Staples Price Match Policy ❤️

Staples Price Match Policy: Staples is a major office supply and office-based products retailer that was founded in 1986. They are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Staples offers a price match and many other customer service options to make shopping easier for their customers.

Staples Price Match Policy

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Does Staples Offer a Price Match?

Yes. Here’s how the price match process works When you see the exact item with a lower cost at Staples the competitor, you can provide evidence of the lower price. After they confirm it, they’ll price match your purchase for you. The process in detail is described in this article.

Does Staples Store Have Price Match Policy Online?

No. Staples only price matches store items, not online.

Does Staples Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Staples will adjust the price of items you purchase at Staples within the past 14 days. In case you come across something you bought at Staples and the price has been reduced in their store or their rival you can request an adjustment to the price at Staples.

Staples Price Match Policy Criteria

Staples offers price match for its products however, you must be aware of the criteria in relation to price match:

  • The products must be identical. They should be the same color, model as well as US warranty.
  • The item has to be available at the date of the request for price match. Out of stock items will not be matched in price.
  • If the issue is connected with the plan for wireless phones the provider and plan should be identical.
  • The Staples will match prices for one item per customer at one time.
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Staples Price Match Policy Process

👉 Price match is easy to do at Staples when you know the process. Here’s how Staples Store price matches:

👉Price match can be achieved in the Staples store by visiting it with proof of the lower price in its rival store.

👉If you can prove of a cheaper price at the competitor, you can take it into your local Staples store and search for an employee at their customer service desk in the nearest store to you. Staples retains the option to approve or decline the price match request.

👉The sales associate will go over the advertisement of a competitor for the same item and, if the price is cheaper the store will match that price. An Staples associate will inform you the price they have lowered for the purchase in their location.

👉When they verify that your product is eligible for price match and they’ll not just price match, but they will offer 10% off the price difference. Staples store clearly states on their website that they will match the price 100%. Guarantee.


There are a few exclusions in the Staples store, therefore it’s best to know about them before you go there, and possibly spend your time there in ignorance of these. The following are the exclusions:

  • Staples doesn’t match prices for local events or other special occasions. It doesn’t matter if these event is held on Staples or at their rivals. In both cases, they aren’t price-matched.
  • These items cannot be priced to match:
  1. Tech Services
  2. Print & Marketing Services
  3. Third-party vendors create products
  4. Gift Cards
  5. Phone Cards
  • Apart from that they also don’t correspond to:
  1. Taxes
  2. Typographical mistakes
  3. Warranties
  4. Merchandise credits
  5. Prices at contract
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Staples Price Match Policy Adjustment Process

👉The process for price adjustment is similar to that of other stores. Here’s the procedure for price adjustment at Staples:

  1. If you purchase something at Staples in of the past 14 days and the price drops due to a sale you are entitled to get your refund. Customers is able to request a price adjustment by going to your neighborhood Staples store.
  2. Take the receipt for purchase to prove your purchase at Staples. Staples store.
  3. If they accept the request for price adjustment If they approve, they’ll refund the difference.
  4. However, you must be aware that the request for price adjustments is made by visiting the store and calling their number or sending them an email isn’t the correct thing to do.

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Staples Price Match Policy Competitors List

➡Staples is a retailer that has as its price match rival (Marketplace sellers are not included) as well as other retailers that sell their goods in retail stores and on the internet However, these retailers must be under the same brand name.

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Summary of this Article

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Staples FAQs

You’ve heard about the Staples Price Match Program however, you might be unsure. Here are some answers and questions to help you find out the more you can about Staples:

How Staples price match items with coupons?

Staples will deduct any coupons on their products at the time of calculating the price match.

Staples’ competitor offers rebates or discounts for an item. How Staples’ price match that specific item?

If a competitor offers rebates or discounts, or even gift cards on a specific item, Staples will not take the discounts into account when price matching the product.

Is free shipping included in Staples’ price match?

If the competitor offers free shipping, then Staples will also offer the same.

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