West Marine Price Match Policy: USA’s Boating & Fishing Supplies Retailer’s Policies ❤️

West Marine Price Match Policy: American company West Marine is located in Watsonville, California. West Marine sells fishing and boating supplies in its retail stores.

There are 247 West Marine retail stores across North America. West Marine offers a price match guarantee to their customers.

West Marine Price Match Policy

This article will discuss the West Marine  price match policy and adjustment policies.

Does West Marine Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Yes. It is important to determine if your item is eligible for price match. You can read more about the eligibility criteria in the article on price match.

Does West Marine Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. Yes. You can request a price match online if you find something cheaper at their competitors.

Does West Marine Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Yes. West Marine offers a price adjustment policy. You can request a price adjustment from West Marine if an item you purchased is less expensive than the one you bought. If the item is eligible, they will adjust its price and refund the difference.

Price Match Criteria

 West Marine has a price match policy. To be eligible for price matching, several items or deals must meet the criteria. These are the criteria for price match:

  • The item should match the West Marine store and the competitor.
  • Within 50 miles of the West Marine Store, the nearest competitor store should be.
  • It should be directly from Amazon in the case of Amazon.
  • Prices should reflect the actual price of the item without shipping and sales prices.
  • Wholesalers will have their retail prices match.
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Price Match Process

 It is important to know about the price match process. It is easy to request a price match if you are familiar with the price match process. Here’s how it works:

In-Store Process

  • You can find an identical item at West Marine at a lower cost by visiting their store to request a price match.
  • You should present the advertisement of the competitor with the lower price to request a price match.
  • After an associate has verified the item’s cost and determined if the price match is possible, the item will be matched in price.

Online Process

  • You can request a price match online by contacting their customer service. You can do this by phone or chat.
  • Here’s the link to their live chat
  • Here’s their phone number: 1-800-BOATING (262-8464)
  • You should give them information about your competitors, such as the product name, links and prices, once you have contacted them.
  • After they verify that the item is eligible, they will price match it for you.


 They have exclusions to price matching, just like any other store with a price match policy. There are some exceptions at West Marine. This means that they don’t price match certain items or offers. These are the exclusions.

These items are not price matched:

  1. The coupon offers.
  2. The refurbished items.
  3. The items that are open-box.
  4. The auctions that include eBay.
  5. The Amazon Marketplace items.
  6. The deferred interest programs.
  7. The services such as delivery and installation.

These are excluded from the price match:

  1. The Cyber Week Promotions.
  2. Sales such as the Flash Sales.
  3. Buy One Get One offers.
  4. The warranties and the PLUS plans.
  5. The loyalty promotions.
  6. Rebates.
  7. Gift with purchase.
  8. Going-out-of-business sales.
  9. The expired advertisements.
  10. Pricing errors.
  11. West Marine Pro prices for the retail customers.
  12. The in-store services.
  13. The expired advertisements are not price matched.
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Price Adjustment Process

 If the price of an item has dropped within 30 days, the West Marine offers a price adjustment. Here’s how it works:

 You can request a price adjustment by bringing the advertisement proof with you along with your purchase receipt.

 After they have verified the item’s price and other requirements, they will adjust it and refund the difference.

 Official Website: www.westmarine.com

West Marine’s Price Matching Competitors List

 They have price matching competitors, just like many other stores that offer price match or adjustment policies. Although the West Marine does not have a list of price-matching competitors, they should:

  • Within 50 miles of the West Marine shops, there should be local stores.
  • These items can be purchased directly from Amazon.

Why is West Marine popular?

West Marine is a well-known company because they own more than 200 stores across North America. West Marine is able to offer the best customer service.

West Marine offers customers friendly, helpful service that will help them to find the right equipment for boating or fishing. You don’t have to worry about buying every West Marine product each time you buy.

West marine offers its customers a complete range of products for boating and fishing, as well as the most recent technology in electronics like GPS systems.

Because it is easy to find the right product, West Marine is a popular choice. West Marine has the best price match policy.

They will match or beat competitor prices and offer great customer service. This is a win-win for customers.

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Summary of this Article

 We hope that you find this article useful. Shopping should be easy now that you are familiar with the West Marine price matching policy. Let us know if you need any assistance in the comments below surveydetails.com

West Marine FAQs

This article will explain the West Marine’s adjustment and price match policy. You may still have questions, just like many others. These are some questions and answers that will help you learn more.

When was West Marine founded?

West Marine was founded in 1968. West marine is one of the oldest chains on boat supplies and fishing items store.

How many West Marine stores are there?

West Marina has 243 retail locations around North America.

Who owns West Marine?

L Catterton owns the West Marine.

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