Does Sam’s Club Price Match? (Updated) ❤

Sam’s Club Price Match guidelines can be rather perplexing. But don’t worry; we’ve got this. To help you save time and money, this guide contains all the information you need to be aware of regarding their policies and exclusions.

Sam’s Club Price Match

We’ll also look at the company’s policy regarding price adjustments. Before making a purchase in-person or online, be aware of the pertinent information in Sam’s Club Price Match.

Does Sam’s Club Price Match?

Sam’s Club will match prices, but only with those of themselves and Walmart. Sam’s Club offers price matching for comparable goods as long as they adhere to certain criteria. Sam’s Club will not, however, match the prices of any rivals, including Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Instead, they will only match Walmart’s prices and their own. Since Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart Inc., they include Walmart in their policy.

Sam’s Club claims that although they won’t match prices on markdown or clearance items, some sales still count. A package deal or bundle of items also won’t be refunded.

Sam’s Club Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

By 2021, Sam’s Club will only alter prices for items that were recently purchased and were purchased online. The price reduction does not apply to purchases made in-store.

Your eligibility for a price adjustment may be impacted by some additional criteria and exclusions. So, what exactly are the rules of Sam’s Club price adjustment policy?

  • Only items sold online at Sam’s Club or Walmart will have prices matched.
  • Prices for in-store purchases won’t be changed.
  • Sam’s Club will only accept adjustments made within the last eight days of the original purchase.

Finally, there may be some further, more precise exclusions. Sam’s Club offers three options for pricing adjustments: over the phone, in-person, and online.

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How Do You Get An Item’s Price Adjusted At Sam’s Club?

There are a few ways to get your item’s price changed at Sam’s Club as of 2021. We’ll go over each of them below so you can choose the one that works best for you.


Sam’s Club would happily lower the price of eligible items for you online. On the right side of their website’s screen, a live chat facility is available.

You can chat with a Sam’s Club representative after answering a few questions. However, you might have to stand in line first.

Once you’ve located someone, let them know you’d want a price reduction and give them any product details they might need. They can compensate you for the difference on your eligible prior purchases after verification.

Over the Phone

A price change can also be requested over the phone. Their customer support phone number is as follows: +1 (888) 746-7726

An automated message will prompt you to give your call’s reason for calling. Use the phrase “price adjustment” when it occurs. When I did, a live agent was promptly linked to me over the phone.

Keep your membership information and information on the product you want to price match close to hand, though. You’ll both be able to save some time thanks to the Sam’s Club employee.


Finally, you might be able to negotiate a lower price in-store. On this matter, there are some contradictions, nevertheless.

It varies from store to store whether they accept price matching. More particularly, it depends on the policies and judgment of the management of that particular store.

It can be worthwhile to phone the retailer in advance to avoid the bother and to save money on gas.

Can Items on Sale Be Price Adjusted at Sam’s Club?

The question of whether Sam’s Club will change the prices of things that are on sale appears to be up for debate online.I asked by contacting their customer service department directly.

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The woman I spoke with stated that Sam’s Club will change their prices for you if the item you purchase goes on sale. This employee did emphasize that price matching must be placed within eight days, though.

Additionally, Sam’s Club might not match prices on all kinds of sales. For instance, given that Black Friday involves a store-wide reduction, they might not qualify prices from that occasion.

What Products Are Included Under the Price Adjustment Policy?

Almost all items sold by Sam’s Club are covered by the price adjustment policy. Considering you bought them online.

For consumers who purchased pricey electronics or appliances, this is fantastic news. You may be able to recover hundreds of dollars if you catch a price drop at the proper time.

You won’t experience buyer’s remorse because of those discounts, I promise! Just be aware that the prior exclusions can be relevant.

Will Sam’s Club Adjust Prices Without A Receipt?

Your price matching reimbursement will be much simpler if you have a receipt to hand. However, price modifications are still possible without a receipt. The membership-based business model used by Sam’s Club is in part to blame for this.

They can search you up in their system to see your recent purchases because they only permit members to shop at their store. In this way, you won’t be stuck since you misplaced the receipt for a purchase.

Does Sam’s Club Price Match Amazon?

Products from are not priced the same at Sam’s Club. This law does not apply only to Amazon, though. Sam’s Club claims that it will not match the prices of any of its rivals’ products.

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This means that the only places where you can use their price adjustment scheme are Sam’s Club and Walmart.

BONUS: The Sam’s Club Secret that Can Save You Money

There is another option if you are unable to meet price matching requirements. The Sam’s Club return policy is unusually lenient. particularly in light of their price matching policies.

Sam’s Club allows customers to return the majority of its products at any time after purchase, unlike price adjustments, which are only valid for eight days. The majority of devices, however, have a 90-day or 14-day return policy.

If there is a good chance for a price adjustment but it has been more than eight days, think about returning your goods. After receiving a refund, you can repurchase that item at a cheaper cost.

Sam’s Club FAQs

Does Sam’s Club Price Match?

Yes, Sam’s Club will match Walmart’s prices on its own products as well. Costco is excluded from its price match policy.

Does Sam’s Club do Price Adjustment?

Yes, Sam’s Club offers price adjustments to its consumers for recent (8-day) online purchases made by them only.

Does Sams Club Match Amazon Prices?

No, Sam’s Club does not provide a capability for price matching with Amazon or other merchants outside Walmart.


➡ Price matching is available from Sam’s Club, however, there are many restrictions. In addition, customers only have about a week to take action if they wish to take advantage of this program.

➡ Therefore, when it’s possible, returning items and buying them again may be a more effective tactic. for more information also Click Here.

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