Rural King Price Match Policy: How This USA’s Farm Supply Store’s Policies Work ❤️

Rural King Price Match Policy: Rural King Supply is a rural supply store, and has been operating since the year 1960.

They have 125 stores across the USA which are located across Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia Alabama.

Rural King Price Match Policy

The prices they offer aren’t always the lowest you’ll get on a particular product, but their policy of price matching is worth mentioning and distinguishes them from other farm and rural supply stores  of Rural King Price Match Policy.

Does Rural King Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. They will match the price in-store. If their competition is selling the same product from the same region where their Rural King is located, they will price match.

The reason is that various locations have different prices , so they can’t price match the competitors from one place with the Rural King’s second area.

However, when I called the customer support to verify that this was the case. They told me it’s at the discretion of their store’s manager to decide if they can match the price of the product.

Therefore, to ensure it is important take a look at the criteria for price match to determine if the product is eligible for price match.

Once you have this information that, you must confirm this the manager of the store of the Rural King store.

Does Rural King Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. If you want to ask for a price match, you can make contact via the internet. To do this, you need to reach them via telephone or email.

Does Rural King have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They provide an adjustment policy for prices. If you buy an item from them and then later, if the price drops due to an offer, you may make a request for a price adjustment within seven days of purchasing. If they determine that they can match the price of your item, price match, they’ll reimburse the price difference.

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Price Match Criteria

There are price match criteria you need to know about. Since if you understand the Rural King’s criteria for price match you will be able to determine whether your item is suitable to be matched in price. The requirements are as follows:

 If you want to get a price match ensure that the item is the same in the size, model number and shape.

 The item you wish to ask for price match on should be listed in the local competitor’s advertisement.

 Other requirements include that the competitor must be located in the same industry for the product to be eligible for price match.

 The item must be sold with shipping and handling charges included in the cost.

Price Match Process

 The process for price match for The Rural King is easy. But , you need to understand how to make a request for the price match from the Rural King. Here’s the procedure:

In-Store Process

  • To request the price match in-store, you would have to visit their store with a lower price advertisement.
  • Once the store manager verifies the advertisement and the lower price, they will price match the item for you.

Online Process

  • To request the price match online, you can contact their customer support by email or phone number.
  • Once they verify the item’s price if it is eligible or not, they will price match for you if the item is eligible for the price match.


There are some price match exceptions. For instance the case where a manufacturer is exempted from prices, certain products or deals are not included in the price match. Here are some of the excluded items:

  • The advertisement of which the actual price can’t be determined isn’t price matched.
  • The competitor’s advertisements that are out of the market are excluded.
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These items are not price matched:

  1. The clearance items.
  2. The closeout items.
  3. The items like Special Hour, Flash Sales items, and the Limited Quantity items.
  4. Services like the delivery or the handling charges are not price matched.
  5. The misprinted or the pricing errors are not price matched.
  6. The items which 3rd party stores sell are not price matched, such as from Amazon or Walmart Marketplace).

Price Adjustment Process

If you purchase something, it is possible that the price will be reduced later if there’s the possibility of a sale.

 If a shop offers a price adjustment policy that allows for price adjustment, they’ll reimburse you the difference after you ask them.

 Rural King Rural King offers a price adjustment policy that lasts for 7 days, which means that if you purchase something within the time frame and the price dropped due to a sale, you can call their number: 1-800-561-1752. they’ll refund the difference in price to your account.


Rural King’s Price Matching Competitors List

 A manufacturer that offers price match normally includes an inventory of competitors they price match.

 Rural King price matches almost all competitors. Rural King price matches almost all of its competitors, with the exception of Amazon as well as eBay.

What makes the Rural King popular?

The king of the countryside has a few factors that make him popular. The reasons are:

The rural king is located within Mattoon, Illinois, and they have 125 stores throughout all of the United States of America.

It’s a supply store for farmers offering items to meet all your needs in the countryside from farm equipment to pet products.

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They provide everything from farm-related supplies to pet food, and they carry everything you require for the rural life.

Free shipping is available for orders of $99 or more.

The King of the Country offers an online store that stocks products that aren’t available sold in stores which means you can shop at home, when you order via their website.

And the rural king an online store for rural living with everything you need for the rural population.

The King of the Rural sells products at their local prices, so you can make your purchases more affordable with them.

The King of the Country has cheap prices and affordable prices, which makes it less expensive shopping there.

Summary of this Article

 If you’re still having questions, feel free to ask your questions in the discussion

 You can also find additional information about the policies of Rural King on their website or by calling. I hope that this article was helpful to you!

Rural King FAQs

In this article you’ve been informed concerning the Rural King’s price-match as well as adjustments policies.

Like many there are several doubts. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you understand this:

When was the Rural King founded?

The Rural King was founded in 1960.

How do rural king’s prices compare with other stores?

The Rural King has competitive pricing and low everyday prices, making it more affordable to shop there. So their rural hometown prices are good for you.

Who owns the Rural King?

The Rural King Supply Corporation owns the rural king.

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