Does The Good Guys Price Match? (Updated) ❤

 Good Guys Price Match; You might be curious if The Good Guys have a price matching policy if you just made a purchase from them and afterward discovered a better price somewhere else.

The Good Guys Price Match

If so, what regulations govern it, and how do you begin the claims procedure? You won’t need to worry; we have answers to all of your inquiries concerning price matching with Good Guys in The Good Guys Price Match.

Does Good Guys Price Match?

If you discover a cheaper price posted within 30 days of your purchase, The Good Guys will price match it. There must be at least a $5 price difference.

If you bring your goods in for price matching, The Good Guys will give you store credit in the amount of 120% of the difference.

Price cuts had to come from the Good Guys themselves or from a recognized rival. Additionally, you must have purchased the item from Good Guys. You cannot bring a product that you purchased elsewhere to Good Guys for a price match.

Approved competitors include:

  • Appliances Online
  • Big W
  • Bing Lee
  • David Jones
  • Harvey Norman
  • JB HiFi
  • Joyce Mayne
  • Myer
  • Officeworks
  • Retravision
  • Target

Does Good Guys Price Adjust in 2021?

If you bring the merchandise in within 30 days, Good Guy’s Policy will change the pricing in 2021. Only online claims under the price guarantee policy will result in you receiving store credit in the amount of the discrepancy. Within three business days, SMS or email will be used to offer store credit.

Can I Use the Price Match Store Credit on Any Product?

The store credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Additionally, you cannot use the shop credit on several of the Good Guys’ brand names, including:

  • Apple
  • AEG
  • ASKO
  • Miele
  • Neff
  • Bertazzoni
  • La Germania
  • Falcon
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What products are included under the price match policy?

The price match is only valid for purchases made with Gold Services Extras. When purchasing your things, you must include this in your order.

But you also need to be a Good Guys Concierge Member to add Gold Services Extra. decent service Extra cannot be added on later; it must be added at the time of purchase.

You receive a ton of extra benefits when you join the Concierge program, including:

  • Replacement of products $500 or less
  • Free in-home repairs for large appliances
  • No lemon guarantee
  • Credits for food spoilage allowances and laundry
  • $100 credit for appliances that can’t be fixed within 10 days or less
  • And of course, the 30-day price match guarantee

However, all these benefits come at a cost. You must pay yearly fees. Paying the fees can be worthwhile if you frequently purchase at Good Guys and intend to use price matching as much as possible.

Even if you only purchase a few things, paying the annual fees is definitely not worthwhile as you might not end up saving much money thanks to the price match guarantee.

Official Website;

Does Good Guys price match online?

Price match requests from Good Guys are all processed online. You can also submit price match claims for online-purchased goods. There aren’t many online businesses on Good Guys’ list of rivals, though.

Does Good Guys’ price match eBay?

When it comes to price matching with Good Guys, eBay is not among the authorized rivals. You won’t be able to take your merchandise to Good Guys to negotiate a lower price if you discover it offered on eBay.

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Does Good Guys Price match Amazon?

No, Amazon is not included in the Good Guys’ list of rivals. You won’t be able to bring the item in for a price match if you discover a lower price on Amazon.

Does Good Guys’ price match Kogan?

Kogan is not included in Good Guy’s list of permitted rivals. Before purchasing your item from Good Guys, you might want to check with Kogan to see if they offer lower prices.

Does Good Guys price match Target?

Target is, in fact, included in the list of authorized rivals. However, the same restrictions that are present with any price match guarantee also apply.

The product price must be discovered within 30 days and must differ by at least $5. Additionally, the item you purchased must fall under the Gold Services Extra package.


➡ The Price Match Guarantee policy at The Good Guys is rather tight. In order to use it, you must be a Concierge member who purchased the Gold Services Extra Plan’s products.

➡ Their list of rivals is likewise quite small and leaves out well-known online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. However, if you can discover a lower cost and use the Gold Services Plan, it’s worthwhile to file a claim.

➡ for more information also Click Here.

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