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Screwfix Price Match; An international home improvement company called Screwfix operates more than 1,200 outlets across more than ten nations. Screwfix Price Match offers reasonable prices and aids in completing tasks fast for business clients.

You might be curious as to whether there is a price match policy in place if you recently purchased something from Screwfix and afterwards discovered it was available elsewhere for less money. If so, what kind of regulations govern it, and how do you begin the claims procedure?

Screwfix Price Match

If you have any questions about price matching at Screwfix, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. To the best of our abilities, we will respond to your questions and assist you. What you should know is as follows.

Does Screwfix Price Match?

Yes, Screwfix will match rivals’ prices, and they also provide discounts and coupons to make your purchase even more affordable.In order to price match, the item in question must be in stock and the business you are comparing it to must be located within a 10-mile radius.

As a result, you are more likely to find a discount code than to find a decent deal on a price match.Screwfix might not be your best choice in this situation.

Does Screwfix Price Match Adjust in 2021?

Screwfix will keep offering price matching at the same level as before. People appear to believe that using coupons or discount codes to acquire the lower pricing is preferable based on previous evaluations.

What Products are Included Under the Price Match Policy?

You will be able to use a wide range of products under the price match policy, including tools, plumbing and heating, electrical lighting, bathrooms and kitchens, gardening and outdoor living, as well as screws, nails, and fixings. You can get assistance from them with a wide range of products!

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Does Screwfix Price Match Online?

Screwfix currently does not offer price matching online, however if you meet specific requirements, you may still be able to do it in-store. The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Within 14 days of your order, let the trade counter know.
  • The item needs to be packaged and as new as you see in the stores
  • Applies to all competitors in a 10-mile radius.
  • We need proof of your purchase
  • The price needs to be available to all customers
  • Excludes competitor clearance events
  • Excludes internet deals

Official Website;

Does Screwfix Price Match eBay?

No, as eBay is an online auction platform. Therefore, it will be quite challenging to obtain the item brand-new and identical to the one you are exchanging for. Screwfix does not match eBay prices.

Does Screwfix Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Screwfix matches Amazon’s prices. They don’t price match with their largest rivals, but they do price match with Amazon. Fiskars, Leroy Merlin, and Regal are these.

Does Screwfix Price Match Toolstation?

If the competing business is within a 10-mile radius, Screwfix will match the pricing. Therefore, whether you may use a price match to acquire the best price on your product relies on the location of Toolstation.

How Do I File a Screwfix Price Match Claim?

Most individuals are curious about the simplest approach to seek assistance if they have a query or issue about their product.

The solution is that if you have a query about something, their support staff, customers who have the same product, and everyone else may see your issue and provide a response for you. This helps since you can receive first-hand accounts of other people’s interactions with Screwfix.

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Within 48 hours of receiving a query, Screwfix strives to respond. Depending on the questions you have, there are times when Screwfix needs to research the best approach to assist you, so it could take longer.

It’s not always guaranteed that a question you post on a website where you’re looking for answers will be published. Questions that are inappropriate or irrelevant are not posted. The characteristics or specs of the product must be the subject of the query.

Be aware that anyone who works at Screwfix or purchases from Screwfix can view your question and provide a response for you when you post it online. Don’t become anxious over this. This is an excellent method for you to quickly find the right response you need.


Screwfix does offer a price matching tool, however judging on the ratings and how it seems, customers are not satisfied. People have discovered that other businesses offer superior customer service and feedback.

They are based in the UK, and their list of rivals is quite short and excludes well-known marketplaces. Making a claim within the store is worthwhile if you discover a lower price.

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