Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy: USA’s Large Tire Store’s Policies ❤️

Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy: Tire Kingdom , a huge tire store chain that is located in the southern portion of the United States. They are renowned for their low prices , and have been acknowledged for their affordable costs through Consumer Reports, PC Magazine as well as Tire Review.

Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy

The Tire Kingdom includes items like wheels alignment, tires, brakes service for alignment, and many more.This article you’ll find out about Tire Kingdom’s price Match Policy as well as Price Adjustment Policy.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match?

Yes. It’s price is comparable to the set of tires in any retail store in the USA. To get price match, you’ll be required to provide the local advertisement with that price to any competitor.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match Online?

No. They match prices only in-store.

However, I requested confirmation with their customer support.

Here’s what they have to say:

“In order to meet the price, you must purchase a tire. You’ll need to provide a quote from the direct opponent to any Tire Kingdom location.”

I inquired:

Does that mean it will only match prices in stores?

They responded:

“That is true, the Match price needs to be done in-store.”

If you want to ask for an online price match however, they don’t allow it. However, you must go to their store to request the match.

Do they offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. They do not provide a price adjustment. I verified this with Customer Service. Here’s what they told me:

“We don’t have any policies like an adjustment policy for prices price adjustment policy, as tire prices fluctuate every day, it just depends on the price you receive for the tire you want to buy.”

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Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy Criteria

As with other companies that offer price match there are some requirements. Similar to they have a set of criteria for price matching. Tire Kingdom offers rules regarding price match:

  • The item that is to be matched must be of the same type.
  • However, they are not just identical since these are tires, they must be the same brand and mileage as well as speed ratings. Tire Kingdom. Kingdom must be qualified for price match.

Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy Process

They offer an option to match prices which is quite simple and was spoken about in the article previously. Here is a more detailed details about the process of price matching:

  • They will not match prices on the internet, so you need visit their store and present the local newspaper or the estimate in writing.
  • If your product is suitable and they can price match for you.


The exclusions for the Tire Kingdom include:

  • Online retailers are not eligible for this price matching.
  • Accounts with a Fleet or Commercial account are not eligible for this and are not eligible.
  • The financing deals or store card discounts will not be priced matched on Tire Kingdom. Tire Kingdom.
  • The following offers are not available:
  1. Bundle deals
  2. Free products
  • Clearance items, rebates, or non-stock items aren’t price-matched.

Other Ways to Save Money on the Tire Kingdom

They don’t offer a price adjustment policy. However, the Tire Kingdom offers specials that are available to you if need their products at a lower price.

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 When I asked them what customers could save by using Tire Kingdom, they said: Tire Kingdom?

They responded:

“We have offers however coupons are don’t exist, however we have a separate section on our website exclusively for bargains.”

Tire Kingdom Competitors’ List for Price Matching

Since the Tire Kingdom does not have a list of rivals, they claim they will match prices with any rivals if the products are the same and readily offered.

Here’s what their customer service responded to:

 “Regarding your query We are able to match the price of every set of tire however, we will only match the tires to the services.

 You would only need to take the price estimate provided to you by the other shop and then bring it to one of our locations.”

 Official Website: www.tirekingdom.com

What the Tire Kingdom has to offer?

Tire Kingdom Tire Kingdom is among the biggest American tire stores, and is most often found within the South. In 2000, the company became an affiliate to TBC Corporation.

Tire Kingdom Tire Kingdom is selling tires since over fifty years. It offers a variety of kinds of tires, including performance heavy trucks, light boats, trailers agricultural farm equipment and much more.

The Tire Kingdom provides a warranty regarding their tires. The warranty covers the damage that occurs when you drive your vehicle.

They offer Roadside Assistance service that will assist you if your vehicle requires immediate attention following a breakdown in remote areas far away from your home.

They also offer a lifetime free rotation in the first 30 days of installation at the store. Check-up on wheel alignment is available to, as well as tire rotation/balancing at a minimal cost.

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Tires that are from Tire Kingdom offers many benefits like long-lasting tread , and high-performance ratings, which provide you with the most security on the road.

With more than 50 years of experience in selling tires, there is no surprise that Tire Kingdom is so popular. Tire Kingdom has become so well-known!

If you’re trying to find new or used tires for an reasonable prices, make sure you visit one of their locations now!

Tire Kingdom Video

Summary of this Article

This article we’ve discussed Tire Kingdom’s policy on price match. If you know and are familiar with these guidelines, you can simplify your shopping.

 If you’re still having concerns, you can ask them in the comment box below surveydetails.com

Tire Kingdom FAQs

Have you heard concerning Tire Kingdom’s match-up and adjustment policy. You may be unsure. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to give you more information about this:

When was the Tire Kingdom founded?

The Tire Kingdom was founded in 1972.

Is the Tire Kingdom good for its tires?

The Tire Kingdom has a good reputation for the quality of its tires.

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