Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy ❤️

Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy is a company that sells televisions as well as other electronic devices. The company has 51 retail stores and sells on the internet Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy.

Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy

The company was entirely owned by the creator, Julian Richer, who sold 60 percent of the company to an employee in 2019.

Does Richer Sounds Offers Price Match In-Store

Yes. They will match prices in store. If you discover a similar product for sale by a competitor for a cheaper price and you wish to ask for an exchange. They will verify that they match the price for you.

Does Richer Sounds Offers Price Match Online

Yes. They offer price matches online. You can call their customer service to request a price match.

Does Richer Sounds Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have an adjustment policy for prices. They refer to their price match policy and price adjustmentpolicy “Price Beat.” If you purchase an item from them and discover a lower price on their rival in the 14-day period following your purchasing You can ask for an adjustment to the price. They will not just alter the price but also beat the price.

Price Match Criteria

Here are the guidelines:

  • The products should match in colour and model. The products should be packed and fresh and brand new. They should be available at the store of the competitor.
  • If the competitor cannot send the product by mail it must be available at outlets within the 50 mile distance of that Richer Sounds store.
  • Richer Sounds have the power to refuse any price match in the event that they believe it’s not authentic or isn’t in inventory. If they think they have the issue they can take up to 24 hours to verify the price match request.
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Price Match Process

The price match procedure for Richer Sounds is simple:

  • If you discover that the item you are looking to purchase from Richer Sounds is for sale at a cheaper price than the other items in the store then you must ask for a price match from Richer Sounds. Richer Sounds.
  • Once they have confirmed that the item is suitable for price match, they will notify the price you pay.


The Richer Sounds excludes the retailers who only have BACS payment systems.

Price Adjustment Process

Here’s the process of price adjustment:

  • If you buy an item from Richer Sounds, and within 14 days, their rival offers a lower cost. The proof of cheaper price to the store.
  • After they have confirmed they have the lowest price they’ll alter the price and then refund them the price difference.
  • They won’t just lower the cost, but they will also beat the cost.

Returning faulty items

If the new item you purchased has an issue, you are able to return it to the retailer. You’ll need to return the item along with all of the items that was in the box in order to determine what’s going on. They will repair it or refund your money back.

If the item you are looking for is that is more than 30 days old they can help you repair it. Visit their site for additional details about how to fix this.

Items purchased online or over the phone.

If you buy something from their website or by phone, and it’s not working Please let them know so that they can help you resolve the issue.

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 0333 900 0093 [email protected]

Web Aftersales

 0333 900 0065 [email protected]

i. Your statutory rights

Within 30 days, notify the company if you have purchased something that isn’t working or doesn’t work. The company will give you a return, exchange or replacement.

They will repair or replace the goods if you report a problem within 30 days. They will refund your money if they are unable to fix or replace the problem. Within 12 months of purchasing the product, you must notify them about the problem.

ii. Their guarantee

All products purchased from their shop are covered by a 12-month warranty. Ex-display stock, ex-repair items and wearable parts are all covered. If you are a danger to your device, they can’t expect them to protect it.

They provide a standard guarantee. You might also have the option to take out their 6-year guarantee. You still have rights as a customer.

iii. Their Returns procedure for faulty goods

You must have proof of purchase or a receipt in order to return a defective product. You must have proof of purchase or a receipt in order to return faulty goods.

You may be eligible for benefits like free collection or delivery of replacement units if your product is covered under their 6-year guarantee. However, this does not affect your legal rights.

 Unwanted items

In-store purchases

If you return items in “new” condition, they will exchange or refund your money.

They will appreciate you returning all products in the same condition you received them. If the products are not in their original condition, they might charge you a handling fee.

They may not sell the product/s as new if you return it. So, if you return them within 28 days of purchase and they are in mint condition with all packaging/accessories (excluding earphones), they will deduct a 10% handling fee. This does not affect your legal rights.

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Items bought over the phone or online.

If you have the original packaging, all accessories and any other information, you can return your online order.

Richer Sounds will accept returns within 14 days. The item can be returned within 14 days. It must be returned within 28 days.

Official Website:

Richer Sounds Price Matching Competitors List

They do not have a competitors list. The competing stores should be in the UK.

Some Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these Richer Sounds Price Match Policy:

When were the Richer Sounds founded?

The Richer Sounds were founded in 1978, London Bridge, London, United Kingdom.

Who owns the Richer Sounds?

Julian Richer holds the Richer Sounds

Summary of this Article

Richer Sounds offers a 12-month warranty on all products and will replace or repair any defective good within the first twelve months. You may be eligible for benefits like free collection or delivery of replacement units if the 6-year warranty covers your product. Richer Sounds will accept returns within 28 days if you are unhappy with the item

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