call their number.

Here’s their number: 877-792-9455.

If they are able to verify the request for price adjustment After they verify your request, they’ll adjust the price and then refund the difference between ZillaCash or RPM Cash Credit that you can apply to your account on RevZilla.

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RevZilla’s Price Matching Competitors List

RevZilla does not have a specific competitors list, however they do state that the competitor must be an US licensed dealer.

If you’re looking to get an exchange of prices at RevZilla then you must ensure that the competitor is an authorized dealer.

Why is RevZilla popular?

RevZilla is well-known for their ability to provide motorcycle accessories at affordable price. RevZilla offers a variety of products for different kinds and models of motorcycles including cruisers, dirt bikes as well as sportbikes, scooters and sport bikes.

RevZilla also offers racing equipment including helmets and other apparel to shield riders from elements when they’re riding their bikes or at the pits of an event track.

RevZilla is also well-known because RevZilla is a trademark registered. RevZilla also provides exclusive products and limited editions which aren’t available other in the world.

RevZilla has an online blog with articles on motorcycle gear and other relevant information for motorcycle riders. They also have instructional videos that are available on YouTube.

Official Website:

Youtube Channel Link:

The online presence of the company is growing .’s Facebook Page has more than 400k followers, while their Twitter page is popular with more than 20K people across various social media platforms.

Summary of this Article

Finding new motorcycle equipment isn’t easy. There are numerous brands and options to pick from, it’s easy be overwhelmed and buy something that you regret further down the road. RevZilla makes shopping more simple with their pricing match policy and adjustment policy.

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If you have questions about these policies, feel free to post them in the comments. We’ll be glad to assist you!

RevZilla FAQs

In this post you’ve read the RevZilla price match system and price adjustment procedure. However, like many others might have certain doubts. Here are some answers and questions to assist you in understanding this:

When was RevZilla founded?

RevZilla was founded in 2007.

What is RevZilla?

RevZilla is an online motorcycle-gear retailer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who owns the RevZilla?

RevZilla, owned by RevZilla, Inc. Comoto Holdings, is the parent company of RevZilla and the Cycle Gear.

What items are available at the RevZilla?

RevZilla has a broad selection of motorcycle-specific products, from clothing to motorcycle parts and much more. Furthermore, Revzilla offers a broad collection of brands, such as AGV Sport, Alpinestars, Arai, BMW Motorcycles, Ducati and many more.

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