Shein Return Policy (Easy Return – Refund & Exchange)

Shein Return Policy

Shein is one of the most well-known online stores that primarily sell to women worldwide. While return policies vary from country to country, the U.S. Shein return policy is pretty easy to understand.

Today, we’ll explain how and when you can return a product for a refund or an exchange.

This guide explains how long it takes to get a refund or exchange at Shein. Plus, find out which items can’t be returned.

Here you will have many questions related to the Shein return policy in your mind. So don’t worry you have come to the right place. Here you will find all answers to all questions related to the Shein return policy.

So the first question is what is the Shein return policy? You need to know that.

So let’s first know what is the Shein return policy and then step by step we will know other information. So let’s begin.

Shein Return Policy

What is the Shein Return Policy?

Within 45 days of the date you bought something from Shein, you can send it back by mail. Your first order return is free. The original cost of shipping and insurance cannot be refunded.

Most returns are processed within seven days of receiving the package. As of January 2022, however, refunds are taking about 10–12 days to process because of COVID-19.

Shein will take back items that have not been worn, washed, or damaged and still have their original tags, packaging, and hygiene sticker. Keep reading to find out which items can’t be returned.

Remember that the 45-day rule doesn’t start when you get the product but when you order it. Since it takes 1–3 business days to process your order and 6–8 business days for standard shipping, you’ll get your Shein purchase between 7 11 business days after you buy it online.

If you count days that aren’t business days (like weekends), it could take up to 16 days to get the product in the mail after you buy it. Those days are subtracted from the 45-day return policy, so you would only have 29 days left to return your product.

Shein doesn’t consider the time it takes to mail back the item you want to return. They look at the date the package was mailed and subtract that from the date you bought it. If it’s been less than 45 days, your return will be handled without any problems.

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Shein Return Policy

Return Period 45 Days from ordering
Return Method Online or by mail
Exchange Period 45 Days
Exchange Method Online or by mail
Refund Period 10-12 business days
Refund Method Original Method of Payment

How long do I have to return items I have purchased and do I have to pay for return shipping?

You have to send it back 45 days from the date you bought something. Packages being sent back must have a postmark within 45 days of the date of purchase. Returns made more than 45 days after the purchase date won’t be accepted, and you won’t get your money back.

Only the first return per order can be sent back for free. It would help if you used the shipping label they gave you. For more information, see “How do I make a return?”

If you’ve already sent back some items from the order but want to send back more, you must do so within 45 days of the date of purchase and pay for the return shipping. Use the provided shipping label and pay the $ 7.99 shipping fee. This will be taken out of your refund.

What is the return method?

  1. Print the USPS return label and tape it securely to the outside package you want to send back. Then, take the box to the nearest post office.
  2. You can send it back using the UPS QR code or the UPS return label sent to you.
  • Use the UPS return label to Print the UPS return label and tape it securely to the outside of the package you want to send back. Then, take the box to the nearest UPS Store.
  • Use the UPS QR code. You don’t need to print out a label; show the UPS QR code at your nearest UPS Store, and they’ll take care of the rest.

How do I find the return label I generated?

The next step is to print out the return label and tape it outside the box. After you start the return process, here’s the best way to find your return label:

  • In your account, first, go to My Orders.
  • Then click on Order Details.
  • Next, click on Return & Refund Record.
  • Lastly, click View to download and print your return label.

Can I return items if they are worn, or damaged, or have the tags removed?

No. You can only return items that have never been worn, washed, or damaged and still have their original tags and hygiene stickers.

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Bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty products, underwear, event and party supplies, DIY supplies, pet supplies, and accessories cannot be returned or exchanged (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).

If a cosmetic’s hygiene seal has been broken, they can’t give you your money back.

Items that say they can’t be returned and gifts can’t be sent back.

Important Notice: Please don’t send back things that aren’t from SHEIN by accident. they won’t be in charge of sending those things back to you.

Shein Refund Policy

(1) After they get your package, it will take seven days to get your money back. Your refund will be sent to either your SHEIN Wallet or the way you paid for the item in the first place, depending on what you choose.

Due to how things are right now, your refund will take an extra 3–5 days to process. Thank you for being patient and having an open mind.

(2) Shipping costs can’t be taken back.

Note: If you have any problems with your return, you must contact Customer Service within 180 days of the date you bought the item.

How Many Return Days Does Shein Allow?

You have 45 days from the “date of purchase” to start a return on Shein.

Do I Get a Free Return on Each Order or Only My First Return?

I was asked this a lot because their policy is hard to understand. To be clear, you can return one item for free per order, and it can be for more than one item.

It only needs to be sent back all at once, in the same box. Thanks to Julianna, who wrote a comment, for setting this straight.

Who Pays The Return Shipping Charge?

The return is free for the first item or items you send back from your order. If you want to return more items from the same order, you’ll have to pay $7.99 each time.

You can also use your shipping method and pay for it yourself if you want to return something to SHEIN.

Is There Anything I Can’t Return?

Yes, there are several clothing items that CAN NOT be returned.

  • Bodysuits
  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty Items
  • Party Supplies
  • DIY Supplies
  • Pet Products
  • Cosmetics – You can’t return cosmetics if you break the hygiene seal.
  • Stuff Marked Non-Returnable
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Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return?

Since SHEIN is only available online, you don’t have a traditional receipt. You sign in to your account and start the return process…

NO receipt is necessary.

Can I Return Clearance or Sale Items to Shein?

Yes. You can return an “On Sale” or “Clearance” item as long as it isn’t marked online as “non-returnable.”

Is It Possible to Cancel a Return?

Yes. If you need to cancel a return but haven’t sent it back, you can call SHEIN’s customer service, and they’ll help you.

Do I Have to Pay a Fee for a New Size If I Want an Exchange?

No. Your exchange is free if it’s your FIRST exchange/return on the same order number.

Shein Return Policy FAQs

Does Shein Accept Returns After 30 Days?

You can return something to Shein 45 days after you buy it. This includes time for processing and shipping, so the item you want to return must have a postmark no later than 45 days after you paid for it on the Shein site.

Does Shein Have Free Returns?

Yes, your first order return is free. You can send back as many items from the same order as in one package for free. The original shipping fee and insurance cost are not part of the refund.

Can I Return Shein Products After Use?

You can try on clothes you buy from Shein before you send them back, but you can’t return used or worn items. You can’t use the thing for a day or an event and send it back. When you try something on, keep the tags and stickers on it.

Also, you can’t return beauty products with a broken hygiene seal, which means they’ve been used.


➡ Shein returns are easy. You have 45 days from the date you bought something to put a postmark on your recovery and send it back. The first return on any order is free, but the items must still have their tags and not be worn.

➡ If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can get a refund or exchange as long as it’s not on the list of things that can’t be returned.

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