Sweaty Betty Return Policy (2022)

Sweaty Betty Return Policy

Sweaty Betty is a trendy brand of activewear for women. Their clothes are made to make women feel strong and beautiful. They sell high-quality products. You need to know the Sweaty Betty Return Policy before you buy anything or try to send something back.

We assure you that you will be able to deliver your purchase at Sweaty Betty very easily. Our Sweaty BettyReturn Policy will give you all the information you need to return an item and receive a refund.

Here you will have many questions related to the Sweaty Betty return policy. So don’t worry you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the answers to all the questions related to the Sweaty Betty return policy.

So the first question is what is this sweaty betty return policy? You need to know that. So let’s first know what the sweaty betty return policy is and then step-by-step other information. So let’s begin.

Sweaty Betty Return Policy

What is The Sweaty Betty Return Policy?

Sweaty Betty has a simple return policy that is easy to understand. Sweaty Betty will take back items up to 45 days after delivery.

Return Deadline 45 Days
Return Method Mail-In
Exchange Period 45 Days
Exchange Method Mail-In
Refund Period Within 5 Business Days
Refund Method Original Payment Method

Sweaty Betty won’t take everything. The items being returned must follow specific rules, such as how they look. All the things a customer wants to return must be in perfect condition and show no signs of use.

If a customer sends an item back to Sweaty Betty that is worn, broken, or otherwise flawed, the customer will not get a refund.

Another thing that needs to be included with a return is proof of purchase and a returns form. Sweaty Betty needs the returns form to process the return once the item is sent back.

You can’t make a return without the return form, so make sure to fill it out correctly and send it with the things you want to return.

Sweaty Betty gives free return shipping on all orders sent back within the United States, but the company asks that you keep the proof of postage for their records.

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Once Sweaty Betty receives and accepts your returned item, you will get a full refund within five business days. It’s important to remember that the five business days start when Sweaty Betty receives the item back, not when the item is sent back.

Lastly, Sweaty Betty’s products are sold at independent stores with their prices and return policies. Items bought from Sweaty Betty online can’t be returned to a store that sells their products. Products purchased from a store other than Sweaty Betty can’t be sent back to Sweaty Betty by mail.

Can You Return an Online Purchase in Store?

No, you can’t return something you bought online in a Sweaty Betty store because the company doesn’t have any stores.

Products from Sweaty Betty purchased from an independent retailer must be returned according to that retailer’s return policy. They cannot be sent back to Sweaty Betty.

You can’t return it to a different store even if you buy something from the Sweaty Betty website.

Returning a gift?

You can trade it in for something else or a gift card. Please call Customer Service, and they’ll be happy to help you make the exchange.

Gift card returns

If you used a Gift Card to pay for the purchase, their Customer Care team would send you an online Gift Card along with your refund.

For any other questions about returning Gift Cards, please call Customer Care.

Need new returns to form?

If you don’t have the original form from your order package, you can download a replacement form here.

Please fill in your order information and include it with your returned items, to allow them to process your refund quickly.

Can I return items from multiple orders together?

Items from different orders must be put in their packages.

If you want to return items from different orders, please send them in separate packages. This makes it easier for them to process your return, which means you’ll get your money back faster.

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Returning from Instagram Shopping?

They are happy to give back money on items in perfect condition and have a receipt. Once you get your items, you have 45 days to send them back.

Please get in touch with their excellent Customer Care team at www.sweatybetty.com/us/contact-us to register your return and get instructions on how to send it back for free.

How To Return Sweaty Betty Items?

All returns to Sweaty Betty are online unless the item was bought at a store with its return policies. Follow the steps below to get your money back for Sweaty Betty.

  • Fill out the return form that came with your original order. This is a big deal. You can print and fill out a new return form from the Sweaty Betty website.
  • Go to Sweaty Betty’s website and find the “Online Returns Portal.” Register your return there.
  • Choose a post office drop-off point.
  • You can download the shipping label that has already been paid for or the mobile QR code, which doesn’t need a printer.
  • Include the return form and proof of purchase with the items, and make sure the package is sealed.
  • Bring the package to the USPS drop-off location and finish sending it.

Make sure you send back the item within 45 days of when it arrives, or the return won’t be accepted.

How Strict is the Sweaty Betty Return Policy?

The return policy at Sweaty Betty is not that strict. Customers have 45 days to decide if they want to keep the items or send them back. This is a lot of time to make a decision.

Their rules for how items must be returned are entirely fair, and they offer pre-paid shipping labels and easy return instructions that customers can follow online.

Overall, Sweaty Betty’s return policy is pretty standard and doesn’t limit or restrict customers in any way.

Does Sweaty Betty Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, Sweaty Betty’s return policy clarifies that proof of purchase must be included with the return. If proof of purchase is not included, the return will not be processed, and the customer will not get a refund.

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Sweaty Betty Exchange Policy

Sweaty Betty has an exchange policy for gifts as long as the gift comes with a gift receipt. Within 45 days, the customer can exchange the gift for something else of equal or less value or a Sweaty Betty gift card.

Customers must get in touch with Sweaty Betty’s customer service representatives to make an exchange.

Sweaty Betty Refund Policy

Customers can return items to Sweaty Betty for a full refund if they are in perfect condition and sent back within 45 days of delivery. Within five business days, the money will go back to the way it was paid for.

Does Sweaty Betty Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes, Sweaty Betty will take back items for up to 45 days after the customer gets them. After 45 days, you can’t return or exchange the item.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Sweaty Betty?

Items that aren’t in perfect condition won’t be taken back, and the customer won’t get a refund.

Sweaty Betty Return Policy FAQs

Does Sweaty Betty Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Sweaty Betty gives a full refund and free pre-paid shipping on all returns that are allowed.

Can I Return Sweaty Betty products After Wear/Use?

Sweaty Betty won’t take back anything that isn’t in perfect condition. If the item has been used or worn and isn’t in perfect condition, they won’t take it back.

How Long Do Sweaty Betty Refunds Take?

After Sweaty Betty gets the return, it will take five business days to process the refund and send it back to the original payment method.


➡ In general, Sweaty Betty’s return policy is average, and there aren’t many exceptions or requirements. If the items are in good shape and you send them back within 45 days, you will get your money back.

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